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Evolve Your Perception

Changes Your Reality

Living by your Truths, not by outdated Beliefs, realigns, redirects your Perception of Reality.  Allowing you, with gained insight to approach, through the eyes of your Soul. Even through challenging situations you remain calm, void of judgement. As an Evolved Soul, you see through the eyes of Compassion, perceiving the deeper meaning.

What are your Beliefs and where did they come from?

Perception is a process used to sense and interpret our environment.  An interpretation, a perception of realty can be distorted, this occurs when the sensory information does not align with our limiting beliefs. Often our illusions of our conditioned minds can contradict the true perception of reality.

There are many factors involved that determine how one perceives a given situation. A result of each individual’s unique personal experiences. Where they live, their upbringing, their family values and beliefs. Most passed down and immediately adopted by you as a child.

Funny, rarely are they questioned, they become set in concrete within our minds. As if written on ancient stone tablets, accepted without question.

Similar is your belief in hereditary illness. Not realizing how powerful our thoughts, conditioned beliefs are at creating them. The many hand me downs of Ancestry that become etched into your Body/Mind, dutifully absorbed as family Truths. They become instilled, in need of a re-patterning to align with the Golden Age.

“The most fundamental aggression to ourselves, the most fundamental harm we can do to ourselves, is to remain ignorant by not having the courage and the respect to look at ourselves honestly and gently.” Pema Chödrön

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Change Your Perception & Change Your Reality?

As you evolve, so too must your conditioned beliefs – Be honest as you evaluate the past outcomes.

  • Did you achieve the perceived outcome?
  • Or was the outcome blocked by expectations?

It takes a time to unwind a lifetime of conditioning to see the rose through the thorn bush. It’s the same plant but with a different more positive view! Cleaning the window through which you view the world can change how we feel about it.

It took years to create this comfortable perspective, give yourself time to unwind it. As all when willing, are free to evolve. Evaluate your thought process, re-align your focus, your approach. This allows you to approach even tricky situations from a place of calm, with the enhanced lens of an Evolved Soul.

“When the lens of the Mind is distorted by unresolved wants and needs, we cannot perceive what is true.”  Ann Mortifee

Techniques For Positive Change

  • Decide – You are in charge of your Life
  • Set attainable Goals – Through the heart of Gratitude & Abundance
  • Focus – On the Positive in your Life, nothing is too small
  • Acknowledge Often – Focusing on your positive qualities quiets the Critic
  • Journal – Describe your Current Life – Now read them aloud – Are they Positive? Or in need of a closer look?
A Shift In Perception“The moment you change your Perception of Reality is the moment you rewrite the Chemistry of your Body.”  DR Bruce H. Lipton


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Perception Of Reality – Self-Awareness

Our Internal Compass

Reposition your Perception, connect to your Inner power, do not be limited by the Five senses.  Expansion is the path of the Aquarian Age, seeking beyond to unlock your Truths.  Interpreting, what you Hear, and See from a renewed perception.

Examples of Self-Awareness

Become Aware of Your:

  • Genuine Feelings & Emotions
  • Conditioned Beliefs
  • Judgements & Prejudices
  • Interaction with others
  • Goals & Dreams
  • Awareness through Meditation

Life is never stagnant, your Beliefs, Perceptions must too change as you evolve, as you Grow. Self-Awareness is a process of becoming conscious of the Thoughts, Beliefs, Judgments you hold of yourself and of others. Your Perceptions define your Reality, knowing this, is the first step of gaining, understanding and evolving through Self-Awareness. Self Awareness is an essential piece of all Spiritual Journeys. It fundamentally predicts the quality of ones journey. Awareness, the foundation your path will be based upon.

Unwise to avoid this step, a critical ingredient of Self-Discovery as you Evolve. It is a deep understanding of your core beliefs, your inner wounds, and the repressed as well.  The key to establishing what created your inner landscape on a deep, complex  level of understanding. The unconscious fabric of what makes you tick!

“Our life proceeds from possibility to possibility, mistake to mistake, or from awakening to awakening.  It all depends on your point of view.”  Ann Mortifee

When you begin to interpret Life as a Soul, you alter your Perception, your Reality!

Develop Spiritual Awareness

Spiritual awareness enhances the Spiritual awakening process. Use as a portal of exploring your inner being in order to let go of the unnecessary. As you unite with your Soul, the concept of spiritual consciousness does not imply a connection to your Higher Power as the sole objective. It’s the journey to unveil your true nature, to gain a deeper Spiritual Awareness of Who You Are. The awakening of a personal journey that will forever change your your view, your emotions…your Life.

What Is An Evolved Soul?

An Evolved Soul is becoming authentic, compassionate, one that rejects the pretense of living a false Life. As the layers of protection begin to crumble, you become the agent of transformation. You Let Go of the fake persona, the outdated comfortable protective layers. The personality’s fortress of disguise begins to breakdown.  No longer required.

A Soul who has been on the path of Self-Mastery for sometime, feel a higher purpose within. Often those who have lived and transformed through the Dark Night of the Soul Awakening. With Self-Mastery allows full conscious awareness of your thoughts and beliefs. Rejecting limiting beliefs of the old paradigm, seeking a higher view. These are the Old Souls here to assist in the Spiritual Awakening of Humanity.

The tamer of the Ego, the Master of ego-based reactions and fears, no longer enslave these souls. Now led by Faith, a Higher Source, the One Power.  They are consciously Present and Mindful of the greater purpose, the bigger picture.

Mindful Techniques

  • Meditate Communicate with your Soul
  • Yoga – To remain centered, embracing stillness
  • Adopt –  Healthy habits to Nourish your Temple – Body, Mind & Soul
  • Let Go – Set revised Clear Intentions void of expectations
  • Nature – Take time in Nature, bask in the healing energy of the Sun

Your Inner Knowing attunes to this new Perception, this new Reality, aligned with Your Soul’s Sacred Intention.

You Awaken to the Whole of Who you are – A Soul – A Magnificent Being of Divine Light.


Peace and Blessings,