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Core Beliefs – The Invisible Power

Many view and alleviate their disappointments in life by questioning fate, karma, luck and even God as a reason. A temporary relief at best, for the foremost reason for perceived failures and successes are our formed in early childhood. Our primary core beliefs and the mind-set they create, the invisible power which drives our lives. For we allow the very quality of our life on these out-dated hand me downs. Many unconsciously gather evidence to reinforce these programs, not formed with facts. Misguided, they often become the values and truths you live, and are continually guided by.

“All that a belief is, is a thought that you keep practicing.”  Abraham

What are you choosing to believe?

Thoughts are powerful, they form and sustain our core beliefs, our truths with views that can be so entrenched, to examine them honestly creates uncertainty. But, asking questions is how Humanity has always evolved. Many brave souls have risked much to go beyond the limitations imposed from their misguided beliefs. Where would science, and humanity be without those who look outside the constraints imposed on them by others?

As children through adults repetitive input, both positive and negative, you learn how to Think, how to Behave, and what to Believe. These conditioned Beliefs can tether you to stunted chains, not seen but felt.

“Happiness does not depend on what you have or who you are.  It solely relies on what you Think!”  Buddha

Creation Of Our Beliefs

Past experiences and early childhood situations influence the way we think about ourselves and others. Most of our false beliefs originate in early childhood when our ego was small, young and innocent. They influence how we make sense of the world experiences that form our Core Belief System, that tend to be global in nature. Parents, culture, environment, teachers, and clergy weigh heavily on influencing these limiting beliefs. A system that creates misguided perceptions, emotions, values, habits, thought processes as well as our reactions to life.

Perhaps it’s time to clean the lens, to rethink, to question courageously the limiting beliefs imposed by others, that perhaps they too adopted. An enlightened perspective, seeing them as nothing more than outdated current events. No longer valid, past the expiration date in which they were inaugurated. Understanding the initial origin opens the mind, flexing the brain muscle.

False belief systems can limit your potential, creating a misaligned destiny that keeps you from walking through life with wonder of the world. Instead, you stumble through life chained to outdated beliefs that limit your life experiences. Conflicts in relationships, often are attributed to living, defending, and guarding misguided convictions.


Healing The Wounded Inner Child Workbook

Identify The False Seeds

Our false, distorted or limiting beliefs that lay in the center, have massive unseen influence on how we live our lives. Self-Inquiry can assist to bring the subconscious and semi-conscious into the full light of conscious awareness.  Our greatest false belief seed in life, is that we are our ego-self. Removing this veil, liberates you from the ego’s narcissistic, fear-based controlling hold. The key to living a better Life. When we operate outside of conscious awareness, they remain highly influential in shaping our attitude towards Life.

“We limit our potential by remaining devoted to our limiting beliefs.  Let go of the stepping stones of the Past.  Allow life to unfold as the adventure it is meant to be.”  Ann Mortifee

What Seeds are you Nourishing?

How Our  Core Beliefs Become Our Compass

The mind is made of two parts, the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind is responsible for 95% of how we respond to our external environment. Our conscious mind, the seat of logical control, is responsible for only 5% of deciding how we respond and/or react. As the subconscious mind is created by the beliefs we gained through Life. These beliefs carry emotions, and these emotions turn into the actions we take. They have the power to dictate the direction of our lives, both good and bad.

Positive beliefs create an atmosphere of Trust, one of endless possibilities. As you re-evaluate your beliefs you open the portal to reach and achieve your goals. Seeing the World through enlightened eyes.

Can Core Beliefs Be Re-Programmed?

A change in one belief will affect the system, one of our core beliefs can potentially lead to the disruption of entire system. If a set of beliefs change, other parts will have to rearrange to rebuild the system. Science has proven that when we change our perception or beliefs, we change the messages to our cells, reprogramming them.

Thereby, pessimistic cells become optimistic by adopting positive thinking practices, such as mindfulness and gratitude. To change direction of your life with permanent results, alter your current perception of reality, in doing so, you can change the course of your life. The moment you choose to alter your perceptions, is the moment your entire existence will change.

Techniques To Re-Program The Subconscious Mind

  • Visualization – Focus on positive mental images to achieve a particular goal in your 3rd Eye, the Spiritual eye. Using the energy of gratitude, see it coming towards you into the physical. remarkable physical health benefits, including boosting immunity, easing depression, relieving insomnia, decreasing stress, alleviating headaches and chronic pain. Often, seeing yourself healthy, a visual image of a healthy body is enough for your body to understand it as truth.
  • Mantras – A mantra is a sound, a word or a phrase that you repeat slowly in a soft, easy rhythm while you meditate. An effective way to plant positive seed thoughts into the subconscious mind. Repeat often to change the neural pathways of your brain to produce the new belief.
  • Meditation – Plays a significant role in the reprogramming process of the subconscious mind by stilling the mind. In this state, your brain becomes more receptive to positive seed thoughts.
  • Positive Self-Talk – Is one of the most potent avenues to influencing your emotions and attitudes.  When you Manage your Self-Talk, you begin to experience Life on a higher level, creating the Life that aligns.
  • Gratitude – Has an energy that creates an environment of positive thought as you seed a new thought-form. Gratitude, a powerful force, the manifesting element often ignored. There’s so much to be thankful for, and with that positive thought you raise your vibration!
  • Mindfulness -Adopt the techniques listed below to attune your Inner Knowing to this new perception, this new Reality. Aligned with your Soul’s Sacred Intention.

    Mindful Techniques

    • Meditate Communicate with your Soul
    • Yoga – To remain centered, embracing stillness
    • Adopt –  Healthy habits to Nourish your Temple – Body, Mind & Soul
    • Let Go – Set revised Clear Intentions void of expectations
    • Nature – Take time in Nature, bask in the healing energy of the Sun
You are the teacher, the data entry tech who installed the beliefs governing, and controlling your life’s directions. Therefore, it is also you, who has the power to become the technical analyst who re-programs the system with evolved beliefs that align with your values, your soul.

Challenge Your Thoughts

When you live your life in the shadow of unhappiness, minimal flourishes, and blooms. All soil needs to be fertilized and loved to encourage a plentiful Life. To create a Life with a positive system.  Take time to re-examine your beliefs, be honest in analyzing your current beliefs without judgment. You may realize, that many of them are Hand-Me-Downs. 

Beliefs that often become unrecognizable to your core essence, distorted, limiting your potential. Question these beliefs, take time to see the behavior they often encourage.  Embrace your life, knowing you are not here to be led, you are here to evolve, to awaken.

Early Childhood Conditioning“How can we know who or what we really are unless we go beyond our limiting beliefs and perceptions?”  Ann Mortifee

Unconditional faith surrendered you to these Core Beliefs at a young age. Forming an agreement, a signed contract if you will, to conform, obey and behave according to these preset standards of behavior.  Or perhaps, for many of us it was through conditioning. Often there is a fear of rejection from parents, religious organizations, teachers, society and friends. While in this process at this young age, our Authentic-Self becomes confused, lost and Limited.

“The truths you Believe and Cling to, make you unavailable to hear anything else.”  Pema Chodron

The book of ‘Conditioning’ is filled with standards one chooses to conform and Live by. Often expecting others to do the same, even when their Beliefs, their Book, reads differently. Misguided beliefs, even when personally acknowledged, in a strange way feel comfortable. The invisible fears placed on going against these beliefs, places you on a carousel ride, continuously missing the gold ring, the truths, that would allow you to move forward.

Forward on your Path, not that of another, finding yourself in an endless cycle of Self-Judgement whenever you stray or question them. Destined to remain on the ride.

Self Reflection

Is my mask on straight?

Self-Awareness is the process of becoming conscious of your inner thoughts. beliefs and judgements. Through the Ascension Age evolved self-awareness remains an essential piece, as the evolution of our mind is a necessary part of Humanity’s ascension. Shifting old outdated beliefs and patterns, clears the lower vibrations of fear. When we remain, our beliefs veil and cloud a healthy thought process, we walk through life with a broken compass.

The energy of the Aquarian Age has begun, the 5th Dimension of Ascension awaits for more souls to awaken. The cleansing of old, the rethinking of the world is in dire need of reconstruction. All a necessary piece of the ascension chaos, we currently witness, with nothing solid to cling to, except our faith! When you begin to question these beliefs, self-awareness opens the door for personal growth. You gain courage to break free, to think for yourself, the clear path to an evolved personal insight.

Global Healing

As a Nation, we upgrade our electronics endlessly, let’s try the same with our thoughts, our truths, our beliefs. These will be the tools to spiritually discern the falsehoods that will begin to rise within, trying to remain in control. A time to see clearly at what we once believed as truths, now bravely journey to uncover them as controlling falsehoods. Time to re-evaluate, and discover your beliefs, your values, and how you see the world, not through the eyes of another.

Through these powerful Life-changing events we will be witnessing on a Global scale, chains fall away, as new Earth is birthed.

Your enlightened life beckons.

Peace and Blessings,