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The Gifts Of A Soul Empowered

I often speak of embracing a Soulful Path, it is the very core of my teachings. A Soul Empowered, is a path that empowers our soul to bravely gain wisdom from life’s lessons and pains. To transform your life, not to continually react to it, which weakens our resolve. A soulful life leads each soul to aligning with their body, mind and spirit, and our soul’s will. Infusing our personality, [ego], with our soul, aligned with the souls divine will. A beautiful experience where one feels One with all humanity and nature itself. Life begins to flow with greater ease, for you begin each day knowing and living as a soul. A divine Being of Light.

Many through lifetimes have chosen another path, one of avoidance, often due to fear. Believing they will be punished by Source/God. All creates separation, for we have never been alone from what lives within each. Our path is to gain, to learn, to experience the unknown, one cannot avoid life’s wounds, nor the healing of them for very long. Wounds stuffed within, or hid in the deep ditch of the undesirable. The pains, often from the childhood traumas our Inner Child still houses.

Healing & Reclaiming The Fragments

Fragments of our life, we wish to forget, placed long ago into the ditch of despair. Stuffed with life’s trauma & pain do not disappear, nor lie dormant. They lie in the darkness suppressing our dreams, our potential, our relationships, our very happiness. For when we choose to run from the unmentionables, instead of looking deep into the abyss. We weaken our very soul.

As you become a soul empowered, the lens soon begins to clear, opportunities, are seen. Life’s potential no longer looks bleak, knowing there is a force with you. Embracing the role of co-Creator, you create a new vision of the life experience you wish to create for your highest good.

Claim the Life you wish, as an Empowered Soul, the choice to create a Well-Intended Life, was always yours!

You are here in Earth’s classroom to Create…the bell has rung, it’s Time to begin!

Remember, no course is finite, the choices made now will change as your life moves forward, as you evolve new dreams are created. When faced with unforeseen events, believing they will alter your journey, your path. Go into stillness, ask for guidance. For this seemingly misstep, may very well be the path. Obstacles that seem to misguide, are actually your guides assisting you to remain on track. Redirecting, gently nudging you along your journey, to assist you with lessons for the highest good of your soul.

Meditation Is your Souls connection with divine guidance. A wonderful truth to remember as we walk through life. Faith in something higher, allowing your intuition to grow, knowing many are here whispering in the ear of your soul. 

Positive Gains Of A Soul Empowered

Be Conscious with Gratitude of –

  • Positive shifts as you evolve, take note, journal & date
  • Guided redirects to keep you on your path
  • Signs to release what/who no longer serves your highest good
  • Soulful healing power of forgiveness

As challenges in life arise, embrace these opportunities for growth, as if you summoned them.  For resistance only creates their persistence. Allow truth felt in your heart center clarify your direction, your path. Be watchful of the divine breadcrumbs left, for comfort, direction, and often that we are always near!

“Clarity is a beacon of light and one of the most powerful tools a human can have at his/her disposal.”  Maureen Moss

A purpose is a vital piece of spiritual growth, our reason for this life at this time. As spiritual beings in physical form, you hunger for purpose and meaning. A Connection with like-minded people.  When you take responsibility for your life, you begin to Let Go of the suffocating blame and judgement placed on others as well as yourself. As you release the blinders of blame, inner sight is restored. You clearly see, knowing you are one step closer to creating a sustainable life. One that weathers life’s storms with faith. For when judgement is the voice in your ear, intuitive guidance becomes muffled.

Quieting The Critic – The Ego-Mind

Our ego-mind, our personality, makes choices on how you wish to be perceived by others and/or yourself. A false persona, a un-authentic version of who we are, nor all we can be. It’s the period at the end of a paragraph. A statement that allows for no further growth. The End. In so doing we prevent our journey to unfold, our true purpose. To unravel the falsehoods, the facades, to reconnect with your true-self, your pure soul.

Until we realize the ego-mind is only self-focused, the theme continues.

Negative mind chatter is consistent, and fierce. We falsely interact with an illusion of the mind without true power. Our choice, is simply to disengage, discontinue your interaction. When you listen and believe that you are finding truths in what you hear, you give your power away. The ego represents your self-image, the identity formed from your memories, your beliefs, your fears created by others. We are here to define ourselves, not to allow others to define who we are.

When unchallenged…these negative misguided controlling remarks of the critic continue!

5 Empowered Soul Techniques

The Critic Neutralizer

The goal is to remain in a neutral space of calm, releasing its hold by the constant use of negative thoughts, and emotions. Thoughts which the ego knows through experience, will trigger a reaction. All reactions are formed in the lower self, your higher vibration become compromised. Knowledge is key, knowing you have the power to replace all Negative thoughts that come into your experience with positive ones. When you continue to practice with this tool, your faith in your intuition grows. You begin to feel the truth of who you are!

Empowerment is permitting yourself the freedom to make decisions that support your well-being. Self-Empowerment is a concept directly interlinked with knowing you are worthy of self-love. You have the power, you have always had the power within you…reclaim and embrace your inner power. It’s time to lead this dance, this life, as an Empowered Soul.

Life In Balance

Your ever evolving path beckons, as you confidently trust your unveiled inner knowing that aligns with your soul’s path. As a soul engaged in the exploration that life offers from a positive viewpoint…to create a positive result!

The cloak has lifted, the door has opened, your path illuminates, welcoming you to a life of great potential.

A soulful path is our birthright, as humans we have made it complicated. Our purpose is through relationships, to learn, to evolve, to awaken. A hammer is not required, it is a gentle path if we so choose. A life to Our Becoming, is a beautiful divine miracle of our Earthly journey. Even hardships have a purpose to clear our path from our past, to move through life more easily. To manifest the life we are here to live.


Is the ability to soul-search, to become aware of our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. It’s a personal closeness with self, developing a better understanding of deeper beliefs, inner wounds, opening the box of our repressed unconsciousness. A process of becoming conscious, of how you actually think and feel about yourself honestly. Through a more complex look at your reactions, with a closer look into the whys. This is the path to self-acceptance.

A Soul Empowered walks into the fire of transformation, she knows that all lessons, create her highest vision & bravely claims the life, her Soulful Path has birthed.

Healing Our Inner Child

Certain experiences from childhood can scar the soul, causing it to fragment, compass no longer functions. Working to heal your Wounded Inner Child is essential to heal the scars and restore the integrity of your soul, your divine compass. Release all the pain by seeking intervention from the Universe. All you have to do is to ask. The Universe is out there, just like a parent, waiting for the right moment to shower its love and abundance on you. It knows what exactly you need. Just as a mother/father who is there to take care of our needs, the Universe also enacts the role of parent, ensuring your soul’s path to heal.

Personal Power

Personal Power is your birthright, the hallmark of a healthy personality, one’s sense of their True-Self, that for many has been lost. Developing your Personal Power is the process of evolving to Wholeness, to a higher state of consciousness. A direct correlation exists between your Spiritual Awakening & your Personal Power. Developing your inner power is the first step of your Spiritual Awakening, to honor who you are by regaining your strength, your cores essence. When you remain spiritually asleep, you slumber in lower states of consciousness. Often unconsciously you give your power away to others.

Explore the inward journey to restore your spiritual & personal power, an act of self-love & self-respect, you find your voice.

Embrace the life you are meant to live,