As an Empowered Soul, you Journey to Positive Opportunities, as your Potential flows limitless, New opportunities Emerge.  You Embrace your role as Co-Creator, allowing the vision of the Life experience you wish to create for your Highest good.

Claim the Life you wish, as an Empowered Soul, the choice to create a Well-Intended Life, was always yours!

You are here in Earth’s classroom to Create…the bell has rung, it’s Time to begin!

Remember, no course is finite, the choices made now will change as your life moves forward, as you Evolve with new Dreams.  You may be faced with unforeseen events, believing they will alter your Journey, your Path.

Your Guides are always near, just ask for assistance.  This seemingly misstep, may very well be the Path.  Obstacles that seem to misguide, are actually your Guides assisting you to remain on track, Redirecting, nudging you along your Journey, your Life Lessons for Soul Growth.

Meditation Is your Souls connection with Divine Guidance.  Awaken to this Truth, this birthright within, as you begin your Journey have Faith in what you receive.  Allow your intuition, your many guides and angels to whisper guidance into your Soul.

Positive Gains

Be Conscious Of
  • Positive Shifts as you Evolve
  • Guided redirects to keep you on your Path
  • Signs for releasing what/who no longer serves your highest good
  • Soulful Healing through Forgiveness

As challenges in your Life arise, embrace these opportunities for Growth, as you continue to Live within the flow of your Truths – you find many signs that signify Clarity of your Direction, your Path.

“Clarity is a beacon of light and one of the most powerful tools a human can have at his/her disposal.”  Maureen Moss

A Purpose is a vital piece of Spiritual Growth, of why you are here. As Spiritual Beings in Physical form, you hunger for Purpose and Meaning.  A Connection with like-minded people.  When you take responsibility for Your Life, you are then able to let go of Blame and Judgement of yourself and others.  With the release of your Blame Blinders, you see clearly, knowing you are a step closer to finding ‘Stability in your Life.’

For when Judgement is the voice in your Ear, your Intuitive Guidance becomes muffled.

Quieting The Critic – The Ego-Mind

The Ego-Mind – Makes choices based on how you wish to be perceived by others and/or yourself.  This is not authentic and can prevent you from connecting with your True-Self.

As the Ego-Mind is only Self-Focused.

As you learn to quiet the constant Negative chatter of The Critic, simply by discontinuing your interaction.  When you listen and believe that you are finding Truths in what you hear, you give the Ego it’s Power.  The Ego represents your Self-Image, your Identity, formed from your Memories, your Beliefs and the Fears created by them that have now defined you.

When not challenged…these negative misguided controlling remarks of the Critic continue!

Step 1 – The Personal Power eBook – To Gain The Confidence To Proceed On Your Journey As An Empowered Soul

The Critic Neutralizer

The goal is to remain in a Neutral space of calm, releasing its hold by the constant use of Negative thoughts, and emotions.  Thoughts which the Ego knows through experience, will trigger a reaction.  All reactions are formed in the lower self, your higher Vibration become compromised.  Knowledge is key, knowing You have the power to replace all Negative thoughts that come into your experience with Positive ones.  When you continue to practice with this tool, your faith in your Intuition grows.  You begin to FEEL this Truth of Who you are!

Empowerment is permitting yourself the freedom to make decisions that support Your Well-Being.  Self-Empowerment is a concept directly interlinked with knowing you are worthy of Self-Love.

You have the power, you have always had the power within you…reclaim and embrace your power.  It’s time to lead this Dance, this Life, as an Empowered, Self Loving Soul.

Life In Balance

Your ever evolving Path beckons, as you confidently Trust in your unveiled Inner Knowing that aligns with your Soul’s Path.  A Soul ready to explore all that Life offers from a Positive viewpoint…to now create a Positive result!

The cloak has lifted.  The Door has opened.  The Path illuminates as it Welcomes you to a Life of Great Potential.

Channeled Message with – Archangel Uriel

Peace and Blessings, Carol