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The Pulse Of Spirituality

We are the never ending breath of the One power that resides within.  As our conscious awareness of this truth awakens we become the whispering voice of the one God of a thousand names. It is from this realization the breath of our Lord, too, flows from us as living witnesses who bear the fruit for those within our contact. It lives through us empowering each breath to become a source of Spiritual nourishment for others.

For His Breath Lives In The Believer & Non Alike

As the breath of the Father, we operate solely within His power, knowing there is no other. When we reject the concept of two powers, our power expands. For a divided source is without true power, as it wields the limiting beliefs of man.

This serves to divide and weaken our birthright of the One Power. For as one succumbs to a second master, the chatter of the mind, we live confused, weakened by the storm of words used to divide and control.

“When we lift up our consciousness from the humanness of our life, we come to know our true nature is that of the Mystic. The Mystic knows their unique individual relationship with the Divine Presence and how that relationship relates to the wholeness of all of God’s Creations.”

Listen for the One breathe

It is only when we listen for our Father’s breath, that the truth washes the doubts, the fears masked by the imitators of folly!

We then allow the Pulse of Spirituality to flow effortlessly over life’s obstacles, as our veins soften, we hear, perhaps for the first time, the pulse of Divine Truth. He lives within each Brother & Sister, the believer & non-alike, as He patiently awaits for each, in time, to awaken to this truth.

The One Breath

With Love,