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Focusing On Spiritual Expansion

Once one realizes as an Empath & Lightworker that they are here to serve humanity, they are guided to focus on Spiritual Expansion. Life focused, is one that lives within a State of Peace gained through increased awareness and Spiritual practices that expand Self-Awareness. Meditation is a valuable tool to improve your Focus, your Clarity, your Creativity. It bridges the Spiritual World with the Physical one, a Soulful practice in the art of stillness, soon to become a Daily routine. As you continue to practice, be patient with this valuable process.  As we continue, we learn to maintain our Focus longer each time. This time in stillness will increase our awareness, as we evolve with the use of this Soulful tool.

The Law Of One Practices

Self – Awareness Expansion

  • Practice Unity Consciousness
  • Practice Love of Self
  • Practice Love of Others
  • Practice Love of Earth & Nature
  • Practice Service to Others
  • Practice Responsible Co-Creation
  • Practice Consciousness Expansion

Spiritual Expansion –  Is the expansion of consciousness, of empathy, of reducing blocks that reside in the mental body. Evolving our belief systems that keep us small, as we embrace Self-Responsibility awakening our interconnection to All. In so doing, Humanity is more benevolence towards all life, the divine road to Unity Consciousness. The expansion that leads to our God-Self frequency – the Law of One.

Earth’s energy is experiencing massive Shifts that will continue for some time to come. A Universal process that Your Soul understands. Your Soul came at this particular juncture to participate in Earths necessary Energetic Shift.

Ask & listen for the expansion guidance you seek. Ask for assistance in the areas that are blocked. A Re-direct of ones outdated Beliefs that no longer align with the Golden Age upon Earth.  Focus on the gentle messages of your soul that assist Humanity and Gaia, who too ascends. Gaia too speaks to the Earth Empaths, as they too are part of our Mother, Gaia’s Ascension. All will transform in the New Paradigm, the Aquarian Age.

Higher Dimension Beings are also engaged in Earths Transformation, for the cosmos too requires balance. They understand Earth’s Cosmic importance, are here to assist Humanity during this Global Challenge. Humanities outcry reached many of unique differences to particular at this critical time. As they participate with a clear understanding of this Universal necessity, seeded long long ago.

They remain focused on the greater picture of which we know very little at this time, realizing the imperative need to fulfill their necessary roles.  To Assist and Serve. 

Loving Kindness Meditation

Ask how you can best Serve at this time, and ask that they send the Guidance you need to do so.

Practicing this Loving Kindness Meditation actives and strengthens the brain & nervous system responsible for empathy and increased emotional intelligence. Creating a loving acceptance of Self. Look for resistance as this is a sign that feelings of unworthiness reside. This is the very practice that assists to overcome these feelings of self-doubt or negativity. As Loving Kindness of Self leads to Loving Kindness towards Others.

To Begin –

Visualize –  Bring forward a mental picture that makes you smile, a warmth into your heart. Allow the positive feeling to arise, the feeling that opens your heart! Allow this frequency enhanced to penetrate your being. A feeling that as you practice can be brought forward when negativity arises. This is the Global connection that will be felt around the can begin with You!

Reflection – Bring forward a person, an event that possesses the qualities of loving kindness.

Recite Verbally –  I Am filled with Loving Kindness, I Am Blessed, I Am Peaceful and at ease, and I Am Happy! Out loud or Sung are the most effective as the Mind hears your voice. A simple way to shift from the negative ego mind of controlled thought forms and develop higher consciousness. As a developed heart is the key to accessing higher Spiritual Power, and a relationship with the God Source, the Divine Creator which functions through our heart.

Spiritual Expansion

Our Spiritual Core

As you Heal Core Wounds, Traumas, you release obstacles that block your Souls momentum.  The cleansing momentum needed to allow more Light to enter, to allow and hold the Unconditional Love being sent to Earth.  The Dawning of the New Age of Aquarius, is one of Peace, Harmony and Love.  The 5th Dimension!

The Energy during this process aligns with your Spiritual Core, your Spiritual Intelligence.  Through Soul Work you have gained a deeper understanding of past Personal choices, both Positive and Negative.  As you gain a new Enlightened Perspective, altered as you reevaluate what you have longed believed.  Becoming the Vessel that Illuminates, opening the Flow of Unlimited Potential within.  As you embark on this significant Soul Shift to Enlightened Awareness.

The Window of Clarity shows all is Possible.  The Universal Awakening to the Oneness of Humanity.  A Spiritual Evolution!

“Clarity is a Beacon of Light, one of the most powerful tools a Human can have at his/her disposal.”  Maureen Moss

 Core Belief Transformation

All adjusted perceptions integrate slowly, needing time to re-calibrate from long held Beliefs of the past.  When you become more comfortable with this process, it will accelerate.  New perspectives from your elevated Vantage Point, evolve your World Views.  As your Whole World changes!  Through Self-Mastery you take control of what you believe, you gain control over your fears projected from the Ego-Mind.  You find freedom in being consciously awake!

Seeing All from the sight of a Wise Soul, Re-membering your Magnificence.

Life views shall change through your enhanced Prism.  Your views alter through this mirror of Clarity, this New Paradigm.  You understood and bravely cleared the Old to allow a fresh, brighter View of Life to emerge.  Your View casts a positive Light on your experiences, replacing the Dramas that once Dominated and Plagued your Daily Life.  You begin to attract the Peace and Harmony your Soul Craves.

Yes, Life has bestowed New Opportunities from the Seeds planted long ago.  The Seeds necessary for the Souls Spiritual Evolution.  The fruits that they bare are Ripe, ready to be Harvested.  The Harvest of the Hopes and Dreams of a New Age of Aquarius.  Share in this Harvest of Love and Peace.  As a Beacon of Divine Light.

Embrace Life as a Soul focused on Transformation.


Peace and Blessings,