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Journey Of Soul Growth

A Souls level is not a condition of its Journey of Healing and Advancement.  All advancement takes place, according to each Soul’s position and pace.

As you Journey through each lesson, the pace will increase accordingly.

Your Soul accumulates memories and experiences from each lifetime, as issues from various lifetimes come forward.  Healing takes place in this lifetime – a Journey of Soul Growth.

Other Lessons

All lessons in this Life, have been outlined in your Soul’s Lesson plan prior to incarnation.  Know, when lessons are postponed, they will continue to come forward until they are learned, many choose to prolong their lessons, and take more lifetimes to do so.

Uniquely, those stricken with unresponsive states, like Alzheimer patients may have chosen this current State to work on lessons before they pass.  To prepare here in this lifetime prior to their continued Journey after transitioning.  For some, the location that they prepare is irrelevant, this may have always been their selected transitioning process.

Please understand, All is Pre-planned.  Your Soul, your Soul Group understand the lessons agreed upon, and the reasons for the choices they selected.


Not all personalities in this lifetime have embraced the unseen Spiritual world.  This choice to not accept that we are all more than our Physical Body can leave a gap in their lessons, their development.  As Beings of Light there you are not confined to the Physical form.  It is a temporary residency needed for the purpose of Core Lessons in – Earth’s classroom.

The ability to intuitively connect to Angels, Guides and Deceased Loved Ones for support was always a part of the Earth plan.  Our Soul’s Journey is enhanced when assisted by these senses.  A valuable tool for your continued advancement.  You will find greater understanding when you develop this ability to communicate with the non-physical realm.

All Beings Are Intuitive

Your Deceased Loved Ones send love and encouragement through these very Intuitive senses.  They wish to assist you  on your journey in the physical, through this connection, they understand that the physical is but one aspect of Who you are.  As you further awaken to this reality, you more easily align to this Divine Wisdom.

They have a Significant Role in your Soul’s Journey here in the physical, as do you in theirs.

To Heal

Opening to this Divine energy your Life flows, knowing not only that you are not alone, but you have a powerful connection on the other side.  Lessons often are under the heading of healing Core Wounds, often these wounds were suffered from other Lifetimes.  They appear once again, but on a deeper level of understanding.  When you begin healing Core Wounds, you create space, you can more easily attract positive situations into your Life.

No longer burdened by the heaviness in your Heart from the traumas and harms you endured.  With time, you can see that acceptance and forgiveness is the untethered Soul’s path to Freedom.

The Act of Allowing

Welcome those in Spirit and Light into your life, receive their Healing vibration.  As their Energy of Love creates a shift, to align you with your Higher Self, your Divine Grace within.  A cleansing of Inner Work, that creates balance in Body, Mind and Soul.  As Every day is a New Beginning when you are Willing to enter this Journey for your Highest Good!

Healing Light Energy, is powerful, Fear falls crippled within its power.  This is the Energy that Angels, Guides, Archangels and other Spiritual Beings reside in.  Allow them to open their arms to hold you in Divine Grace.

Self-Awareness is the process of becoming conscious of your Inner thoughts, Beliefs and Judgements of Self and of Others.

“We are Awareness itself…made of Consciousness…one with the Intelligence that fashioned the Stars. ”  Ann Mortifee

All are capable of Tapping into their Intuitive power.  Your Belief in this fact, allows Messages and Guidance from Spirit to become part of your nature, as you Evolve.

Every experience is an essential part of Divine Creation.  Experiences remind us we are not bound by Physical limitations.  These limitations are born of the Mind, not of the Spirit!

Allow your Open Heart to Bridge the Physical with the Spiritual.

Channeled Message with – Goddess Bast

Peace and Blessings, Carol