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Your Gift Defined

Claircognizance – A Clear Knowing of Divine Wisdom, is one of the several Intuitive gifts we can enhance.  Claircognizance is an ability to receive information and know immediately, without doubt, that the information is correct.  An awareness download, with the Crown Chakra as the access portal, the metaphysical intuition center for Intuitive drop-ins.

Intuition an Inner Knowing, automatic and instinctual. Divine Wisdom is a gift, a powerful driving force in your life when you wisely Believe and Interpret them. Often when we discover what our gift is, we discover what our purpose in life is. 

Examples –

You receive information, but you do not know how or why, but you recognize its Truth!  Questions you or another may have been pondering, just got answered, by thoughts that just pop into your Head! 

Believe and Embrace this Gift!

Those with this ability, are logical, enjoy thinking things through, and frequently receive information that suddenly pops into their head.  Divine Wisdom is often described by many as random flashes of Intuitive Thought.

Divine Wisdom is not to be confused with countless trails of mind chatter.  This is not how you will experience receiving Divine Wisdom’s Intuitive Information.  You receive the non-repetitive information, quickly, softly, and without Judgement.

Open your Heart and Awaken to the Gift that has always been with you.  As you accept one Gift, another is soon to Open.

Listen -Trust – Practice

“…We must trust that inspiration is already here—it only eludes us because we’ve disconnected in some way from the Spirit that was and always will be our essence.” Wayne Dyer

As with Meditation, you strengthen all of your Clairs with Practice and Belief.  Believing the knowledge you receive is from your Higher Self, creates a sense of security.  As you continue to Trust, the information will increasingly flow, you gain confidence, as doubts soon fall away.

The power of the Great Silence where Wisdom and Peace reside, allow the State without Judgement to envelope your senses in the warmth of Grace.

Those that have this gift, have been receiving information Intuitively their entire Life.

A Gift from an old friend.

Allowing The Divine Wisdom

The Knowledge you receive through practice assists you on your path, as well as condition your mind to listen and accept this Divine Wisdom.  Physical signs begin to appear to validate the Intuition you hear Intuitively.  Those with Claircognizance ability are analytical in nature, they seek to understand how the Universe work.

Your Guidance Team

The Spiritual Realm is here to assist Humanity to Evolve.  Many non-physical Beings, Guides and Angels have been with you since birth.  Call upon them with your Questions and Concerns.

Helpful Tips
  • Trust – The Information you receive
  • Take action – Decipher who it’s intended for
  • Remain Aware – Information can be both Internal and Physical
Increase Your Spiritual Ability
  • Meditation To Quiet the mind chatter
  • Visualize – Your crown opening, to receive
  • Archangel Uriel – Ask that he be present during meditation
  • Hold the crystal Citrine – With the Intention of increasing your Intuitive ability

Peace and Blessings,