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Star Light – Star Bright

You are Beings of Light, created from pure Light Energy, that shine as bright as the brightest Star.

Here in this Lifetime to experience a duality of emotions from Love, a High vibration – to Anger, a Low vibration.  Working through this duality of emotions, remaining at a high level, not enticed by negative ones, will be the Key, your saving Grace to Higher Consciousness levels.

When you do succumb, you’ll notice that your thinking will become compromised.

Check in with your emotions throughout the day, remain conscious of your Thoughts, Words and Feelings, as what you Feed grows.

What Are You Radiating?

The energetic presence of Love and Light, is transforming, as you Grow, your Light energy flows to others.

What energies are You feeding?

Positive energy of Gratitude and Forgiveness, or are you focusing on the Negative in your Life?

Perception, is the first shift needed to begin raising your Conscious level.  As your insight advances, you interpret the World differently.  Finding the Positive in Live, instead of the Negative.

Spiritual Path

A Spiritually driven path, does not draw pleasure from continuous drama and discord.  It finds sadness within these emotions, knowing they detract your ability to Shine.

Living a Life from this Energy affords a Deeper Connection to your Creator, as your Divine Light Shines.

Born in the image of your Creator, Light energy is Who you are, Truth is Who you are.  All Lives improve when both Truth and Light are Present.  During the Darkest of Times, your Heart become so filled with Light it sustains you through the Darkness.

“As the body, mind and emotions become more integrated, our true Self begins to emerge.  We realize that we are not separate and apart from the World.  We are actually one with in.”  Ann Mortifee

Your Radiant Light is Eternal.

Global Healing

Much Power is transmitted, when joined Hearts work together as a Collective for Healing, Great Change for All, including your Planet – Earth is possible.  Choosing and Living a Spiritual Life, with raised Consciousness, the Light of the planet grows to facilitate significant Positive change.

Of Global proportions.

We have sprinkled many Seeds of Wisdom, along your Life path, nurture and tend to your Spiritual Garden, and watch Your Life Blossom. Tonight as you gaze into the dark sky, know we see you shine, as bright as the brightest Star.

It’s time for you to Shine.

Channeled Message with – Archangel Raphael

Peace and Blessings, Carol