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Our Garden Of Emotional Weeds

The rain and sun have blessed your soil ready to be planted with your dreams. Ever vigilant, a successful gardener takes notice as weeds appear, once hidden from sight, lying dormant in the fertile ground. Yet, emotional weeds are often unattended, and possess a habit of making surprise visits! Often concealed by other areas in need, or those we are more willing to take a closer look.

“And then the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” Anais Nin

A gardener knows that for plants to do well, weeds too, need attention. Left unattended they can starve other plants of their necessary water and light. Hindering their Growth. Emotional weeds left too long begin to birth feelings of self-loathing, low self-esteem. The by-products of unresolved childhood issues. Feelings grown from neglect, lack of love and abandonment issues, too unresolved.

Unattended Emotional Weeds

Soon a new seedling begins to sprout, and you forget the necessary task of tending to those pesky weeds. Is this a seedling of a healthy plant that flowers, that can handle the harshness of winter and the heat of summer?

Or…are these but emotional weeds growing from years of avoidance, now beginning to sprout as you prepare your garden to weather the harsh season ahead?

“There is no greater teacher than Nature: one moment, a storm, the next, stillness…By embracing Her teachings we mature into Wisdom.”  Ann Mortifee

Our Family – Emotional Weeds

Emotions from the traumas of family baggage left buried, can affect our bodies on a cellular level. Disruptive genes, can often become generational. Family heirlooms that regulate the health of our immune system. When the emotional suitcase remains packed our emotional responses are often over the top, as the starting point is already profound. Unresolved emotional history weighs heavily on your health, the knot in the body, that many grow far too accustomed to. Believing it to be a necessary part of life, when actually birthed from early childhood trauma and conditioning. We are often taught, not to rock the boat, or to show our feelings.

Often hearing, we must Do Not talk about it!

Yet we often wonder why we collect unhealthy relationships, feel unsafe, with deep feelings of unworthiness. Conditioned for years to bury our emotions, we become very good students. The build up of clutter turns everyday events such as driving to work, days of long meetings into major stress events. Events that derail our inner system, on an already over-taxed body, unable to handle them. The response we have says so much, realizing it no longer fits the event. It is Over the Top!

Emotional Weeds – Are Our Teachers

Your Perception in all situations can transmute as you begin to see the obstacles in life, as opportunities in disguise.

As you examine further you realize they are buried emotions in need of love, forgiveness, and understanding to flourish. When we realize, weeds too are part of a garden, we must clear our inner garden of what no longer serves, allowing space for new seeds. Take time to look closely at toxic relationships, and patterns, you need to release. Allowing space for new seeds that bare the fruit needed, to sustain a garden for a lifetime.

“Obstacles are indeed our teachers, for if our path flows with ease, “you are on the wrong path.”

When our emotional clutter is not addressed through, avoidance, they soon become unmanageable.  Take time in self-reflection without judgement, to gain greater awareness, and through self-observation, one witnesses the truth that emotional weeds carry. Non-Acceptance of this truth, is the unresolved discomfort, conflict experienced, but are unwilling to accept. Being present during these times, empowering, as you watch and allow the emotions to flow and release.

“Prepare with care the dreams & hopes you wish to nurture and bring to fruition. Peace is gained by our willingness to take the inward journey.” Carol

Be Present – Participate In The Moment

As unexpected storms arise, and they often do, acceptance is the umbrella for life’s unpredictable, uncomfortable and ever changing challenges. The human mind believes it must control all, as events occur it sends signals that can disrupt your physical system. Our soul, wishes for us to reflect, to look inward at the thoughts and emotions that come forward no longer allow them to take up space in your thoughts that carry far too much weight upon your Heart. Our Body-Mind houses all we say, and all that we think about!


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“Time to take a deeper look your Mind’s influence over the physical, for our Body-Mind hears all we say, and knows all we think about. It houses no filter but all we think is random in our thoughts become the Dis-Ease within our form until acknowledged, accepted, forgiven, so true healing may begin!

A teaching moment to hush the critical internal dialogue of the mind, the adversarial voice. As you see Life through your Heart-Center, you witness the personality [ego’s] reaction, gaining valuable insight. An enhanced perspective, one that looks to educate the personality to not attach emotions to each situation. To allow these temporary visitors to pass without judgement, nor attachment.


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An Empowering Journey

Techniques For Daily Clearing

  • Simplify – your life
  • Reduce – expectation overload
  • Meditate – daily upon arising
  • Tap into – your internal wisdom, your heart center
  • Shift – thoughts away from past traumas Or today’s drama
  • Seek a more purposeful existence, volunteer when possible
  • When you feel overwhelmed, read the following –
“What is happening today that has brought stress?  For if it is something in the past or in the future that has not even materialized, you are Not in the Present! All prayers are heard in the Present.”

Once obstacles, this simple plot of land, your internal garden flourishes under your watchful eye, with the promise it brings for the renewal of your soul. Nature teaches, all gardens in life contain weeds, with loving care we tend to them, and bask in the warmth of the sun. Our garden grows to its full potential, soon, in the warmth of fertile soil, a seedling buds, and soon petals form, as the flower of your Soul unfolds.

When you lovingly tend to the Garden of your Soul, it blooms, infused with hope!

Embrace the Dance,