Our Garden Of Emotional Weeds

The rain and sun have blessed your soil ready to be planted with your Dreams.  Ever vigilant, a successful gardener takes notice as weeds appear, once hidden from sight, lying dormant in the fertile ground.  Yet, Emotional Weeds are often unattended, with a habit of making surprise visits!

“And then the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” Anais Nin

Weeds also need attention, when left unattended they can starve other plants of their necessary water and light.  Hindering their Growth.  As Emotional Weeds, Self-Loathing, Low Self-Esteem are the By-Product unresolved childhood issues.  Feelings grown from Neglect, Lack of Love and Abandonment to name a few!

Left Unattended

Soon a new seedling begins to sprout, and you forget the necessary task of tending to these weeds. Is this a seedling of a healthy plant that flowers, that can handle the harshness of winter and the heat of summer?

Or…are these but Emotional Weeds growing from years of avoidance, now beginning to sprout as you prepare your garden to weather the harsh season ahead?

“There is no greater teacher than Nature: one moment, a storm, the next, stillness…By embracing Her teachings we mature into Wisdom.”  Ann Mortifee

Family Clutter

When your Emotions from Trauma, Family Baggage are left untidy they can affect you on a cellular level, disrupting genes, often generational, that regulate your Immune System.  When your emotional suitcase remains packed ever ready for Your bodies Fright, Flight, and Freeze response, you remain on the edge of the Cliff!

Your unresolved emotional history weighs heavily on your Health.  The knot in your belly you have grown far too accustomed to.  Thinking it is a necessary part of life, when actually it is from childhood conditioning to not rock the boat, or show your feelings.

And certainly to Not talk about it!

Yet you wonder why you collect unhealthy relationships, feel unsafe and often feel you are unworthy.  Conditioned for many years to bury your emotions, you became a very good student.  These are the byproducts, the blocks, of your silence to name but a few.   Your Build up of Old Clutter turns everyday events such as driving to work, days of long meetings into Major stress events that derail your system.  So when transitions on a larger scale appear your body is already taxed and unable to handle them.  Your response no longer fits the event, it is Over the Top!

Obstacles Teach

Your Perception in all situations can transmute as you begin to see the Obstacles in your Life, as opportunities in Disguise.

As you examine further you realize they are buried emotions in need of Love, Forgiveness, and Understanding to flourish.  Weeds too are part of a Garden, as you recognize and clear what is no longer needed, you gain space for new Seeds.  Healthy Seeds that will Blossom, bare Fruit and Sustain the Garden for a Lifetime.

When not addressed through Avoidance, they consume valuable space and become unmanageable.  Through Self-Awareness and Self-Acceptance you germinate positive emotions.

At our core is a place of knowledge, a place where the practice of acceptance through Self-Observation you witness the truth in your unwanted Emotional Weeds, and clutter.  Non-Acceptance is your Un-Resolved discomfort, and conflict that you experienced,but are unwilling to accept.  Being Present during these times to allow the emotion to flow through, is actually Healing.

“Prepare with care the Dreams, the Hopes you wish to nurture and bring to Fruition in this Life.  Peace in Life is an Inward Journey, the tools are already within us.” Carol

Participate In This Moment – Be Present

As unexpected storms arise, an attitude of acceptance is the umbrella for Life’s unpredictable, uncomfortable and ever changing challenges.  The Human Mind thinks it must control all, so when events occur it sends signals that can disrupt the physical system.  The Soul on the other hand, wishes to reflect, to look inward at the thoughts and emotions that come forward, a teaching moment to hush the critical Internal dialogue.

As you begin to see Life through your Heart Center, you witness your personalities reactions through your Soul’s eye.  You gain a new perspective, one that looks to educate the personality and not attach All the emotions to every situation.  To allow them to pass through without judgement nor attachment.

Step 1 – The Personal Power eBook – To Gain The Confidence To Proceed On Your Journey As An Empowered Soul

An Empowering Journey

Techniques To Daily Unclutter Our Emotions

Connect with Nature, Earth’s Healing Energy

  • Simplify your Life
  • Reduce Expectation Overload
  • Meditate Daily upon arising
  • Tap into your Internal Wisdom
  • Shift your thoughts away from past Traumas Or today’s Drama
  • Seek a more purposeful existence…Volunteer when possible
  • When you feel overwhelmed, ask yourself –

    “What is happening today that has brought stress?  For if it is something in the past or in the future that has not even materializes, you are Not in the Present!  All prayers are heard in the Present.”  Just a thought – Carol

When you lovingly tend to the Garden of your Soul, it Blooms, infused with Hope!

Once obstacles, this simple plot of land, your Internal Garden flourishes under your watchful eye, with the promise it brings for the Renewal of your Soul.  Nature teaches that all Gardens contain weeds, with loving care we bask in the warmth of the Light, and grow to our True Potential.  In the stillness of the fertile soil, a seedling buds, soon the petals of the Flower unfold.

May all you obstacles become creative urges!

Life’s many rewards.

Embrace the Dance,