Earth’s Evolution – Increased Consciousness

As you Evolve, you increasing adjust to hold and carry Greater Frequency, as Expanded Consciousness is available to all.

Higher Consciousness – What we believe, what we think and how we behave are degrees of frequency.  Changing our Core Beliefs, and the behaviors they acquired raises our frequency.  Expanded Consciousness is a higher perceptual thought process of an evolved Mind.  This level of consciousness expands the Mind to begin to perceive things as they really are, not in a state of illusion.  Simply stated, Expanded Consciousness, IS all about Re-Training the Mind.

Situations Teach

Your Life experiences allow you to understand what others are going through in their Lives.  You Guide by Example, helping others prepare to align and integrate to their increased consciousness.

The hope is for all to realize the abundance you possess, as Beings of Light.  The need is great to remove long held Beliefs of being Limited Beings, as you begin to dissolve the Old Beliefs.  Your understanding past the illusions takes you on a Journey into the wonders you are capable of.  The Inner Journey of Re-Training the Mind to Open fully to the abundance of limitless Potential.

Ascension continues with many challenges, lessons continue to come forward in more provocative ways.  Through increased Consciousness, your Internal flashlight illuminates, showing what needs personal overhauling.  As you review and witness from an elevated Vantage Point.

A Deeper Connection

The Universe works through Frequency, it aligns you with People, Places and Situations that match your Current Vibration.  As you shift to a Higher Vibration, you alter the People, Places and Situations that you attract.  Your vibration attracts those more beneficial to your Well- Being into your Life.

  • Relationships and their Issues
  • Work Environments
  • Personal Issues in need of Redirection

Your clear Perception creates a greater possibility for Positive outcomes, as you witness the World through Enlightened eyes.

A rebirth occurs, as you open to your Souls Limitless Possibilities.

Earth – A “Free Will” Classroom

Those currently on Earth, came at this time of Ascension, to assist in the Earths many changes.  To bring Information through Light and Love energies.  Others who may have forgotten their pre-planned contract, perhaps stricken with fear of change, they may refuse their obligation.

As changes occur – Be Open – Listen – Discern – what is being told to you.  Some who may Resist and Judge these changes, perhaps from their own Fear, or a need to remain in Control.  Fear is a crippling emotion that harnesses your true Potential, the Journey your Soul incarnated to participate for Soul Growth in this Lifetime.

Hold compassion in your Heart for those who are not yet willing to accept change.  Have patience, that they will Open to these changes of increased Light and Consciousness.

Step 1 – The Personal Power eBook – To Gain The Confidence To Proceed On Your Journey As An Empowered Soul

Teach By Example

All lessons are learned through our Experiences – as you Live by your gained Insight, you Teach.

A time to live in Harmony with your fellow man, as they and others adjust.  Increased Light is meant to uplift the Spirit, a powerful tool for the transformation needed for All during the Golden Age of Ascension.

Unite Through Love

Healing to unite that which separates Men and Women – Color of Skin – Religion – a new Harmony will exist to Evolve fully.  The Age of Aquarius unites with Love and Peace, to remove dramas, and remain compassionate without Judgment.  As you seek the Peace your Soul desires, avoid the Fires of discord that fan the Flames of Chaos.

How To Shift Your Conscious Awareness

  • Beliefs:  Release Limiting Beliefs that Block Growth
  • Meditate Daily:  Focus – Open the Mind in Stillness
  • Yoga:  For Balance – Strength – Peace
  • Hydrate:  Earths increased Energy flow requires Hydration
  • Hold this Intention: “I Allow Increased Vibration to easily Flow within”

With Courage & Grace you Live & Walk a Light filled Life

Channeled Message with – Archangel Uriel

Peace and Blessings, Carol