Healing Earth’s Energy

Divine Message – Masculine Form

As you Ascend, raising your Consciousness, becoming  Higher Vibrational Beings, know Earth’s Energy is also advancing.  We have strong feelings about Earths current State.  Our messages come at this time, due to the concerns and needs we witness are extensive for the Evolution, the Spiritual Awakening of Humanity.

We wish to teach on a Global Scale, the necessity to support Earths Healing, as her survival depends on it, as Humanity and Earth are One.

Through Our Messages

All necessary change is possible, there is Great Power in working together, the one Mind of the Collective.  As the Collective through this modality, you have witnessed others join this much needed Global Healing process.

Our Truths, on a variety of subjects, separately and combined will bring a realization, that as One Unit, you can create change for All.  When you focus and stand together, Healing is capable from the Love in your Heart.  The Heart is the home of true Compassion, connecting you to the Hearts of others with the knowledge, you are One with All.

Divine Message – Feminine Form

…A group of young children are holding hands, skipping, dancing in a circle, laughing and having fun as they enjoy an Earth Day celebration.

May every day be Earth Day for this ‘Living’ planet, as All rely on her for Survival, let Her not be taken for granted, but Honored and Respected.

The Star Children Affect

Star Children are Vital to Earth’s future, as they instinctively understand – Our messages – Our Truths.  After all, they were born to recognize this grave necessity to Care and Respect Earths Energy.  Several groups of children have come, the – Indigo children – Crystal children – now joined by the – Rainbow children.

May Our messages, Our Truths, be read to the Children by their parents, their Guardians during the Ascension of Earth.  You are here to assist in the activation of Knowledge they carry within them.

They were born with these Pre-programmed Teachings, their primary purpose for incarnating at this time.  Our words will resonate deeply, without blocks, as they instinctively will understand how these Truths weave together.

Divine Tapestry

The ‘Sacred Geometry of the Heavens.’  It is Our Pleasure, to watch these ‘Special’ children integrate with Gaia – Mother Earth, to Heal and Protect their planet – Earth – their Home.  You chose to be the parents of these gifted children for this very purpose.

You are an Essential Factor, in this current Evolutionary Process. 

Many ‘Lightworkers’ are here in record numbers to assist both the Parents and Children, as Guides here in the Physical.  Knowing these are crucial times for Humanity and Earths Energy, other Teachers and Healers, have joined this Global Mission.  To assist Humanity and Earth to Evolve.  

Gifts Of The Star Children

Indigo Children

Primarily Born within these years – 1970 – 1992

The Indigo’s are born Masters with High Self-Esteem and advanced Intuition, with Warrior-Like qualities.  Often with creative and technological gifts, capable at a young age.  They possess an Inner Knowing far beyond others psychic abilities.  Comfortable to travel between Spiritual Realms, while they slumber.

The Indigo’s purpose is Breaking Down traditional ways of Thinking and Processing.  To awaken others to these Globally outdated systems, to shine a spot light on these Archaic Beliefs, that no longer serve Humanity.

To Open the eyes and minds, to challenge these beliefs, to Empower Humanity, to Shift their thought process.  Indigo’s are purpose-driven and motivated in their intention.  They are here to break down the old guard of thinking, if you will, to pave the way for the next group of Star children, the Crystals.

Indigo’s have pointed the compass in the direction, for the Crystals to follow.

Crystal Children

Primarily Born within these years – 1990 – 2010

Some mothers of Crystal children, gained the gift of Clairvoyance during the pregnancy of these children.  Due to the assistance that will be needed to educate and support these children.  And help them realize their gifts through Love and Understanding.

They are themselves Old Souls, Natural Healers, as they attune to the senses, the needs of others.  Assisting others to realize and claim, their Higher Power, their Inner Knowing, through their Spiritual Sensitivity.  As their gift of Sight, Clarvoyance, aligns them with the Angels and Spirit Guides.

They believe in Global Oneness, as they advocate living within the Vibration of Love and Peace.  Their Forgiving Nature reflects they are Wise beyond their years.

The Crystal’s purpose is to build a new Foundation, after the Indigo’s work on Breaking Down and Spotlighting Old Beliefs, is complete.  Necessary to facilitate the Global changes that are upon Earth, the raising of frequencies.  The Star children are here, specifically to assist with the challenges increased Earths Energy have upon other Souls.

Their teaching is to live, from the Vibration of Unconditional Love and Peace.  They build upon this love, knowing you must Honor all Living things, see the beauty in All creation.

They Honor their Home – Earth, as they strengthen the New Foundation.

Rainbow Children

Primarily Born within these years – 1990 – 2010

Rainbow’s possess the psychic ability to read others feelings, assisting them as Natural Healers and Manifestors.  Drawn to colors, and colorful surroundings, perhaps due to the colors a rainbow represents, as well as the Energy Centers, the Chakras.

Many have never incarnated before this lifetime in human form.  As a result, the Rainbow’s have not acquired the heavy burdens of Karmic baggage.  Unlike the Indigo and Crystal children, this facilitates a neutral transition.

The Rainbow’s are attuned to the consciousness of the Globes direction.  Here to implement the return of Spiritual Energy, as teachers of the Heart, reconnecting all with Divine Source Energy.

From their Open Hearts, they bring the spirit of Understanding and Forgiveness, spreading it throughout Humanity.  Teachers of these Truths, to live from an Open Heart.

They, as the Indigo and Crystal children before them, play an intricate role in – Earth’s Healing Evolution, as she Ascends.  To awaken the others, to self-destructive behavior.  As many unknowingly thwart the progress of Earth’s evolution, as well as to their own.

The Foundation is in place, with much work ahead.  All possible.  All necessary.

Channeled Message with – Archangel Metatron

Peace and Blessings, Carol