Spiritual Rebirth II: The Great Cosmic Awakening

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Cosmic Illumination

Spiritual Rebirth II: The Great Cosmic Awakening

Our Collective Spiritual ReBirth – The Time Is Now

This moment in time, this new chapter in history, can appear frightening and confusing.  And often unexpected, but what was needed to raise Humanity’s consciousness, to raise our eyes together to the Heavens. To be inspired to co-create monumental change.  This is the path of the great Cosmic Awakening that unlocks the pain, the shame with but a fissure. 

How else would the healing Light of the Divine do His work?

As this day, a crack has opened in our facade of long-held fermenting Pain. We begin to lift the veiled truth, awaken to our Divinity, that awaits within. This is the great awakening, the creative force of innovation blessed in unity blanketed with All Mankind.  

The Promise Of Universal Harmony

As the Stars & Planets align to Illuminate the Path of Our Ascension. Our Massive Global Healing, the Cosmic Awakening of Divine Light. As the Light illuminates brighter in each of us, it dulls the contrast to a weak shadow. 

Cosmic events continually bathe us in the Violet Flame of Ascension. Needed, as these profound energies create various, sometimes alarming reactions. Whenever there is an activation of increased Light, within ourselves, or Cosmicly, it creates friction. The Energy of contrast becomes neutralized, repelled by the Light.  It becomes uncomfortable and agitated, as we currently witness!  

All necessary to Shift the mass consciousness of Humanity.  As people everywhere begin to remember who they are, and why they are here.  To become aware, that we are the sons and daughters, the brothers and sisters of the Light.

“Let the Past drift away into what has been.  Let the Future take care of itself.  This is the doorway now.  This is the chance you have been waiting for.”  Ann Mortifee

All who are here have a purpose during Earth’s Spiritual Awakening.  All specific pieces of the Awakening Tapestry, who willingly volunteered for our planet’s Evolution.

The Cosmic Shift Of A New Paradigm

Some claim there is a permanency that will be the end result of these events.  I do not hold that in my Heart.  This is the Awakening, although it may appear chaotic, it is our Souls destiny.  The Great Universal Purge is but a necessary component of creating on such a massive scale.

“When it is time to wait, surrender to the waiting.  There are wisdom’s that can only be born through time.  Hidden out of sight, life is brewing.  We cannot force anything to come.  Something that is born before its time will sicken and die.  Embrace time.  Everything you have surrendered will finally reappear, distilled by time into a deeper and more powerful offering.”  Ann Mortifee

Interpreting From The Past

If there was any doubt of the magnitude of this Cosmic Awakening, allow me to underscore it’s importance.  Several of the following planetary transits in the past, created compelling events with Global Shifts for Humanity.  These times are upon us once again.  They too, hold the Energy required for significant Life-Transforming moments in Human History.

As we release from the outdated Paradigm, the ancient limiting beliefs held will no longer resonate.  As this is the New Era of greater Freedom.  The Era of Unity Consciousness, as the Piscean Era of materialism continues to dissolve.

Planetary Transits

In Astrology, the term transits refers to the ongoing movement of the planets.  Their positions connect to our current personal and collective Reality.  As well as the World as a Whole!

They have a profound impact on our Life, both Individually and Universally.  In this New Era, the Golden Age of which we currently reside, the result is on a Grander scale.  We will align with 3 of these same transits of the Past, that offer massive change.

These past events, the Grandfathers of significant change, offer Humanity the opportunity to greatly expand upon them.  This is a time to hold Hope in your Heart for ‘All that is Possible’ when we Co-Create with the Energy of Love in our Hearts!

Cosmic Illumination“We are intended, through our own development, to move evolution forward into ever-greater possibilities.  We are the conduits through which life transforms and evolves.  Life expands as we expand.”  Ann Mortifee

Cosmic Awakening

On June 30 & November 12 of 2020 Pluto transits Capricorn – When this transpired in the past Earth witnessed – The American Revolution 

This timeline focuses on – Birthing Of A New Age
  • Collective Rebirth thru Global challenges
  • Karmic Issues transmuted with the Violet Flame
  • Peel away corruption
  • Abolish Hierarchical oppression
  • Leaders for a Collective Humanity continue to emerge
  • Break-Free from Conditioning & Limiting Beliefs
  • Large-Scaled Dreams emerge
  • Civil Unrest, people take to the streets, pushing for change
  • Advanced Values – Unshackle from the Past
  • High Heart begins to Awaken – Integrity, Compassion & Unity
  • Liberate from obsessive emotional patterns

This new vision for our planet requires each to step forward and offer their part.  As we do, we also observe areas of our Life in need of change.  The seeds of change we plant today for future Harvest of our Inner Garden. Do not immerse in the Energy of Fear, embrace the Divine Cosmic events planned from the Energy of the Divine. 

The Omnipresent that possesses no time! Our I Am Presence, Our connection to All.  May this virus teach but one thing.  May it open our eyes to how connected we are.  There is No separation, that was but an Illusion to Divide Humanity.  We Never were, or Will be separate from our loving God, for His Presence is Our Presence.  Always has been and always Will be. And so it is!

God Is the only Power, there Is no other.

From May 16th, 2018 – April 2026 Uranus transits Taurus – When this transpired in the past Earth witnessed – The Great Depression

This timeline focuses on – Financial
  • Revolutionary events will be witnessed in –
  • Community – Outdated Systems
  • Technology Innovations
  • Evolve Media – Education – Medical – Justice System Etc.
  • Peel away corruption & greed
  • Evolve the Financial System –
  • Banking – Currency
  • Money – Economy Etc.
  • Transcending Patriarchal oppression

Shedding and Forgiving the Past within Our Life transcends to All.  Global Healing begins with Our Internal Garden in need of attention to evolve.  Our Journey of Self-Awareness, too, must deconstruct to grow and bear the fruits gained through Compassion.  Our Collective positive energy is the catalyst of which Mother Earth awaits. 

Humanity must heal their wounds, as they create the collective Seeds that Inspire others.  These are the Seeds of Environmental Global Healing, from our internal environment.  This was always what was needed to heal Her.  Our growing negative energy has done much to a Universe created by the Energy of Love!  The Word! 

“The things most people value and pursue in Life are passing away.  All their striving, acquiring, and fighting – it’s as pointless as dogs chasing each other.  What is of lasting Value? Goodness, Faithfulness, Justice and Truth.” Marcus Aurelius

Our New Positive Vibration on a massive scale can move Mountains. This is how important we All are in this Divine movement.  Our Collective healing, our Soul’s promise, will shine more Light than the World has ever witnessed!

All Is Possible When Love Is Our Vehicle!

From February 3rd, 2011 – November 1 of 2026 Neptune transits Pisces – When this transpired in the past Earth witnessed – The Dissolution of Slavery

This timeline focuses on – Spiritual Awakening
  • Awaken to a New Reality as the Infinite Soul
  • Acceptance and Self-Love
  • Awaken our Cosmic Heart
  • Release the – Energy of Victim-hood
  • Seek Life’s Deeper meaning
  • Live from the Soul – Not the Ego
  • Personal & Spiritual Growth – Soulful-Work
  • Unity ConsciousnessCompassion for All
  • Global Healing – Earth & Humanity
  • Environmental & Agricultural Breakthroughs
  • Awakening to our Oneness
  • Take responsibility for Our Community & Our Life
  • Embrace Mother Earth as a Sacred Entity
  • Honor Our Divinity within
  • Return to Christ Consciousness
  • Co-Create a Liberated Paradigm
  • Feminine & Masculine balance
  • Empowerment of the Divine Feminine
  • Awaken Our Individual Power to interpret Scripture

Shedding The Past – To Co-Create Humanity’s Future

All Beings are made in perfect balance, Masculine & Feminine resides within each of us.  Archangels too, have both a Masculine & Feminine presence within.  Jesus the Christ is no different, this is the Universal Balance that even the planets abide by!  As this is not a man versus woman issue, this is a Wholeness issue.  For without balance we will continue to witness both sexes out of Harmony! 

As Spiritual Beings, our Journey will be defined by our Internal Successes, not by the External.  We are the Writers, the Warriors, the Seekers of Truth.  As Lightworkers we are the Evolutionary Agents for significant change.  Here at this time to help Manifest a New World.

“Pain can only feed on Pain.  Pain cannot feed on Joy.  It finds it quite indigestible.”  Eckhart Tolle

Healing The Wounded Inner Child Workbook

Fear, Guilt, Shame & Pain of things done to us or by us, are the great oppressors we carry in our Hearts.  In this weakened state, we become easily manipulated by the over-used scourge of Victim-hood.  These chains tether to our Soul, the manipulative system used to gain power by creating Division.  To evolve, one must awaken from this proclaimed Illusion.

This Is Our Divine Wake-Up Call

Do we Continue to Slumber Or In Unity Peacefully Rise?

Humanity will be continually bathed in the Violet Flame.  A Powerful tool of the Ascension process.  Transmuting the negative Karma that surfaces ready to be healed.  The Sacred Flame is needed as Cosmic influences continue to create restlessness.  Use the Violet Flame of Ascension as these emotional issues come forward.

Isolation, too, had benefits, allowing one to become comfortable within, to return to inner stillness.  To release the need to be Somewhere else, therefore, allowing more time to contemplate the Bigger Picture.  Often lost during confusing times, as the small voice of Sacred Knowledge continues to reveal.

“Nurture this inner Light, keep it pure, and be ready to return it to its Source when the time is done.  Expect nothing, fear nothing, speak truly, and act heroically.  No one can stop you.”  Marcus Aurelius

You are the Master of your Reality – What will you empower to Manifest?

Beings of Light who together invoke the Light of God witness their collective efforts magnified by 1,000 fold.  Seeds sown with Divine Love reap a Harvest of Abundance and Joy.

Channeled Message with – Archangel Gabriel 

The Divine Cosmic Dance,