History Of The Violet Flame Meditation

As we on Earth embrace the 5th Dimensional Crystalline Solar Violet Flame.  The Violet Flame Meditation baths both Humanity and Earth will continue to do so throughout the Age of Aquarius.  Use the Meditation below to enhance your Spiritual Awakening Journey.  We have now entered this new Age with but one foot.  Earth’s transition, will be fully birthed in the New Year of 2020.

Ascended Master St Germain {1710-1784} –

The Violet Flame Meditation is often called a decree or prayer.  Initially introduced to but a chosen few, as directed by Ascended Master St Germain.  Later, out of need, it was shared with All of Humanity.  To assist in excelling during Humanity’s Age of Spiritual Awakening.  The Sacred Flame is Ascensions balancing Tool for Karmic Balance, as well as the Masculine and Feminine Aspects.

Alchemist’s used the power of the Sacred Fire to transmute both Personal and Planetary past errors of Thought & Deed.  The Sacred Fire, the Key for Healing during the Ascension process.  As the need to invoke the Sacred Fire can transmutation is essential in our healing process of this New Age.

A Spiritual Alchemist is defined – 

As one who is able to Transmute negative energy and Shift Consciousness to the quantum level of Awareness.  Those called Spiritual Alchemists achieved this Energetic shift. believing their work created a ripple effect.  Much like the tossing of a pebble into a pond, with it’s ever-expanding rings continuing to ripple long after. 

The Flame transforms Negative to Positive, providing the essential platform for Healing.  As its cleansing continues to ripple within Our Body, Mind & Soul.

Spiritual Alchemy is the agent of Re-Birth, the transformative power of Fire, with it’s sacred purification properties. The frequency of Color and Sound is highest within the color of Violet.  Scientifically proven to have a powerful effect on our behavior.  As the Spiritual Fire of Self-Transformation.

Creating space as it clears, and washes our Soul blockages, using the healing duo of Color & Sound.  It transforms our negative Karma, Limiting Core Beliefs, to stimulate and awaken our Inner Healer…

…That resides in the energy of Love, our healing Superpower!  The energy of Fear creates blockages to our Soul, while Love, the opposite of Fear is the antidote that ignites the Sacred Fire.

As The Sacred Flame Ripples…It Frees Our Limiting Conditions…Creating Positive Change On All Levels…

Sacred Flame Of Spiritual Transformation

A Sacred Flame, the Spiritual Fire of transmutation, known as the powerful Mystical symbol, the Divine catalyst for Our Spiritual Awakening.  It has the power to move internal obstacles to encourage Healing, both Physically and Emotionally.  Eradicating them from this Lifetime, and All others.

The Power of Fire has been a source, a resource for heat, protection, and light for Humanity. This Sacred Flame burns away the residue of old forms, old beliefs, as an agent of change.

St Germain, known as the Lord of the 7th Ray –

The Healing Frequency Of Color

All colors consist of a frequency, a tone.  Violet, the Highest Vibration of all colors, houses the energies of Forgiveness, Justice, Freedom, & Transmutation.  This Meditation heals our human issues both Physical and Emotional, a Key player during our Spiritual Awakening.  Our Crystalline Solar Light Body is now fully birthed, an advanced tool to enhance our Soul’s Journey.

This powerful blend, the Rose of our I Am Mother, the Blue of our I Am Father, and the White of our Soul.  Together they become the Sacred Fire of the Violet Flame.

Encompassing the frequency of Spiritual Growth, and Universal Love to stimulate & open our Heart to Divine Wisdom.  The Violet Flame is the bridge between our Soul and our High Heart.  A Spiritual process that raises our Soul into the State of Unity with the Divine.  As it carries the I AM energy of Divine Source.

The Sacred Violet Flame Meditation, also known as the Freedom Flame, erases Negative Karma, clearing the Soul of its vulnerability to Imbalance and Illness.  As it heals the wounds held in our Body-Mind from the traumas of Past & Present Lives. 

Now, as a Free Soul, we soar to New Heights!

“Meditation is time spent with God in silence and quiet listening.  It is the time during which the Holy Spirit has a chance to enter into our minds and perform His Divine Alchemy.  What changes because of this is not just what We do, but who We are.”  Marianne Williamson

We have already transitioned from a Carbon-based Body to Our Crystalline Solar Light Body for the New Age.  Invoking the tool of the Violet Flame, we awaken Our Infinite Potential of Awakening.  As we ask the Violet Flame to permeate each cell of our Conscious, Subconscious, and Body-Mind!

Step 1 – The Personal Power eBook – To Gain The Confidence To Proceed On Your Journey As An Empowered Soul


Sacred Violet Flame Of Divine Alchemy

The I AM of the Violet flame Transforms & Unites you to your I AM Presence within.

  • Amethyst crystals – Hold this crystal during the Meditation to increase the vibration
  • Visualize – Your Etheric Field filled with the warmth, the energy, of the Sacred Violet Flame

Crystalline Light Body

Crystalline Solar Light Body Meditation of Ascension
Saying – “With each breath flows Healing Spiritual Energy into each cell of My Being.
  • Place your left hand over your Heart, Breathe in through your Heart
  • Feel the words of St Germain envelope you in the Healing energy of Violet
  • Visualize your place in the Collective Cup of Divine Consciousness
  • See the Violet Flame in your 3rd eye awareness.
Recite Aloud – The Power Of The Spoken Word

I AM the Violet Flame

Rays of Violet Light fill – my Body – my Aura
Energizing – my Mind – my Cosmic Heart of Ascension
As I Am Awakened to All Truths

I AM the Violet Flame

I AM washed in Divine Light, in Divine Cosmic Love

Seeing Earth healed
My Soul connected with My I Am Presence

I AM the Violet Flame

Consciousness raised to Cosmic Heights
The emotion of Fear now Love
Karma transformed – Negative to Positive

The Force Of Infinite Light becomes one with mine

I AM the Violet Flame


Channeled Meditation with – Master St. Germain

Embrace the Dance,