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Divine Message – Masculine Form

What Is Needed For Feminine Healing?

The need to do it all, almost to the breaking point, no longer serves you, this is not the life you think you deserve.  Our wish is to connect with you on a personal level, to assist in Healing – all – aspects of your life.

Call upon us for Guidance & Support.

Women of this time, seem more isolated than those in the past.  …as a circle of women worked together, with laughter, telling tales, smiling, as they lovingly supported each other.

Isolation unlike solitude is dangerous, it only exacerbates the deep feelings of loneliness and depression.  The cry for help in the empty space of the Mind, unheard as you remain disconnected, separate and alone.

Take time for simple pleasures – walks in nature – sharing each others company – as you embrace your bonds.  Healing for your Soul.

With the emphasis on the material, the need for more possessions, the belief you will feel satisfied and complete, saddens us to watch.  As that time never comes.  So many, with so much, still unhappy.  Gratitude is the creator of Abundance in your Life.

How do You define Abundance?

As you fill your Heart with Love, you become Love, you are Open to Accept Love in all forms.

Your Journey is to Grow, to Love, to Evolve.

Invite balance into your lives – teach this to your children by example.  Remember it is not a compliment when someone says  – “How do you do it all?” – Unless your reply is “I have a lot of help!”

What Is Needed For Masculine Healing?

CompetitionWe witness your constant need to compete with – yourself – other men – women – which does not fulfill your life, it separates families, colleagues and friends.  A male hierarchy seems to have been created, forgetting both men and women have a Masculine and Feminine side within them.  Yin and Yang.

It is not a sign of Weakness to embrace what has always been a part of you, but a sign of Strength.

Your Healing starts within, find comfort and balance in accepting who you are, release the words tethered to your Soul by others that do not define you.  Look deeply and define yourself.

Channeled Message from – Archangel Raphael

Divine Message – Feminine Form

What is Needed For Feminine Healing?

Please know we Love you.

We do not see you as a Physical body – that is such a small part of Who you are – too much emphasis has been placed on this outer Physical form.

What we do see, which saddens us, is the Anger you cling to, the lack of Forgiveness towards the people, events, circumstances, that have hurt you in the past.

Without Forgiveness, it becomes You, who is harming You, creating Sadness, Darkness within, from these low vibrations.

Forgiveness Sets You Free

The person you become after the harm, is what Defines you.  Be Open, accept Joy into your life, unburden your lives, your thoughts.  Forgive others, as well as yourself.

Female shoulders are weighted with many Responsibilities:  Taking care of aging parents, children, work outside the home, demanding schedules, concerns in the communities, yet with all of these, You continue to put yourself last.

We watched in the 60’s a movement being born, to assist women in having a voice, with Equality and Freedoms possible in their Lifetime.

Women chained themselves to this Ideal, yet you still have not integrated these Freedoms into their Daily lives.  You have imposed even greater Burdens, causing Health issues, Physical, Emotional, as well as Spiritual.

Let Your Spirit Fly

If we could have one wish for the Females on Earth, it would be:

Reassess your lives, unburden them from your many tasks, and ask for assistance; which includes reaching out to to the Spiritual for Support, Guidance and Love.

Imagine this Lighter Spiritual Being that will emerge.  Your Soul is here to learn Lessons, but your Soul also needs to Sing and Dance.

What Is Needed For Masculine Healing?

Relinquish the need to have the answers, be open and share Life’s concerns, Females and Males working together, supporting each other.  Creates a Joyful balanced Life.

Remove the need to be the epitome of the Masculine male, your Feminine side is within you, embrace that which makes you whole, discard Outdated Beliefs.  That only trap you in separate roles, time to unmask your softer side!

Earth’s Ascension will continue to raise your consciousness.  As you become Higher Conscious Beings, continue to support the balance within you, both your Masculine and Feminine sides, in Balance.

“Accept there is as much Potential within, as you are Willing to Allow.”

Peace and Blessings, Carol