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A Deeper Connection

“May your time in Nature lead you to yourself.” Shikoba

Your connection with the Environment, is the first level of the Human experience.  Without a strong connection with Nature, the separateness, the lost connection, is a divide that allows neglect!  A need to re-foster this relationship is vital for the survival of All.

When Environmental imbalances exist, they expand and pollute your Physical, Emotional and Spiritual imbalance as well.  As we are one with Our Planet, Earth, Stewards here to assist Gaia our Mother.

Negative Energies can create unbalanced thoughts, that lack empathy for your surroundings, your Planet.  Many Human conflicts that divide you, pollute your Physical and Emotional bodies, as well as Earth’s.  When you do not honor Nature, a deeper connection becomes lost.  There is a Spiritual relationship with your Environment, that you embrace often without being consciously aware, that connects deeply.

With your Internal Nature, with your Soul.

Connect with Nature for Grounding – Spiritual Awareness – your Cost-free daily dose for Soul Health.

“And forget not that the Earth delights to feel your bare feet and the Winds long to play with your hair.” Khalil Gibran

Children – The Guardians

All Souls are hard-wired with Nature called Biophilia,  Biophilia is important for your Physical and Emotional Well-Being.  As you experience both physical and emotional reactions when deprived of your Souls innate urge to affiliate with Nature. 

Research shows that when children, are not able to explore and experience the outdoors during their early years of development, Biophobia, an aversion to the outdoors may take place.  Many children, due to their environments, lose their personal relationship, their connection with Nature.  As the future Stewards of this Planet, they may lose their empathy to protect Her as well.  This is an important parental issue that parents should teach respect for Earth to their children.  The future Stewards of their Home.

It can be dangerous when one becomes alienation, not seeing Earth as a Living being to be protected, with Her countless benefits for All future children to enjoy.

Your relationship as Stewards of this beautiful planet – is one of Protector – Beneficial to All.

Stewardship – Is the belief that Human beings are created with the same elements, in the same proportions as Earth.  This strengthens the belief in our Oneness with all of Creation.  Therefore, it is the responsibility of All to care and protect all inhabitants and the environment in which they dwell. 

A Soulful Connection

Into the Forest I go, to lose my Mind and find my Soul.  Your Soul feels the deep connection with Nature, the vibrations of Peace and Calm felt from Her Colors, Scents and Sounds that engage your senses and lift your Spirit, your Heart.

Enhancing you Creatively, Intuitively as you listen.

“When one tugs at a single thing in Nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the World!”  John Muir

Nature Also Possesses The Ability To Heal

The increased Energy flowing through your body during Ascension brings a greater need to integrate with Earth’s Energy, to remain grounded.  A daily grounding meditation is necessary to balance this increased Vibration.

A Place For Healing And Personal Growth
  • Meditate Outdoors – Improves Cognitive functioning
  • Walk barefoot on the grass – A grounding experience
  • Connect with Her Beauty – Improves the Immune System
The Medicine Of Nature
  • Enhances Your Mood
  • Lowers Blood Pressure
  • Increases focus, even in Children with ADHD
  • Improves Sleep
  • Improves Intuition

An so on…

Earth Is Your Partner – You Depend On Each Other For Survival, the Responsibility for Her Health – Lies Within You!

The Healing Energy of Nature is Calling you Home.

Peace and Blessings,