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What Does Source Mean To You?

Does it mean God, Divine Consciousness, Creator, Source? 

Many emotions come forward, when someone brings up the 3 letter word – God.  It often resonates unpleasantly, bringing feelings of Anger, Fear and Disbelief.  For others, it brings feelings of Unconditional Love, Peace and our connection to the Divine Grace within.  Consciousness, also known as Spirit or Source, lies at the very center of all living things. The individual human soul is an expression of that consciousness. 

Almost every culture known has believed in some form of God, Higher Power or Higher Being.  How one sees of feels about their God is subject to their experiences with their God.  Seeing them as benevolent and loving, or cruel and judgemental.

One Three Letter Word Can Divide So Many – When Judgement Comes Into Play.

“Great Souls have passed through this plane of existence.  We may love and revere them as the way-showers, for our own potential can be seen shining in the love and wisdom that they came to embody…the recognition that our own Self and the Source are one.”  Ann Mortifee

The Words, the Perceptions, will not detract or increase the Truth of this Reality.  As Beings of Light you all possess the same capacity for growth, no one word defines what is within each of you.  As Co-Creators, there is no need to struggle with such distractions.

In Harmony

Peace, Love and Truth are the feelings one should embrace, as they think of Our Divine Power within.

Perhaps a word where Creator can be seen and felt, such as ‘Nature’ a powerful force.  One that brings all Mankind together, not separate.  As separatist ideals create a limiting fragmented consciousness of the Mind.  The Soul knows its infinite Truth, it is man that denies this Truth.  The rational mind forms Labels, certain Terminologies to identify something that cannot be seen.

The Mind often over complicates to grasp and understand, yet Faith may not be easily defined.

We cannot comprehend or understand this Miracle of Creation.  We can only experience it through the wonder, the Miracle that is before us.  Your unique ability to see things differently, is also to be celebrated and embraced.  Seeking a Word that defines, is proof of your connection to something Greater within you.  Accepting this Truth, no matter the terminology used, is what joins Humanity.

As One Collective Consciousness.

This Light, this Love, this Truth is your return to the Oneness of…our Universal Soul…the Collective Consciousness!

Infinite Source Creator

Your Universal Soul, is one with all that is.  The time has come to dissolve the illusions of separation and Unite Humanity with this Truth.  Your true Identity!  To bring the Truth of your Oneness into the Collective Consciousness, is to live beyond your Physical forms.

All experience life in many versions of Source Energy, yet you remain the Collective consciousness of the Universal Soul.

“…When we go to Our Source, we activate the energy that reconnects us to Our Purpose – Inspiration then shows up right before our Eyes…” Wayne Dyer

May these Truths envelope you, your Planet, as Ascension continues to unfold the Infinite threads of Creation.  The Mysteries of Life.

All will be clear.

Channeled Message with – Archangel Ariel

Peace and Blessings, Carol