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Nature Our Greatest Healer

Your connection to nature holds the unsung true potential for living a spiritual life, receiving her healing & grounding energy sustains the soul. While among the beauty of nature, take time to self-appreciate your many personal gains, as you witness your growth, your more radiant life. Often your gains can become lost in this fast-paced – What’s Next World? Benefits honored with heartfelt gratitude lightens the soul. For it is gratitude that holds the energy to propel ones desires, the often forgotten ingredient.

When you acknowledge your accomplishments, you shift into a state of abundance, not one of lacking. The universe supplies a frequency connection to a state of abundance, sending more of the same to your deserving soul. Expect the miracles, they are waiting for you to believe they are on their way! Awaken your True-Potential, it lies within…waiting!

Awaken Your True Potential

A Life Full Of Opportunity

Potential –  Involves balance, aligning Body, Mind, Spirit & Focus, thusly creating a harmonious connection. A Wholeness, a Unity within our Being. This concept applies to the student, the business person, the athlete, as well as those walking a Spiritual Path. Life experiences have great potential for positive outcomes, to open doors that lead towards a new direction, a rebirth, an increased level of awareness. Soul growth is the divine goal of all souls, not always aligned with the personality.  When you believe you are limited beings, you are not in alignment, nor the frequency language of abundance.

True potential resides within each, your divine blueprint, the universal tapestry, your connection to all, was not birthed from lack. As you navigate through new doors, be open to enlightened perceptions, and new insights. They will create an expansion of thought, no longer restricted by 3rd & 4th Dimension beliefs. The Golden Age of Aquarius is one of releasing the dual energies of good, bad, less, and more! The limiting dualistic playbook has been replaced, time to embrace the New and replace the Old Paradigm beliefs with the advanced era we are currently residing. For in all your heart you know, our Divine Source would not create a world of limitations.

Nourishment Is A Whole Body Experience

Discernment in these times is a valuable tool, feed your Soul with the nourishment of unity, joy, peace and love. Realize, what you think most are the thoughts that feed either a Positive – Or – Negative outcome! Leading a soulful life, one fueled with what aligns with your souls desire, potential, divine path. Reclaim your life, your world, although told otherwise, is one filled with love and infinite possibilities.

All wish, need, yearn for a connection, a family, to gain a higher sense of self. Yet many lack the proper tools or guidance to find valuable relationships. Take notice for the young are the most vulnerable, often gravitating to the wrong family of friends. A Sense of feeling lost, not fitting in, not grounded with any healthy belief, nor confidence in their self-worth. This is an opportunity for others who wish to control and isolate, for their own gain.

Dangerous, with many left fending for themselves for their very survival, during these very confusing times.

Inner Silence
“Inner Silence enables us to go beyond Limiting Beliefs and Perceptions…sight beyond what our eyes can perceive.”  Ann Mortifee

True Potential Of A Spiritual Crisis

What you currently witness is not solely a specific family crisis, a specific city crisis, a specific church crisis, nor a specific school crisis. This is a values crisis, a Spiritual Crisis. One that has been growing, mounting to overwhelming heights for some time. Please know, All souls are birthed from One Universal Source. There is NO separation, yet Humanity’s continued division, as shown, will never be the solution to fill this void.  It is a solution that resides within each, yet unclaimed by many. This division we witness fans the flames of discord that divide.

A crisis is usually formed when the void of Compassion and Human connection forms a division, a Great divide if you will. Often marked by a profound lack of meaning in One’s Life.  A turning point may be necessary to alter the way some view and nurture their lives, without a higher Source. We often select attachments to fill the voids leaving us feeling more void when the newness wears.

A Developed Heart

The time is now to either become compassionately involved and address the issues as One – Or to do nothing. The precious union of Souls who are thirsty for something more, something that supplies the Heart, a connection to something higher than our electrical devices can provide. The painful experiences in our lifetime, must be courageously addressed.

For a Spiritual Crisis is when our interior World can no longer heal with but a band-aid, an attachment if you will. Often, being a society of the ‘Quick Fix’, we look for other attachments to deal with Life. Often drowning our thirsty Soul, not with a deeper connection to our spiritual-self to unravel our authentic-self. Instead, many saturate themselves in prescription medications, alcohol, recreational drugs, buying sprees, and other soul-numbing forms of escape.
Others immerse themselves in outdated belief systems, becoming the judge of others behavior.

The Soulful Path – Leads To Our True Potential

Soon the thirsty soul begins to cry for a deeper connection to it’s Spiritual Core, the essence of Who We Are, our True-Nature! We are Spiritual Beings in human form here to Evolve, to Spiritually Awaken! A transition process possible when we become an active participant in our Spiritual Journey. As we unpack the issues, the traumas, seeing them as lessons, not punishment! For all Life crisis, although painful, provides a powerful opportunity for growth, for evolved wisdom.
This is our time, a time to address what is being blocked, to clear and fuse with your soul’s will. To unlock the portal to transcend the soul and awaken the heart with greater substance. An experience that creates change within all of humanity! The wholeness, of unity consciousness so desperately needed is the gift of the Age we have volunteered for. The unhappiness, the pain we witness illuminates this truth. Our connection creates either a positive or negative affect on a global scale.
Step 1 – The Personal Power eBook  – To Gain The Confidence To Proceed On Your Journey As An Empowered Soul


The Transformation

As we face the challenging lessons of this Lifetime, we must not become stagnant in fear. Instead, we must allow them to move through without judgement from an open heart. We must not allow the negative emotions to take root. For as souls we wrote the script of our planned lessons, not to encase you in blame, shame and pain. They are the avenues that frees us from the karma and shift shift in a positive way. For many seeds of negativity, of lacking were planted, and often sown within our hearts, creating misguided beliefs. Seeds that created blocks, a belief in our limitations, create the distractions, the divisions we witness!

When we begin to release, we awaken to our true potential, as we re-evaluate limiting mindsets, and misaligned programming. It will be this action that plants the seeds of compassion, seeds tha  will bloom within you, and flow to others. It is within this energy of gratitude for all you have that breaks the chains of lack.

Nourishing The Soul’s True Potential

“We must reprogram all of the emotional and mental habits that no longer serve.  What we feel and think determines our future…”  Ann Mortifee

Balance Beam Mindset

Potential is the capacity to transform into your unique gifts, qualities, aspirations. To align with Intention with Attention to manifest your dreams into your Reality. Balance involves aligning Body, Mind, Spirit & Focus to create a harmonious connection with these 3 aspects of self. When in balance, grounded we are aligned, focused on our goal, our potential. Yet, many walk through life on a balance beam without awareness of the next step.

All gymnasts know they must align their Body, Mind, Spirit & Focus in order to achieve their goal. They intend the next step with mindful accuracy, for if they do not their goal must wait for another day. All great athletes, business people, performers know in advance where their next step will lead. A chessboard of the next move allows them to envision several possibilities prior. They too fail, but do not feel, nor embrace it as a defeat. They transform the energy to us it in a positive manner, not as one as defeat. For they know much more can be learned from failing, as it offers an opportunity to reach a higher form of success.  A mindset of positive imagery, with gratitude for the lesson is a powerful tool.

Time to Reprogram

  • Re-Discover your passions in life
  • Dream the life you wish to live
  • Visualize with gratitude your goal coming
  • Daily Habit Changes – Wake up 10 mins earlier – Finish a task – Take a daily 10 minute disconnect

You discover new depths reachable beyond self-imposed limitations, time to write a new chapter that fills your Heart. As you create a soulful life, one of joy, for the power resides within, call upon your guides. Connect often and create an intimate relationship, with guidance to fulfill the goals you wish. Use a visualization tool, a vision board and visualize a world that blossoms & blooms, nourished with unity & compassion on a global scale! For as we ask for others, we create abundance in kind.

For our True-Potential has the capacity to transform our unique goals & aspirations into our Divine purpose. Aligning our Intention with our Attention to manifest our dreams into Reality.

Ready to step into your best version? 

Lift up your Wings & Fly!

Love and Joy,