Your True: Potential Beyond Outdated Limitations

Channeled Message with - Archangel Raphael

Your True: Potential Beyond Outdated Limitations

Nature Our Great Healer

Your connection to Nature holds the unsung Potential for living a Spiritual life, receiving her Healing & Grounding Energy sustains the Soul.

While among the beauty of Nature, take time to Self-Appreciate your many Personal gains, as you witness your Growth, your more radiant Spiritual Life.  Your Gains can become lost in this fast paced – What’s Next World.  Gains Honored with Heart felt Gratitude, lighten the Soul.  Gratitude is the Energy of Manifesting and often forgotten.

When you acknowledge your accomplishments you Shift into a State of Abundance, not one of Lacking. The Universe supplies a frequency connection to a State of Abundance, sending more of the same to your deserving Soul.

A Life Full Of Opportunities

Life Experiences have great Potential for Positive outcomes, to Open doors towards a – New direction – a Rebirth – an increased Level of Awareness.  Soul Growth is the Divine plan of all Souls, believing you are Limited Beings, is not in alignment, nor the language of abundance.

As you navigate through new doors, be Open to these enlightened Perceptions, these new insights that will assist in your Expansion of thought.  No longer restricted by 3 Dimension Limiting Beliefs, the Golden Age is one of quite the opposite energies.

All wish, need, yearn for a connection, a Family.  Yet many lack the proper tools or Guidance to find valuable relationships.  We notice the young are the most vulnerable, often gravitating to the wrong Family of friends.  A Sense of feeling lost, not fitting in, not grounded with any strong Belief System, nor confidence is their Self-Worth.  Is an opportunity for others who wish to control and isolate for their own gains.

Dangerous, with Many left fending for themselves for their very survival, during these very confusing times on our planet.

A Spiritual Crisis

What we currently Witness – Is not solely a specific Family Crisis, a specific City Crisis, a specific Church Crisis, nor a specific School Crisis.  This is a Humanity, a Value Crisis, one that has been growing, mounting to overwhelming heights for some time.  All Souls are of One Universal Source, there is No separation, as All are Connected.  Yet, Humanity’s continued Division, as shown, will Not be the solution.  This Division has only fanned the flames of discord.

A crisis is usually formed, when the void of Compassion and Human connection forms a division, a Great divide if you will.  Often marked by a profound lack of meaning in One’s Life.  A turning point may be necessary to alter the way some view and nurture their lives.  The time is now to either become compassionately involved and address the issues as One – Or to do nothing.  Our precious union of Souls are thirsty for something more, something more than any electronic device can supply!  As the evidence is abundantly clear.

A Choice that can have a Global affect for All.

The Transformation

As you face Challenging lessons in this Lifetime, allow the lessons to move through you from an Open Heart, do not allow the Negative emotions to take root.  Pre-planned lessons are not to encase you in blame, shame, and pain, they hold the Potential for Soul Growth.  For many, seeds of negativity, of lacking were planted, and often sown within your hearts, creating misguided Beliefs.  Seeds that created blocks, a Belief in your Limitations, often create the distractions, the divisions we currently witness!

You are All so much more than you believe.

When you Believe this Truth, releasing these Limiting thoughts are in dire need of a Universal reprogramming.  To Plant new Seeds of Compassion, with advanced beliefs.  A Life of Unity, Abundance, Joy and Love encompass the energy of enthusiasm for the life you are meant to live.  As your Life flows within the energy of Gratitude for all you have, the energy of lacking will begin to fade.

Feed Your Soul

“We must reprogram all of the emotional and mental habits that no longer serve.  What we feel and think determines our future…”  Ann Mortifee

With all your Heart, you know that Divine Source would not create a World of Limitations.  Time to feed your Soul with the nourishment of Unity, Joy, Peace and Love.  Please realize, what you think most, are the thoughts that feed either a Positive outcome – Or – a Negative one!  Lead a Meaningful Life, one filled with Compassion and Joy, the fuel that aligns the Soul with Positive energy.  Reclaim your Life, your  World, one fueled by Love and Infinite Possibilities!

Time to Reprogram
  • Re-Discover your Passions in Life
  • Dream the Life you Wish to have
  • Visualize with Gratitude how it will Look

Discover new depths reachable beyond self imposed Limitations.  Time to write a New chapter that fills your Heart, your Soul with Joy.  A fulfilling Life

As Co-creators, be Brave, you have the ability to Manifest your outcome.  One with Global affects, a World that blossoms & blooms, nourished with your Faith and Love, can nourish All.

“A thousand candles can be lite by a single candle and the life of the candle will not be shortened…”  The Buddha

Channeled Message with – Archangel Raphael

Peace and Blessings, Carol