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Light Keepers

Messengers of The Light

Messengers, or carriers of Light, also known as Lightworkers, here at this time to share their Messages, Teachings and Guidance through their very existence. They have heard loudly their calling, reminding them of their task of inspiration they embody. The Light Keepers of Peace, of Love, serve those they encounter in their every day life, with kindness, a smile, the gifts that automatically elevate those that give and those that receive.

Perhaps, you unknowingly are familiar with someone of this Nature. As they live and work in normal surroundings, but possess a Light within that is infectious. As they continue on their Spiritual Journey from an Inner Guidance. To them, they are simply being themselves, to those that follow. This Truth is the Pure Beauty, they example to others they connect with.

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Healers By Nature

Light Keepers, are often autonomous in nature, independently with many ways of bringing the Light.  Often they have been selflessly participating without personal awareness, as they live from within their Heart. With purity of Heart, Earth and Humanity’s Spiritual Awakening is their Sacred Intention.

There are many ways to serve Humanity, the Earth and the other Earthly Kingdoms.  As they have awakened they feel this strong sense of Service, to Heal others, the Gift they have asked to be shown is now Visible!  This Self-Awareness increases their Vibration, and fills them with Light to assist others on their Journey. Healers must recognize the importance of their own Self-Care, as they continue to share their Gifts with others. For we can not give what we do not have.

Lightworker’s – Trust Your Intuition

Do you feel a spark, something igniting within, a force?  During Ascension, as the Veil has lifted many Souls re-awaken to their Call to Serve.  They actively engage by Teaching and Guiding others, how they found their way through their own struggles along their Personal Journey. As Others follow by their example.  

This work requires a Heart that has transcended from the pull of the Ego’s strings, beyond the boundaries of Self.  As Light Keepers hold Light, they pass on to others a Gift, the gift of sight, of their Potential.  The Light grows as others begin to Hear, to Embrace, these Truths.  They have come to receive the Communion of the Light, the Sacred Promise.

Light carries Love and Knowledge within it, the True Potential for change.

Their Pledge

Many Lightworkers incarnated to increase the Light, to assist in Healing Gaia – Planet Earth. They hold Light within that carries the Frequency of Love, Peace and  Wisdom, here to anchor Heaven upon Earth. They entered into matter once again to raise the Frequency on Earth, to assist the masses to begin their Awakening Process. At varying levels of Consciousness, as Humanity soon begins to accept their part in Earth’s Ascension.

Allowing Earth’s Light to Grow.

Light Keepers Perceptions

Many who read these words, have received the call. Perhaps too involved with everyday events, or have chosen not to participate, or others who may need further alignment. There is no Judgement, all must find their own Way, at their perfect time. One of the major overhauls that develop as you awaken, is your questioning of your old beliefs, habits, and outdated mindsets that were handed down by others who had them handed down to them.  The consciousness level of those beliefs are outdated and limiting.  Your questioning, and your search for your beliefs is the embodiment of a Spiritual Awakening.

The collective consciousness of those who answer have embraced an enhanced Perception of what is possible.  As change begins within, a new compass, a new direction of thought, a new Perception overhaul is required. Perhaps this is your Ascension Assignment, to Teach, to Write, to Speak as a messenger of Spiritual Guidance, to relay to Humanity in the way you wish to lead and assist others.  To reach those who seek the Light – Be your Light

As you followed the Paths lit by others, so too shall others follow your Path.

State of Mind

A person can only rise, conquer, and achieve by lifting up their Thoughts.”  James Allen
  •  Believe all is possible – And it Shall be
  •  Releasing Fear – Raises your Frequency, for fear is the opposite of Love!
  •  Speak your Truth – AS you share your Journey

Many non-physical Beings – Archangels – Ascended Masters – Goddesses – Star Beings – are here to assist. They welcome it, as they too are vested in Earth’s evolution to Higher Consciousness.

For the Keepers of Light carry the energy of Hope – Truth & Divine Wisdom.

Peace and Blessings,