Raising Your Vibration: To Attract A Positive Reality

Channeled Message with - Archangel Michael
Archangel Michael reminds you that - Your Vibration level – Your Reality – are formed by your – Thoughts – Words – Emotions. What are you attracting?

Raising Your Vibration: To Attract A Positive Reality

Shift Your Vibration

Raising Your Vibration level, is how your specific Reality will be formed.  A Shift will be necessary to replace Negative thinking patterns that will halt your Intentions.  Your Vibration must be compatible with the vibration of your chosen Intentions.

All Vibrations are composed from your thoughts, as co-creators of pure Light energy, you are both a Transmitter and a Receiver.

What signal have you been broadcasting?  Is it a ​Positive signal radiating from a place of Happiness and Joy? 

Thoughts are you attracting energy, Limited or Self-destructive (“negative”) thoughts need to be replaced with more Empowering (“positive”) thoughts.  Since attracting originates with your thoughts as the Signal.  Per the Law of Attraction, your unchecked Negative thoughts attract and create Negative experiences.  And so on…

Frequency plays an important role in your everyday existence.  The frequency of you thoughts and emotions become the energy force that attracts your situations and experiences into your energy field.

You Attract and Signal, from your current Energetic State of Being, attracting compatible Vibrations.  Raising your Vibration to experience more Joy in your Life, begins with Present Moment Living.

The Best Intentions

Energy Image, is a combination of the Signal that you broadcast, thus, exposing the Vibration you are Emitting from.  Most negative thoughts and emotions are emitted when you are Living in the Past, not from the Present.  As you learn to learn to live in the Present moment, you are able to raise your vibration, which is not created in the Past.  In this State, you begin to understand how your thoughts and emotions of the past have affected your Present life.

The body is continually sending signals, that encourage you to monitor  your thought process.  When you shift from the negative, you shift to a place of peace, a State of Manifesting.  Your alignment with this higher vibration signals a shift to a natural state that Creates.

Intentions are the Seeds of your goals, they Grow as you Grow and Shift.  Soon, you will notice your goals have also evolved, as you seek goals for a life worth living to the fullest.  Thinking beyond the material, but your thoughts blossom to ones more Spiritually inclusive.  A divine Growth spurt of an Awakening Soul.

A Life of Peace and Joy become the top of your list, and Gratitude for all you have, becomes the Wings.

Expanded Consciousness

As you expand your Life View solutions are viewed from a higher Vantage point, difficulties are resolved more easily from this Perspective.  If you ever used a kaleidoscope, you witness how the slightest turn can create something new, something unexpected.  A life you never dreamed of can change, when you look through the new expanded lens of your evolved vision.

You begin to witness issues from this New Perspective, now open to Limitless Possibilities of Great Potential.

When you feel frustrated, take a step back and see the bigger picture.  Allow the flow of Positive energy to engulf your Being, a more aligned match connects you with your Intentions.

The expanded Frequency signals you have fine tuned incorporate into s practice that awards a Life of Peace and Joy.  As you continue, the changes no longer remain temporary, they become a fined tuned part of your Soul.

Gratitude Vibration Enhancers
  • Meditate Focus on your breathing, a Natural Cell Enhancer
  • Visualize – A Wonderful, happy moment with Gratitude
  • Nature – Take time to embrace Natures Healing Gifts
  • Daydream – See your future, your dreams from a state of Gratitude
  • Energy Boost – Listen to Music, Sing and Dance
  • Smile – A powerful Mood Enhancer
  • Live – In the Present

Recognizing the Joy in your Life, is your Greatest Shift Enhancer.

A Life that makes – your Heart – your Soul – Sing!

Channeled Message with – Archangel Michael

Peace and Blessings, Carol