Signs Of Allowing

You are an extension of Source Energy in the Physical, an eternal being, never separate from Divine Source.  Allowing Soul Growth Energy to embrace your Journey, you recognize your Connection to Source, to All.  You are no further from Source, Creator, God, than the Suns rays are from the Sun.

When your Connection is in tune with that of Source, you feel unconditional Love, Joy and Peace.  A feeling of Bliss falls encompasses you when you are aligned with this knowledge of Who you are.

“Everything in the Universe is within you.  Ask all from yourself.”  Rumi

Your Soul as you create, enhances the Energy flow that connects with your Intentions, your Purpose.  As you ‘Feel’ from your Heart, your Soul, this clear indication you are Open to Receive.  Each new thought established by your Intentions creates an Expansion, allowing for new Inspiration to form.  And so on….


An increasing distraction to both the Physical and Material as Humans, can create a void.  Separating too far from Source, your connection will be more focused on Human connections, and not the Eternal, Spiritual connection.  Creating an unclear connection to your your Purpose for incarnating at this time.  A blurring of the lines, a disconnect.

One must remain ever vigilant during these trying times, to be able to resist and remain in a Creative State.

A connection to Materialism does not achieve Soul Growth, nor does it achieve a Soul-Centered Life.

As Co-Creators Of Your Reality

In this stage of your Growth, a better understanding of your true Nature, will become apparent.  The journey to realizing your Great Potential and Power to Achieve and Create is upon you.  Riches and Fame will not judge either way your success, only Growth of the Soul, can create Soul Expansion.

We are here to assist you along your Path.  If you find yourself struggling, you always have the power to realign your course and connect back on your Path.  Time to reclaim who you are at your core, your Essence.  To re-Align with Your Intentions – Your Purpose.

Two Souls Unite

As you realign, two objectives become clear.  The affects of Soul Growth begin through the Life lessons you and your Soul Group adopted.  As you recognize the Oneness of All, you with Humanity can collectively affect the Health of Earth’s Soul.

Be Inspired.

With this gained perspective, you realize that you are one of many, here for the same purpose.  Akin to a First Responder, here at this time to assist in the Healing evolution of your planet – Earth.  Her healing depends on humanity’s Spiritual Growth.  When you increase your Light, your Conscious level, through Self-Transformation you assist Earth to re-Align her Energy, to Heal.

Your goal, in All Lifetimes is Healing Expansion of your Soul, your Souls Journey, an incredible, Vital moment in time.

The Soul’s Expansion – Enhances All.

Be Inspired – Open – Allow – Expand – Repeat!

Channeled Message with – Archangel Ariel

Peace and Blessings, Carol