Aspects Of Consciousness

Many evolved Beings, during Earths ascension process are concerned with the Spiritual Consciousness currently on our planet. Lightworkers in record numbers have been actively working with humanity to increase their Light, allowing them to become more self aware. Many have slumbered far too long, and have succumbed to the distractions that divide humanity. A frequency decline can be created when one surrenders to fear & division. Others use it for that very purpose, like cattle it keeps humanity controlled to their whims. Not the truths, the path, the divine process we are here to birth on Earth.

At some point on each individual Path, you become aware of the many Enlightened Beings, here to guide and assist. To assist humanity in cultivating an Inner Knowing, the knowledge heard through our Higher Self. The assistance that has always been Guiding you to follow your Life Plan Path.  Spiritual Ascension is the goal of humanity, to raise their awareness to their infinite-self, the power for man to awaken to their Divinity.

Our Soul’s Path To Spiritual-Ascension

Do not judge that one path is greater than another without knowledge of that Soul’s Journey. As prior incarnations of life lessons can often deeply affect the soul, needing a soul realignment. As each Souls path represents its level of consciousness, and the lessons they are here to accomplish. Each soul receives at their current level of comprehension, of consciousness. Some Souls may choose not to accept the Light of Advancement, Earth is a Freewill planet, a classroom for Soul development that never interferes – nor judges.

Spiritual Growth occurs when your Soul is available to experience and absorb this evolved Conscious awareness for it’s Spiritual Ascension. Our destiny is to learn, to live by this gained wisdom, enhanced by the various tools self-awareness tools for expansion listed below.

Tools To Expand Self-Awareness

  • Meditation – A Quieting of the Mind, the Chatter, as you seek Spiritual Guidance
  • Chakra Clearing Meditation – To Clear and Balance your seven Internal Chakras

All Souls crave spirituality to sustain their growth & allow increased Light to feel their divine connection with all.

Planet Earth is at a curious time in its development, and like All souls, it too evolves. The increased Light of Awareness will assist each soul in releasing Limiting Beliefs that no longer serve as our Soul awakens into a higher state of awareness. All will be updated during the Aquarian Age to a more advanced level of consciousness. We will begin to see through the eyes, the vantage point, as the evolved Beings we are. As we naturally sift and release the Old Paradigm and gain a new advanced perspective.

Time to discover the Limitless Being within.

Earth’s Spiritual energy will be the force that guides our Spiritual Ascension, that awakens humanity through higher conscious shifts, as the Spiritual Energy of Awareness begins to manifest within. Spiritual Beings shifting to cause only, from the current consciousness of duality, of both Cause & Effect. A masterful part of the Spiritual Ascension process, the Age of Self-Empowerment, of Spiritual Sovereignty through Self-Awareness we advance our Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit.

The Oneness of Creation opens the door to Humanity’s Spiritual Awakening.

Dawning The Age Of Aquarius – Our Spiritual Ascension

Heart based Consciousness will be the result of the Aquarian Age for New Earth, the Golden Age.  For it is the Heart that holds the wisdom of our True Divine Essence. The Ancient Seeds planted long ago will begin to blossom within, creating a life that lives and blossoms from the Light within our Heart, our Soul. As the Ego’s Self Will begins to meld with the Divine Will of the Soul.

“A Spiritual Path is not home. Home is within us, and every moment we are choosing to Rest there, or to Fight the experience.” Marianne Williamson

We are responsible for the Progress on our path to reach greater awareness, Our Soul team is here to assist, for they too wish Earth to become a Sacred planet.

The Reset button has been hit…Earth’s cycle of New Beginnings has begun.