Being The Light: As You Ascend

Channeled Message From - Ascended Master Serapis Bey
part of Ascension to Higher Frequency Beings - increased consciousness - lighter less dense.

Being The Light: As You Ascend

As Light Beings

It is difficult Being the Light & Living the Light, when burdened for so long with the heaviness of this 3rd-dimension planet.  Earth now moves to a 4th and 5th Dimension as part of the Ascension, a Spiritual Expansion to Higher Frequency Light Beings – with increased Spiritual Consciousness.

The Ultimate Goal for All Souls, is to Shed and Release the Soul from Old Beliefs that no longer serve, to rid the heaviness of the Emotional baggage from past Traumas, from this Lifetime and those of Past lives.

As many levels of Intensity are upon you, realignments of Energy that will begin to Normalize.  Often symptoms are brought on by the lack of Willingness that this Truth is upon you.  Fear has been created, reflected in the natural flow, creating blocks internally.

Many still cling to the 3 D Density, that is not your Destiny.  Time to – Accept this Truth, embrace that you are a Being of Light, in a Spiritual Awakening.  A decision you contracted to participate in with your Soul Group.

As you continue through Ascension – Remember Do Not think of yourself as a Human Ascending, but as a Being of Light in a Spiritual Re-Awakening.

The Ascension Process

To make sense of the Ascension process, realize it began with the thinning of Earth Veil.  As this takes place, there is a sense of increased Consciousness – Awareness.  The Veil, which we speak of, was imposed to block Humanity from Remembering – Who you are – Why you came – Your purpose.

The Veil was placed between your five Physical senses and your Spiritual Awareness, a connection beginning to unveil, so a true connection can transpire.  As Ascension continues to thin the Veil, many will begin to Remember and Embrace the return of their Spiritual Senses.  As Earth’s dimensional adjustment continues, below are ways for a Being of Light to remain focused.

Being The Light
  • Accept – Your Purpose here during Ascension
  • Belief that – The Light shining on Who you are, as a Being of Pure Light Energy
  • Each morning – Awake with Gratitude to this Truth
  • Meditate – A Conversation with Your Soul speaks volumes

During Meditation Imagine your body filled with Light, see how it radiates from within.  As you feel the Energy, the Warmth, hold this Image, this Feeling of Pure Light energy.

Call upon us, we are always her to Assist!

Channeled Message From – Ascended Master Serapis Bey

Peace and Blessings, Carol