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A Soul walks many paths in each Lifetime, til its own Path unfolds.

We, as Teachers, do not impart Our Wisdom – we but lead you to seek and find Your Wisdom, along your Path.  Revealing this knowledge within your Heart, these transformed Truths are the Key to your Awakening.  Seeking, Discovering the endless knowledge and discernment within your Heart, as you uncover Your Truths.

“Truth has to fall on fertile Soil.”  Paula D’Arcy

Wise Reflections

Find peace in the Knowledge that slowly comes forward,  as you spend time in Meditation, listening in the Stillness for Guidance.  As the Wisdom that moves through your Heart, you evaluate the Truths you carried for so long.  Your enhanced knowing, through this journey has led you to reflect upon what you once held firm as your Belief system.

“Pure Wisdom and pure Love are one and the same thing.  Both lead the aspirants to the same goal.  The path of Love is much easier.”  Ramachrishna

The Truths you have been seeking along your Path, are already beneath your feet.  This Human life experience leads you through the necessary shedding of Old Belief patterns, required to gain the Enlightened answers you Desire to continue on your Journey.

Divine Timing

Your Path is at your pace, resist worrying about those that may seemingly advance sooner.  Be patient, as your longing is your Inner Knowing yearning to Awaken, a beautiful Sign.  All Paths have – curves – bends – angles – yet they all lead to your Divine Path, to resolve Core Lessons to Evolve.

As a Divine spark, it seems clear that all timing would need to be divinely aligned.  When you and your desires are in sync with your highest good, and your Life plan.  

Divine timing attunes your Spirit, to the perfect time for Your Soul.

Often you ask for Guidance to connect with us, this seems to be from a place of sorrow, as you seek Spiritual answers, yet not Allowing our answers to be received.  When your Heart is filled with the energy of Love and Gratitude, you are Open to Receive.

As you continue to long for the Bounty of Life, the material possessions, you remain in a state of lacking.  Living in the past and dreaming in the future, is not a Present state of Mind where manifesting aligns.  You witness Life through the lens of the Future you expect, without the knowledge from the Present.

In this state you miss the Life you are currently living, the one that holds the lessons for your Souls advancement.

Gratitude Grows

As You –
  • Seek the beauty in your life
  • Open your Heart, you walk your path
  • Gain patience and understanding of Divine timing
  • Radiate from the Joys you Open the Heart

All part of your Journey – One day you look behind, seeing others seeking the knowledge you sought and acquired.  You now pass the Seeds of your Knowledge that they will sow on their Divinely Timed Path.

You longed to serve Humanity, to bring Knowledge and Harmony into other seekers lives, a Path Well Traveled.  The knowledge born within the Light of your Heart – Illuminates.

All you longed for now encompasses your Life’s Path.  A steady Path aligned with your Souls Transformation.

Channeled Message with – Archangel Michael

Peace and Blessings, Carol