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Our Spiritual Connection

Spirituality & The Holiday Season

A Magical time, when the possibilities for a deeper Spiritual Connection to something greater appears.

The season begins with the kick off of Thanksgiving – a time for gathering, rejoicing in our blessings of – family – friends – health – as you give thanks and celebrate together. For many, it’s followed by the ringing of bells, songs of Carolers, the hustle to get cards finished and mailed, and gifts wrapped lovingly under the tree. When you form a stable connection, the stress of the season feels more manageable. The Holiday chaos becomes less of a trigger, as life is more balanced and peaceful.  

The purpose of the season is not to connect to others through the material matters in life. But to connect to those you cherish with love, grace and tolerance. Healthy holidays are not only about the nourishment you receive through food, but the Spiritual nourishment you command throughout the year. This is the road to our Ascension, humanity’s expansion into the 5th Dimension.

A time to remind ourselves that when you embrace the season’s true meaning, you expand spiritually, as life experiences are less about the hectic splurge of spending, but of Giving. Spirituality – Is not connected to one belief system, it develops from your connection with a Higher Power, and the loving relations with others in our life.

“To offer no resistance to Life is to be in a State of Grace, Ease and Lightness.”  Eckhart Tolle

As we remember the child-like delight of Magical Holiday lights and decorations. The anticipation of the Magic of Christmas Eve that wrapped your wishes. Time to embrace the season once again with the eyes of a child, the child that still lives in you! Still wanting to Play! Awaken your child-like beliefs, the Inner Child who sees life tied in Magical bows! Remember that child that still lies within! The Spiritual child that holds Grace close in their heart, the child in you without the noise, and distractions. May this be a time to inspire others, especially the children, to show how we are more united than divided!

A Magical gift for a lifetime, for we are the Stewards who mold the young hearts & minds to the oneness of Our World!

A Spiritual Connection

Our Family Connection

We are both Spiritually and Energetically connected to our families, for as but a divine spark we chose our family, our soul family for the purpose of Soul growth. We agreed to work through various situations and various family dynamics within these very relations. Understand there is a great deal of energy behind these relationships from the many lifetimes you incarnated together. Strong family connections of lifetimes can add to the challenges of unresolved karma, possibly why you were brought back once again together to resolve.

“It is through your Spiritual connection you Sense and Focus less on the unimportant, seeing the larger picture of Life’s true meaning.”  Ann Mortifee

Family can bring a sense of meaning and purpose to one’s life, a feeling of belonging. That said, remember it’s human nature to want to feel that you are seen, appreciated, and a special part of the family. There are those that are not the best communicators, as not all know how to express themselves in a positive manner. This can create high levels of discomfort, if one does not approach this special time together with a clear positive Mindset. So take a deep breath, find a place of Peace and Love in your Heart.


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The Heart of the Matter

“There is no greater gift of Trust than to be openly vulnerable.”  Ann Mortifee

When you embrace a Spiritual dimension to your life, you fill life with higher meaning, and sense of greater purpose. Whether your connection is through – Meditation – Religion – Or – Nature, expressions of gratitude detoxify situations with the gift of Grace. For Grace is our higher consciousness, enabling all to feel safe, loved and blessed to be alive. Especially after the trying times we all have witnessed over the past few years.

Benefits Of A Spiritual Connection

Brings –

  • Meaning & Purpose – Brings a sense of meaning to our Life, our friends and family
  • A Deeper Sense of Connection – The warmth of belonging holds magical powers of oneness
  • A Time for Reflection The perfect time to take time in Meditation to connect with your Soul

Spirituality Is Individual

As you grow and explore, your spiritual life gains greater meaning, an enhanced connection between you and those you value. After all, life is about connections, relationships, lessons, and the love they bring to your soul. An improved connection to your essential self brings greater value to ones life. And those you love. Strengthening your Spiritual connection, you become stronger as you realize how essential, living a Soulful life benefits your Body, Mind & Spirit. Perhaps your Spiritual connection is in a – Church – Synagogue – Mosque – or Nature Walks – know the Divine is within always. Volunteering to assist the needy is a beautiful way to connect, no matter what your Spiritual beliefs.

“We are one with the Force that fashioned Creation.  That which created All That Is flows through us as our essential Self.  We have but to align with this essence for our life to be transformed.”  Ann Mortifee

Do You Hear Your Soul’s Deep Longing?

During this season, and throughout the year, take time in Self-Reflection, without judgement. A powerful way to reconnect with your core, to take a closer look at where you have been and where you wish to go. I find this a more powerful and fulfilling way than yearly list of resolutions that often are not carried out. Enjoy a deeper self-discovery to how you wish to define your Soulful Life.

  • What are your values, your dreams in this precious life?
  • What inspires and moves your soul?
  • Are you willing to make the necessary changes to create that life?
  • Are you living life with gratitude for your blessings, Big or Small?

Keep a Journal of your discoveries as you reflect inward. For whenever you take time to reflect, you gain powerful insight, a beautiful opportunity for inner peace.

Expand Your Horizon

Embracing All Of Humanity
“There is a unifying inner current, a life force that flows in and through All things.  It is this essential and conscious energy that binds all of life together.”  Ann Mortifee

During this season, remember tolerance is based on going beyond the superficial that often divides. It’s a deeper journey of turning within to know our self on a higher level. For our True Self is beyond the ego, it accept others, as you live from your spiritual heart with empathy for others. A heart of Grace, patience, peace and maturity develops to cultivate wisdom. For tolerance is the virtue that makes peace possible, allowing others their personal freedom to have their own opinions.

This allows one to respect others right to think without compromising your beliefs. Allowing all to live in harmony with family and friends while maintaining your values. A beautiful gift to all children, teaching them how we can All learn and appreciate others ideas, cultures, and way of life, without compromising your own values. We live in multi-cultural times, making it critical for all to teach our children to be kind and non-judgemental!

“The winds of Grace are always blowing, we but need to raise our Sails.” Krishna

Mindful Spiritual Connections

  • Nurture –  Friendships that show support
  • Seek –  Those with similar values
  • See –  The good in all lessons
  • Accept –  Others without judgment
  • Tolerance – Is going beyond the superficial that divides

When you gain a clear concept of your Spiritual connection, you become filled with a loving sense of well being that blankets you with Grace. May this Christmas & Holiday Season remind you of the many wonders of this world. From your heart send Peace to all its inhabitants as you walk the Soulful Path.

May Grace fill you with the Magic of this Sacred Season.

Embrace the Magic,