The Soul: Empowered

Channeled Message From - Archangel Uriel

The Soul: Empowered


As an Empowered Soul, you Journey to Positive Opportunities, as your Potential flows limitless, new opportunities emerge.

Embrace your role as Co-Creator, allow your vision of the life experience you wish to be created by you for your Highest good.

Claim the Life you wish, as an Empowered Soul, the choice to create a Well-Intended Life, was always yours!

Time to get started!

Remember that no course is finite, your choices can change as your life moves forward.  You may see certain unforeseen events, and believe they will alter your Journey.

Your Guides are with you, and it may very well be your Path.  Obstacles that seem to misguide, are actually their assistance to keep you on track as they redirect you along the way.

Listen to the Guidance within and Have Faith.


For  –

  • Positive Shifts
  • A Redirect to stay in Balance
  • Releasing what no longer serves you
  • Healing through Forgiveness

As challenges in life arise, embrace these opportunities, as you live within the flow of your Truths – you find Clarity.

“Clarity is a beacon of light and one of the most powerful tools a human can have at his/her disposal.”  Maureen Moss

A Purpose is a vital piece of Spiritual Growth.  As Spiritual Beings in Physical form, you hunger for Purpose and Meaning.  A Connection, to other like-minded people.

As you take responsibility for your life, you let go of Blame and Judgement of yourself and others, as this release occurs, you are now a step closer to finding the ‘Stability in your Life.’

Quieting The Critic – The Ego-Self

You can stop the constant negative chatter of The Critic when you discontinue your interaction.  When you listen and find truths in what you hear, you give it power.

The negative remarks continue!

Your goal is to remain in a Neutral space of calm, releasing its hold through negative thoughts, which trigger a reaction.

You have the power to replace Negative thoughts with Positive ones.  Your Power comes when you begin to FEEL the truth in these Positive Words!

The power was always with you.  You just needed to begin!

Life In Balance

Your Path beckons, as you confidently trust your newly discovered Inner Knowing, that aligns you with your Divine Soul.

The cloak has lifted, the door has opened, the Path illuminates as it welcomes you to a Life of Great Potential.

Channeled Message From – Archangel Uriel

Peace and Blessings, Carol