Ascension: Side Effects

Channeled Message From - Archangel Michael
As your lessons come forward in this life, old patterns - traumas from past lifetimes can be triggered - so powerfully - they are felt on a Soul level. They come forward when the Soul is ready to be healed. A good thing!

Ascension: Side Effects

Shifts As You Ascend

Ascension – Is defined as the chosen Path to merges your Higher Self, to expand and align with Pure Source Light, through unconditional Love, waking to the Truth, we All are one.

Lak’ech, is Mayan meaning…you are another me.

As Ascension continues, it allows access to Spiritual awareness, to awaken to the truth that you are a Divine Being in Physical form.  This gained knowledge, this awareness gives flight.

During this process – Deep Fears, Old Patterns and Traumas from Past lives can become triggered so powerfully, they are felt on a Soul Level.

Your Spiritual Expansion created an Energetic Shift, bringing past life traumas to the forefront, that create Energy blocks.  It is necessary to clear Old Belief System that no longer apply to an Enlightened Soul.  To shine through the falsehoods, to clear past experiences in this Lifetime, as you maneuver along your Journey.

Memories, from Past lives can become Cellular Memories that manifest into the Physical.  These Negative Memories and Experiences make it difficult for your Soul to move forward.

As you expand during Ascension, you may experience temporary Side effects – Physical – Emotional – Energetic.  

Personal Experience

An event that brought forward My Past Life Traumas, programmed within my Soul, came forward ready to be Healed.

…I had been studying with a Teacher in ‘Spiritual Response Therapy,’ a Past Life Healing modality prior to this Event.  These events were not shown at that time, but the clearing preformed, made it possible for them to come forward.

In these lifetimes, I was Channeling Angels, teaching their Truths to my students.  Jealousy of my work, caused betrayal, creating Fear that caused in several lifetimes, My – Harm – Death – or – Excommunication.

Students – Met The Same Fate

Traumas Program the Soul with Guilt – Regret – Fear, that keep you from Accepting Who your are, your purpose, for Lifetimes.

It clearly was time to Release the Emotions surrounding my acceptance that I was a Clear Channel, so I could Embrace this Truth in my current Life.

It’s Who I Am.  I now embrace this Truth, in this Life, as I clear the Emotions of Fear and Guilt from those many Past Lives!

Time to clear the blocks, that haunt your Soul. Forgiveness is the Soul Shift that releases and clears the way for Soul Freedom to enter!

Fear is a lower Energy that attracts Negative Energy, that can create misguided reactions and decisions.  When these lower energies come forward, they too, have a Purpose, as they bring an opportunity for – Learning – Clearing – Healing – Growth.

My Soul was ready to release this Fear.

This is your Purpose, as Light Beings in Human form, as you learn from Earth’s classroom of Soul Development.  To release your Soul tethered to these Negative thoughts, in need of Healing.

You Enhance your Souls Development, as you release Fear, Regret and Guilt, from these lives, a Natural and Necessary part of Ascension.

As you Release these emotions, you create Space for more – Light.

Time to Soar beyond the Past, and Welcome the New.

Channeled Message From – Archangel Michael

Peace and Blessings, Carol