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Past Life Healing In The Present

Reincarnation is a re-birth of our infinite soul into another life form. Defined as a new period in a soul’s lifetime. An experience of self-discovery that highlights a life-changing event. An empowering process that leads the soul on a higher path. As our Soul Evolves in this life, dense with experiences from past lives, that still burden the Soul.  Traumas that appear in the forefront of this life, come forward when they are ready to be resolved. Past Life Healing, lie other healing, come forward when ready to be healed. They are not as easily detected as issues in our current Lifetime, but play havoc until healed as well.

This is the advancement plan for your Soul, tied to the Law of Karma that we each abide to. Tied to our Soul Age as we progress. Our path to soul maturity, out capacity to connect, to understand this is the road to Oneness, Wholeness…Enlightenment. As Ascension is the goal of all those on this planet during the time of Earth’s Ascension. Our goal to evolve to the 5th Dimension. To merge and align with Divine Source, as the physical body anchors higher frequencies.

Life Lessons – Path To Soul Maturity

“We repeat what we do not repair.”  Christine Langley-Obaugh

Many of our experiences, our traumas held are not all from this lifetime, but from Past lives. I can attest that indeed traumas, relationships can be mended in this lifetime. All the Souls affected by a particular experience are also healed in this lifetime when we are open to this Divine concept! For our Soul family, Soul Group learns from the other side as well. They too gain an education by the classes, the healing, the teachings we follow in this Lifetime. For many unresolved Past Life issues, traumas from other lifetimes can be healed physically, emotionally and mentally with  programs such as SRT – Spiritual Response Therapy.

The Mayan’s, have a word – Lak’ech, meaning We are One.  Their advanced awareness recognized how the benefits of one Souls advancement benefits All.  Near Death Experiences have confirmed, that our Growth also benefits those on the other side!

Healing Progress – Lessons Of Past Lives

“The doctrine of metempsychosis is, above all, neither absurd nor useless … It is not more surprising to be born twice than once; everything in nature is resurrection.”  – Voltaire

As you witness your Past lives that come forward, they do when they are ready to be cleared.  This clearing remains within the Soul in all future lives through Incarnation.  As a Soul Growth Lesson Learned!  Lessons on Earth are taught through Life experiences.  Lessons contracted with your Soul Group, your Soul Team, for this Lifetime. Often Soul Families continue to interact in many lifetimes.

Advanced Lessons can be painful, especially when they appear various times unnoticed.  Each time a lesson is not seen, ignored, they cleverly repeat in a New Creative way.  Ignored, pre-planned lessons often become more challenging to Catch your Attention. Our goal as evolving souls is to unlock our True Self. Our soul is the core essence that houses our True Self which resides within our Light Body. The purest part of who we are, that resides in a state of Peace, for it embodies the essence of Pure Love.

“They will appear as different circumstances, with different players, but the Lessons are the same, once you dissect further the Root issue.”

Healing The Wounded Inner Child Workbook


  • Books – On Past Life Healing
  • Healers – That preform Past Life Regression or my favorite – the SRT System (see My Spiritual Education Page)
  • Guidance – Ask for assistance from your Guides, they love assisting us evolve.
  • Meditation – The Link To Your Soul – Deeper Wisdom of Stillness
“There is always assistance on your journey, listen through Meditation in stillness.  But know, they must be asked to interfere with Earth’s Free-Will.”

Our Soul’s Life Plan

Past Life Healing – Lessons for Soul Growth

Lessons, when recognized when they first appear, are not as intense.  The temperature becomes enhanced when ignored.  The need to find an avenue to assist you hear their Guidance is valuable.  Meditation is an invaluable tool to practice, gain confidence as you Grow.

When you hear thoughts such as – Why does this continue to happen to me?

A Syncronicity appears...The contracted Life Plan established by you and your Soul Group prior to incarnating. Now appearing as a Huge billboard to grab your attention!  Core Lessons appear for Divine Guidance, perhaps a Re-Direction is required on your Path. Your Guide’s lesson mirror is reflecting back to you in the best way to Catch your Attention. For All Core Life lessons repeat, until  learned. Either in this lifetime, or in another…our choice!

Ascension Goals

  • Gaining the Truth of Who We Are
  • Realizing our Unity with our Higher Self
  • Unity with all life experienced on a cellular level
  • Living in Love, not Fear
  • Knowing when we judge others, we judge ourselves
  • Surrender All attachments
  • Trust the perfection of each moment
  • Listen & Follow your Inner Guidance
  • Unlock the reason you are here – the Bigger Picture

Look closely to any repeating patterns to unveil the – Bigger Picture – the Master Plan you contracted to fulfill in the Lifetime. Understand, although they may appear to you as such, they are Not punishments. They are your Soul, your Guardian Angel’s gifts, opportunities for Soul Growth. So a repeated Lifetime may be avoided, when we open the door that awakens our Soul.

We must have grateful for the lessons from all lifetimes, including Past lives. And too with gratitude to whomever brought them forward.  This was the plan, the contract you prepared with your Soul Group prior to incarnating. When we continue to miss the core lesson we chose, an event planned by a Soul Group appear. I call it the Soul Pusher that wakes us to remind the soul of it’s Divine Path in this lifetime.  

As you reflect on your Life, do so with Love and Gratitude – Let the Best of Times – Monopolize your Memories.


Peace and Blessings,