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The Life Plan

Guides and Teachers assist with the Game plans, for All Incarnations, as you prepare for your new Lifetime experiences.  Your life plan for All incarnations are designed for the betterment of your evolution – to Enhance your Soul’s Growth, through a Human experience.

Before you incarnate you with your Guides decide on your lessons, the players for each lesson, as well as your Soul Group.  Other elements are also decided.

Such as –

  • Gender
  • Skin Color
  • Sexual Orientation

All Incarnations have a Life plan designed for the betterment of your Soul’s Evolution.  To honor what is required for your Soul to advance, and enhance their Human experience.

Please Know

You all at one time played the Victim as well as the Perpetrator.  Roles in many lifetimes are how you learn and Evolve.  To clear Karma, and experience challenges from the other side of a situation.

Through choices of Gender, Skin Color, or Sexual Orientation, you have many opportunities for Growth.  As you learn you also teach.

One goal of all Incarnations, is to release Past life traumas.  To learn Compassion and Forgiveness for others, as well as for yourself.  Past life traumas are those you felt from another, as well as those you caused.

This is how you learn, by playing these pre-planned Roles!

As you release and let go, you create a shift that propels you forward on your path.

Have faith that you are on the correct course, as Doubt can disconnect you from the Wisdom of your Higher Self.  Allowing the ego to step in with words of doubt to halt you from moving forward.

Often times using Fear as it’s favorite tool, your emotional response to a perceived threat, often due to fear of getting hurt, perhaps from repressed traumas.  The Ego-Mind is wise in it’s usage, knowing how it can impact and control your Life.

No Incarnation Is Privileged

Selection from the various choices listed aboveGender – Skin Color – Sexual Orientation – can be challenging.  When your course remains on track, there can be great advancements.  These lofty Goals, can also be difficult if Ego, Anger and Resentment are allowed to take Center Stage, as so often occurs.

Positive Opportunities –
  • For Your Soul’s Growth and Humanity’s
  • An Enlightened Understanding through encounters of Prejudice
  • Difficult choices allow the Soul to move further in their Evolution

There are significant Opportunities for positive growth, all possible from such selfless choices, the Path to Self-Liberation.  A choice to not only liberate your Soul, but the Souls of others from negative Judgment.  Self-Acceptance is Self-Love in action, assists all to embrace true Freedom from the views of others.


Through such choices, there is great opportunity for positive change for your Soul as well as Humanity’s – opportunities for Unity, Harmony, Understanding, Acceptance and Compassion in the World.  Remaining on track is Vital, to live the Truth of Who you are, and what you are here to accomplish through this Life choice.

“Observe and be an eternal student of all that comes your way.  Honor everyone and everything for the lessons they bring simple by being who they are.”  Ann Mortifee

All are Divine Souls of pure Light, here for the purpose of Learning as well as Teaching.  With each move forward, you contribute to All when you walk your Path in the Light.  You are here to Open the door of the Soul, to stand firmly grounded on your Path.

When this lifetime is complete all move and access the next Door!

Channeled Message with – Atar – a Pleiadian Star Being from the Pleiades

Peace and Blessings, Carol