Lessons: A Choice For Each Lifetime

Channeled Message with - Archangel Gabriel

Lessons: A Choice For Each Lifetime

Selected Course

Earth is the classroom for Soul Growth Lessons, taught through experiences, that depend on the individual needs of each Soul.

“Before each Soul comes to Earth, its own personal Edition of the Book of Life is written.”  The Afterlife of Billy Fingers

You incarnate for this very purpose, to learn through pre-planned life experiences, accompanied by your Soul Lessons Team to discover the wholeness the Authentic you, the Path to Self-Discovery.  A discovery that can awaken All of you, Shadows and all.  The Team you selected, along with the various prescribed situations, depend on your willingness to venture to the Core of the Self.

A Soul team assists the Soul to Evolve from each experience, as a Guide, who may also play a specific Role for certain experiences, and Core Lessons.  Lessons that may consist learning Self-Love, or being able to Trust, to Forgive or lessons of Compassion for the Souls advancement.

Unique to each Soul.

Example – When you find yourself blaming others for your misfortunes, these may be the very experiences you are here to address in this Lifetime, with your Team.  Blaming others, as well as yourself, only prolong, and misdirect the lesson.

As Blame is an open invitation for the Ego to take control, as it loves the Energy of Victim!

How The Soul Evolves

“Life will give you whichever experience is most beneficial for the Evolution of your Consciousness.”  Eckhart Tolle

Lessons repeat as long as they are needed.  The faces may vary, the situations as well, but know they will continually repeat until learned.

Forgiveness is a Natural State for All Souls, it is the thoughts that you attach to a situation that create the Blocks.  The blocks that impede your Souls Growth, your Evolution, your Transformation.  All lessons learned, can Open your Soul to Shift, when you recognize the avenue to move forward on Your Path, is Forgiveness.

To Gain Knowledge

Ask – What can I learn from this situation?  For Example – Do you find yourself continually involved in similar adverse circumstances – The People – The Situations – The Drama?  

Repeated similar situations of the same theme are the greatest indicator that this is a main Lesson for this Lifetime.  One that needs further clarity, perhaps from a different Vantage point.

A Soul Lesson unveils, not as one of eternal punishment, but an unlearned task in need of attention.  A Soul Shift in your mindset will assist you in recognizing the value of this situation for your Soul’s advancement.   

Guidance from your Soul Team – as they nudge, reminding you of your Soul’s need to allow Healing, as you walk your path in the direction of Soul Growth.

Soulful Gains
  • Insights – Of Lessons on a Higher Vantage Point
  • Compassion – Forgiveness for those who assist in these Lessons
  • Wisdom – To see the Lesson, as just that, and not Universal Punishment
  • Growth – Learning to trust your tools, your Intuition

New insights to Heal the Soul of all Lifetimes.  To gain Peace through learning How to Respond, and not to React to Life.

Yes, Lessons can be challenging, embrace them with Gratitude, as they have a Purpose.  Seeing life from this perspective, you move forward, learning through new insight.  Observing the roles that you and others play to increase your Success.

Message Channeled with – Archangel Gabriel

Peace and Blessings, Carol