What's: Your Vibration

Channeled Message From - Archangel Gabriel

What’s: Your Vibration

Thoughts Are Signals

Your Vibration correlates directly to how you Perceive and Witness your Life.  When living within a low vibration state, you may be guided by distorted interpretations of the World. Be Mindful of your Thoughts and Actions, as they signal the level of your Current State.  When you begin hearing Negative thoughts from – Fear – Anger – Unworthiness – Resentment – Jealousy – you are no longer in a Positive Alignment.

Not a State that confident decisions can be born.

Learn to immediately replace Negative thoughts with Positive thoughts that bring the feelings of Joy and Inspiration.  Words that powerfully align with the Life you wish.

Affirmation – I easily Let Go of Negative thoughts to make room for the Positive thoughts that support my Highest Good.

Forgive – Let Go

Forgiveness is a formidable force, to propel you to disconnect your resistance so that You Can – Get Past, the Past.  The Power of Forgiveness, releases you from the Traumas that have been holding your Heart hostage!  A beautiful Peaceful State that attracts more of the same in your Life, no longer tethered to the pain from the Past.

As Forgiveness has the Power to Heal your Soul.

What Are You Signaling?

Be cognizant of what you may be signaling to the Universe, as the Universe responds to that signal.  As Like attracts Like.

Embrace the Positive. 

Focus and Feel what you are most Grateful for, even when that may at first, seem daunting.  Positive thoughts create positive outcomes, it’s the ‘Universal Law of Attraction.’

You can always hit the Reset Button. Isn’t it Time?

With Raised Vibration

While you practice remaining in this state, it is inevitable that you will begin to notice the vibrations of others.  Lower vibrations may no longer align with yours.  Relationships can change and evolve, as you change.  When you remain open to your Enhanced Belief System, you assist others by example, as they see the Joy and Love that flows through your Life.

At times you may have a Soul Shift to a lower state, with practice you can learn to remain rooted in this enhanced state.

Awaken each day with Positive thoughts that carry you through the day – Thoughts of Your Desires – Your Wishes for Your Life – now with Clarity.

No longer bound by self-imposed limitations.  Opens your life to great possibilities.

Channeled Message From – Archangel Gabriel

Peace and Blessings, Carol