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Spiritual Vibration – Frequencies

Our Spiritual Vibration, and Frequencies when raised can assist in a deeper level wavelengths. Are actually wavelengths of Divine Spirit, these waves of energy are in every thought, word and deed. They correlate directly to how you Perceive and Witness your Life, and the World around you. When Living within a Low Vibration State, you are guided by distorted interpretations of the World. This becomes the State of your current awareness, how you see the world around you. For our guidance is perceived by the signal, the level of our Current State. You either create the energy that purifies or pollutes the body.

Spiritual Freedom

Negative thoughts, feelings create low-frequency vibrations born from thoughts of anger, fear, jealousy etc. When you begin hearing internally, Negative thoughts of – Fear – Anger – Unworthiness – Resentment – Jealousy – you are no longer in Positive Alignment. One must grow accustomed to altering this state into one of gratitude and optimism. As you do, you begin to generate a higher vibration, frequency. Creating New Earth, a life of Abundance and Joy, our birthright, is not birthed from low vibrations.

“The greatest Spiritual Achievement is to maintain a sustained inner equilibrium in the midst of the fluctuating upheavals and demands of daily life.” Ann Mortifee

This vibration is not a state to birth the world, the life we wish, for positive decisions are not birthed by such energy. We are creators, here to co-create New Earth, therefor we must be mindful, and immediately replace Negative thoughts with Positive ones. Thoughts that bring forth feelings of Joy and Inspiration. Words that powerfully align with the Life you wish.

Affirmation – “I easily Let Go of Negative thoughts to provide space for Positive Supportive ones.”

Forgive – Let Go

“Just as geese know the time and the season to begin their journey, so will our instincts sense when we are ready to transform that which no longer serves.”Ann Mortifee

Forgiveness is a formidable force to propel your soul, as the Power of Forgiveness releases you from the traumas that hold our Heart hostage!  A beautiful Peaceful State that attracts more of the same in your Life, no longer tethered to the pain from the Past. Soulful Forgiveness is the Power that Heals your Soul, raises your Vibration. It does not ignore nor condone those who would cause you harm. It is the gift you give yourself, for the Prisoner it frees is YOU!

Be Patient with your progress, a life of Progress not Perfection, is a humbling one.  A steady Growth without the ups and downs that are placed when you expect to be perfect. Remember, it is the Ego-Mind, the Critic, that subscribes to this thought process.  Self-Care teaches respect for Who you are, without judging yourself or others.

It enables you to embrace the Positive changes in your Life with Gratitude, for where you have been and where you will lovingly Progress! Gratitude for even a wrong doing is your acceptance of the lesson for positive growth of one’s soul.

The Roots of our Behavior

Thoughts Trigger A Vibration

Please know, you can alter your Vibration once you recognize the reasons they were created. Thoughts can trigger both Positive and Negative responses, with a well trained mind that is always listening.  These triggers, both good or bad, attach emotions, feelings that adhere to them. When we realize we are summoning these negative experiences we have 17 seconds to switch to the positive! As Earth is the classroom of Duality!  Positive – Negative, Good – Bad, Darkness – Light.  Each aligned to their own separate Vibration and Energy.

“If you want to find the Secrets of the Universe, think in terms of Energy, Frequency and Vibrations.” Nikola Tesla

To Elevate and Shift your Vibration, you must change your continuous thoughts on specific subjects, within those lower vibrations. Look closely at the areas of your Life that move along with ease. They do so, as they are void of triggers and struggles you fret over. Triggers that may actually be the lessons that are assigned. Often a trigger is the very sign that needs a closer look, your attention. A look without the emotion is a more decisive observer, and always ask – What do I need to learn from this?  Then…Listen!

What Are You Signaling?

Remain vigilant, cognizant of what you may be signaling to the Universe, for the Universe responds to the signal you send forth.  As All signals from a negative state are without the positive feelings that ignite positive change. Focus with Feeling what you are most Grateful for, even when that may at first, seem daunting. Positive thoughts create Positive outcomes, it’s the ‘Universal Law of Attraction.’

“The Mind is capable of anything, because everything is in it, all the past as well as the future.” Joseph Conrad

Our body, our cells hear everything we say, and everything we think, leaving an imprint on them. We continuously overload our mind with negative thoughts, true or otherwise, they begin to lessen the positive imprints, creating an environment prone to negativity! It is always within our power to reprogram through positive thinking and meditation. As new cells regenerate every two months.

We hold the power to either create havoc and depression in our lives. Or a higher empowering vibration of calm, joy and vibrant health in body, mind and Spirit. As our physical bodies are primarily made of energy, energy we create or absorb from others. As we continue to raise and hold our vibrations, we more easily access the higher realms of wisdom and divine Truth.

Like summons Like.

With Raised Vibration

While you practice remaining in this state, it is inevitable that you will begin to notice the vibrations of others. Lower vibrations may no longer align with yours, you may begin to feel this physically. Relationships can change and evolve, as you change. When you remain open to an enhanced Belief System, you assist others by example, as they see the Joy and Love that flows through your Life. For we are both transmitters as well as receivers.

At times you may have a Soul Shift into a lower state. When you notice this happening you more easily shift back into a positive state. With practice you learn to remain rooted in this enhanced state.  Awaken each day with positive thoughts that will carry you through the day – Thoughts of your Dreams, your Wishes for your Life, now with clarity.

At night mentally tally your Gratitude list, hold the emotion of gratitude as you do. For when we sink into the pillow of should haves, we spend an average of eight hours criticizing ourselves.

(11 Vibration Enhancers) To Raise & Hold Your Vibration

Creating & Maintaining a Higher Vibration

  • Meditation – Is the Key to raising and holding your vibration
  • Identify -Triggers – People, Places & Things. As we evolve, so too do our contacts, our relationships. A Reason, A Season, or a Lifetime
  • Embrace – Change in whatever form that may imply
  • Upgrade Your Beliefs as you expand
  • Gratitude – Is a vibration enhancer, feelings of lack decrease our vibration
  • Let Go – Surrender is the white flag of Divine Grace
  • Forgiveness – Is the greatest cleansing tool so often ignored
  • Food consumption – Fuel with healthy choices, organic, unprocessed food
  • Physical activities – Move the stagnant energy that depletes
  • Practice – Loving Kindness to Self & to others


Step out of the box that once defined You. Visualize your Life as Expansive, Limitless, as you commit to a Positive Mindset. Hold and protect this Magical Life…the Gift of the Age of Aquarius that is upon our Planet!

No longer bound by Self-imposed Limitations, opens your Infinite Life to Infinite Possibilities.

Peace and Blessings,