Recognize: Your Gifts

Channeled Message From - Archangel Ariel

Recognize: Your Gifts

In-Sensitive Remarks

Living a Life experience as a Highly Sensitive People {HSP}, you have heard the following words often.  You are too Sensitive, too Emotional!  Friends and Family tend to classify what they do not understand, as a Flaw. Time to Embrace Your Gifts!

Empathic Sensitivity – The ability to pick up Sensory information from other people’s Emotions.  Meaning, you react to the feelings of others, through your Enhanced Nervous System.

This is Far from a Flaw!

The Early Years

For many, the Developmental years explains the HSP personality.  A child that was overly criticized and/or neglected may be more susceptible.  Sensitives are highly Creative, they feel more deeply, amplifying their exceptional ‘Intuitive-Spiritual’ side.

Through this Intuitive ability, you pick up instinctively the emotions of others.  As you begin to keep them separate from yours, you see the rewards that can come from such a gift.

Nature Of An Empath

Your instinct is to look for a more in-depth connection to others, a need to embrace people on a deeper level.  These abilities allow you to feel and understand others struggles, with a deep desire to solve and process others emotional needs.

Sensitive Souls see beauty all around them, possessing a gentleness of Spirit with great instincts. 

Whose Emotions Are These?

Many Empaths, who have not realized or understand their enhanced qualities, can experience sudden Mood swings, that are not their own!  Collecting energies of others as your own, can be exhausting.  The need to remain grounded is important, seek a rejuvenating recovery process, that resonates.  Many have found both Yoga and Meditation helpful and enjoyable.

If you remain out of balance for too long, it can lead to Social Avoidance.


As you begin to realize the beauty of Your Gifts, you gain confidence, knowing you are in control, you embrace and develop techniques to enhance your abilities.  Your Gifts!

Acceptance leads to Peace, when you Live Authentically!

Through time and understanding, issues in life can be resolved through insight into Who you are.  You take time to Nurture and Respect who you are.  You manage your gift, with a new outlook to honor your Instinct’s, your Authentic Self.


  • You are not responsible to Fix Others Issues
  • When you feel Others Energies, Do not Own them
  • You may feel others struggles, but it is their Path not yours
  • Replenish, Meditate, Time in Nature

Solitude does not mean you are an Introvert or Shy, just a wise Being who understands, they must take this valuable time for themselves.

Channeled Message From – Archangel Ariel

Peace and Blessings, Carol