Perception: A New Reality

Channeled Message From - Star Being Atar

Perception: A New Reality

Change Your Perception, Change Your Reality

Living by Your Truths, not the Old Limiting Beliefs – Realigns Your Perception.  Allowing you to approach even challenging situations from a place of Love.

Nicely said, but what are your Truths and where did they come from?

There are many factors to how one perceives, understands any given situation.  All are a result of each individuals unique personal experience, where they live, their upbringing, their values and family beliefs!

Is It Possible To Change Your Reality?

It is not an easy task, as it took some time for you to create one.  But yes, all are changeable.  Re-Evaluate your thought process, realign your focus accordingly.

  • Decide – That you are in charge of your Life
  • Set attainable Goals – With thoughts of Gratitude and Abundance
  • Focus – On the Positive in your Life, even the smallest of items
  • Acknowledge – The Good qualities you possess, quiet the Critic
  • Journal – Describe your Current life – read aloud the words you have written – Are they Positive? Or do you need to rewrite them

The Knowledge Required To Navigate Is Within

Reposition your Perception, as you connect to your Inner power, no longer using the limiting Five senses.  Expand beyond these senses to your Inner Spiritual Center.  Interpreting, what you Hear and See from a Renewed – Enlightened Perception.

Perceptions define your Reality, knowing this is the first step of change.  Life is never stagnant, your Beliefs, your Perceptions change as you Evolve, as you Grow.

When you begin to interpret Life from your Soul, in a Positive manner, with Positive Goals, you alter your Reality!

How To Develop Spiritual Awareness

  • Meditate – For grounding and Clearing blocks
  • Yoga – For centering – staying in the present
  • Adopt New supportive habits – Feel the strong connection in your – Body – Mind – Spirit
  • Letting go of the Old – As you Set new Clear Intentions
  • Begin a Daily Dialogue with – Your Guides and Angels

Your Inner Knowing, attuned to this new Perception, new Reality, aligned with Your Soul’s Intention.

As Ascension continues you Re-awaken to Advanced abilities.

Channeled Message From – Atar – a Pleiadian Star Being from the Pleiades

Peace and Blessings, Carol