Lessons: Along The Way

Channeled Message From - Archangel Ariel

Lessons: Along The Way

Spiritual Lessons

As you continue along your Path, feeling connected, Allowing and Receiving new Gifts from your Lessons.  All is well.  Then you hear – I’ve got this, I now understand how it all works.

Say Hello to the Ego – Self.

The Ego – Self is a lower vibration of Consciousness.  Digesting Life from this avenue of awareness, can create repeated negative outcomes.  While approaching Life from Soul Consciousness, is one that evolves from the love of the Heart, not from the emotion of Fear.

Your challenge is to decipher who is speaking.  This requires getting more in touch with your Higher-Self.  The Lower – Self is not to be ignored, as it too progresses as you raise your awareness.  These Lessons assist along the Path your Higher-Self seeks.

Who Said That?

The Ego voice is Restrictive, Fear based, boxing your Soul into thinking it is a Limited Being.  The Soul, your Higher-Self, believes you are Limitless Beings, as it instills Courage to Empower your Soul with this Truth.

As the your Higher-Self, knows your true Potential. 

Tips to Assist –

  • Meditate – This is your connection to your Higher-Self, through this time spent in Stillness.
  • Fears – Hold those near that see your Potential, not those who feed your Fears.
  • Guidance – Become comfortable with the Higher powers.  Trust in a power greater than yourself.

The Spiritual Role

During Ascension, the Soul evolves, realizing it is not separate from a Higher Consciousness, Source, Creator, as the Ego has led you to believe.  This awareness, this truth, is both Inspiring and Empowering.  As you realize you do not walk alone, a feeling of completeness envelopes, that is overwhelming.  How you as a Soul decide to embrace this, is your Soul’s established Path.

Spirituality is something that you feel, not intellectualize, it is your Soul’s Inner Knowing.  The essence of Faith is knowing Your Path and Walking Your Path.  Having the Courage to do so, is Soul Liberation.  Faith is believing in a Master plan, even when you do not possess the Final plan.

The Path To Soul Liberation

Soul Liberation – Is your Soul no longer satisfied with its current existence, a sense of longing ensues.  No longer satisfied with the beliefs of your current Group, you begin to seek understanding.  This begins your Journey of Self-Discovery, with Spiritual knowledge in the forefront.

You begin opposing current beliefs you once believed, as you now quest for new Truths.  As you seek answers, many times led to teachers,  but often their teachings do not resonate, as you become more Enlightened.

All must find their own Path to Soul Liberation, as many can lead to unnecessary detours.

“The Soul communicates through feelings, sensations and intuitions.  Through these we grasp the inner tuition by which we learn. The Soul does not speak directly through the mind.  Its wisdom arrives in the emotional body and then travels to the mind as a knowing.

The mind then analyzes what the sensing body already knows.  Quiet times of listening, of being still within the body, give access to the Soul’s communication.”  Ann Mortifee,

Channeled Message From – Archangel Ariel

Peace and Blessings, Carol