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Violet Flame Healing

Transmutes-Erases-Negative Karma & Energetic Imbalance

Old Karma can become solidified, hard to dislodge, making the reversal of Karmic events almost impossible, the Meditation transmutes and erases negative into positive karma.  Freeing the body for the vulnerable effects of Energetic Imbalance.  The Healing Transforming Energy of New beginnings.

This is not a Fire that burns in the ordinary sense, but burn it does.  The Sacred Flame, the “Flame of Transmutation,” of Freedom and Forgiveness.

“Some changes look Negative on the surface, but you will soon realize that space is being created in your Life, for something New to Emerge.” Eckhart Tolle

As we continue to Spiritually Grow through our Soul Work, our Shadow Work, space opens through our willingness to embark on Self-Transformation.  Feel the Shadows dissolve, as Light emerges from the space that was once shackled by Darkness.  The Energy of the Sacred Flame clears Negative Karma & Blockages, as it Transforms and Purifies.  Self-Transformation can bring forward the emotion of Fear, some are more comfortable living small.

It’s Time to Shine, to open to your Power, to your Divine Magnificence.

“We have only to be confident in this Source of Power, for our True Self to enlighten us with the wisdom we need to light the way.”  Ann Mortifee

The magnificent color of the flame, known for centuries to be a powerful tool for mood enhancement, and clearing Negative Karma.  As the Violet Flame, holds the highest vibration of all colors.


Thoughts to, create Physical issues – a disease can Manifest when you are vibrating at lower frequencies.  The powerful energy of the Flame clears negative thoughts and spoken words.

Violet Flame Transmutations

Thoughts – Words – Emotions – create your reality, a negative Mindset leaves no opening for a positive outcome.  Choose your Words and Thoughts wisely for a more positive desire to manifest.

I have wasted nine months on this relationship – what do I have to Show for it?

Be Mindful

Will Your Words Attract The Life You Wish?

The Energy you place on your Thoughts, Feelings and Spoken Words Create your Reality.  This Energy then attached to your Etheric field, causing Energetic Imbalances to be recorded.

Realize, many of these vibrations are not yours alone, as a Sensitive or Empath, others Emotions and Negativity can become attached.  It is important to Protect and Clear your Etheric cords, a must to exist on planet Earth as a Sensitive!

Aura Cleansing

  • Violet Flame Meditation – To Heal and Clear
  • Meditate with Amethyst crystals – They hold the Violet Flame Vibration
  • Sage – Smudge your Etheric field – To Clear any Negative attachments

As You

Meditate – Visualize your Etheric field filled, embraced with the Violet Flames color, its healing energy, as you receive its Energy of Transformation.

Violet Flame Energy

The Violet Flame energy connects with your Spiritual and Physical body.    Increasing your the energy flow to transform both your Physical and Spiritual body to one of pure Light Energy. Visualize the Violet Flame surrounding you, as it burns away – Negative – Thoughts – Feelings – Anxieties – as its High Vibration increases your cleansed Spiritual Energy to expand to allow more Light.

“We are turning base metals into gold. We are transforming ourselves so a New era for Humanity can begin.”
Ann Mortifee

Earth and Humanity are one with the power of transformation during the New era of Ascension.  As this energy runs through Humanity it flows through Earth, the Animal Kingdom, and All Living Creatures.  Earths much needed support during Her Great Shift. As you clear your Karma, the Blockages of the past your perform a great service to All of Humanity, for the negative we release lightens not only our form, but that of the entire Planet.

Channeled Message with – Goddess Bast

Ascended Master St Germain – Introduced The Violet Flame Meditations, once only know by a chosen few, to all humanity to speed their Spiritual Growth. Saint Germain is the Lord of the 7th Ray The Violet Ray has qualities of, Forgiveness, Freedom, Grace and Self-Transformation. The Violet Flame – The “Freedom Flame of Sacred Fire.”

Violet Flame Meditation

Channeled With St Germaine

Read Aloud –

With each breath flows healing Spiritual Energy to each cell of my Being

I AM the Violet Flame

Rays of Violet Light fill – my Body – my Aura
Energizing – my Mind – my Heart
Awakened to all Truths

I AM the Violet Flame

I AM washed in Divine Light

Seeing Mother Earth healed
I Am My I Am Presence One with Humanity & Spirit

I AM the Violet Flame

Consciousness raised to Cosmic Heights
The emotion of Fear now Love
Karma transformed – Negative to Positive

I AM the Violet Flame

   Peace and Blessings,