Victim: Taking Back Your Power

Channeled Message From - Archangel Raphael

Victim: Taking Back Your Power

Your Inner Strength

Personal Power is Empowering, as it has the ability to change the course of your Life’s direction.  When a person believes they have little power in their life, they become invested in that belief.  Their mindset is one of being Powerless, belief in these sabotaging thoughts only creates an atmosphere of just that.  If a person believes they have no power, they carry the Energy of Victim.

Reclaiming your Personal Power has the ability to change the course of your Life.  If you continue to embrace a Belief in your Limitations, then you continually realign with a limiting Role in Life.

Personal Power is based on Strength and Self-Confidence, an attitude that guides you through the choices during conflicting times.  A necessary skill to develop, as you learn to maneuver through Life. 

Your Life.

Blame Game

The Blame game will drain your Personal Power As you concentrate on blaming yourself and others, you are not focusing on how things can be done differently the next time.  During this transition to regain your Personal Power, Be patient with yourself.  When you become more comfortable with your choices, you are able to release the Victim blaming mentality.  Reclaiming responsibility for the decisions in your Life.

All choices in your Life have a validation mechanism.  Some use the term Gut feeling, very appropriate, as often that is exactly where the feeling will reside, interestingly that is your Solar Plexis Chakra.  This Chakra that houses Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem and Personal Power!  Soon you will become more in tune with the signals your body sends. 

As you live in alignment, with respect of yourself, you embrace your essence, once lost.  When you do, you focus on listening to your body’s response to your thoughts, decisions, and the people in your Life.

How To Reverse The Loss Of Personal Power
  • Reduce Complaining – This states You are Powerless over your Life.
  • Responsible – Do not allow others behavior to determine your Emotions.
  • Recognize – You are in control of your time, your choices.  Steer your own Vessel with confidence.
  • Redirect – Replace grudges you feel towards others with Forgiveness.  Old hurts only hurt you, and give your Power away.  Let it Go!

Path To Reclaim Your Personal Power

Reclaiming your power is not to control others, but a means of your Empowerment in a Healthy manner.  Recognition is the First step, releasing Negative thoughts and Negative emotions as they come forward, is the Second step.

Self-Love is –
  • Speak confidently, become comfortable with your choices.  Even mistakes are lessons for Growth.
  • Release toxic Relationships, Live your Life according to your standards.  People pleasing only reduces your Power.
  • You are only responsible for your Happiness, allow others the freedom to Create their Lives.

As you continue to develop these skills, you Live in alignment with respect and confidence.  You replace the energy of Victim with the energies of Courage and Strength.

Feel the Power within these words.

Even as you struggle with the challenges in Life, you always have the power to reclaim your Personal Power.  All events in your Life, both Positive and Negative, have lessons within.

The Souls opportunity for Growth.

Feel how powerful a Being you are, time to Create your Powerful Life!

Channeled Message From – Archangel Raphael

Peace and Blessings, Carol