Vibration: A Shift

Channeled Message From - Goddess Diana

Vibration: A Shift

Elevate To New Heights

So often you feel trapped within the circumstances of your Life.  Your experiences can be a direct result of your Vibration, your thoughts that have created them.

You are that Powerful! 

But please know, you can alter your Vibration, once you recognize the reasons they were created.  Thoughts can trigger both Positive and Negative responses.  These triggers, good or bad, attach emotions, feelings that adhere to them.

Earth is the classroom of Duality!  Positive – Negative, Good – Bad, Darkness – Light.  Each aligned to their own separate Vibration and Energy.

“If you want to find the Secrets of the Universe, think in terms of Energy, Frequency and Vibrations.” Nikola Tesla

To Elevate and Shift your Vibration, you must change your continuous thoughts on specific subjects.  Look closely at the areas of your Life that move along with ease.  They do so, as they are void of triggers and struggles you fret over.  Real or Imagined.

Your more difficult situations cause worry and concern and High-Jack your Awareness.  They often draw your awareness to what’s Lacking or to Challenges in your Life.

Again, Real or Imagined!

Shift Your Focus

Do not think about your Dreams for a moment, sounds strange, but trust this experiment.

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change.”  Wayne Dyer

When you focus your thoughts on those that feel good, what’s important is, you altered your focus, you shifted your Energy to the Positive.

Remember, what you continually focus on will inevitably Develop.  Think about what you wish to bring more of into your Life, a Manual, if you will, to Guide the Universe to your Desires.  As the Universe only wishes to bring into your Life what you reflect on.

Your dominate vibration is what you attract, be mindful of your focus, the Vibration you are sending?

A State Of Gratitude

Find what you appreciate about your Life, what you Love, what Excites you, what brings you Peace and lifts your Spirit.  These are the High Vibration energies the Universe responds to.

Focus your time and attention on thoughts that embrace feelings of Joy and Happiness, that bring a smile when you think of them.  As you shift your Vibration to one of Joy, you become a Vibrantly charged Energy, that Attracts.

It is from this State, you Shift your Vibration to a feeling of Gratitude, of Abundance, of Bliss.  As you learn to remain within this Positive State, you begin to attract Joyful experiences into your Life.

Yes, you are Powerful Co-Creators.  Believe in the Magic of your Power!

Channeled Message From – Goddess Diana

Peace and Blessings, Carol