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New Heights Of Spiritual Awareness

So often we feel trapped within the circumstances of our Life. These experiences are often a direct result of our current Vibration. Our thoughts, words, we say or think are the creators. For we are powerful creators that often misdirect our experiences by our thoughts. The Life plan you outlined with your Soul Group, lists what is necessary for increased Spiritual Awareness, along the lines of your plan outline.

“Life will give you whatever experience is the most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness.  How do you know this is the experience that you need? Because this is the experience you are having in the moment.”  Eckhart Tolle

Thoughts Trigger A Vibration

Please know, you can alter your Vibration once you recognize the reasons they were created. Thoughts can trigger both Positive and Negative responses, with a well trained mind that is always listening.  These triggers, both good or bad, attach emotions, feelings that adhere to them. When we realize we are summoning these negative experiences we have 17 seconds to switch to the positive! As Earth is the classroom of Duality!  Positive – Negative, Good – Bad, Darkness – Light.  Each aligned to their own separate Vibration and Energy.

“If you want to find the Secrets of the Universe, think in terms of Energy, Frequency and Vibrations.” Nikola Tesla

To Elevate and Shift your Vibration, you must change your continuous thoughts on specific subjects, within those lower vibrations. Look closely at the areas of your Life that move along with ease. They do so, as they are void of triggers and struggles you fret over. Triggers that may actually be the lessons that are assigned. Often a trigger is the very sign that needs a closer look, your attention. A look without the emotion is a more decisive observer, and always ask – What do I need to learn from this?  Then…Listen!

A trigger Real or Imagined, is always in need of a closer look.

Are You Creating Negative Experiences?

Ones more difficult situations cause worry and concern and can High-Jack our awareness. As they often draw our awareness to what’s Lacking or to Challenges in your Life. Understand the challenges as you see them have a purpose. They are your Souls Evolution to Higher Consciousness for the New Age. The Golden Age of Christ Consciousness of which you incarnated.

Meditation is a Spiritual Practice to develop mindfulness and increase our intuition, our connection to our Higher Self. To elevate your conscious level.  As you are guided to move past the outdated Limiting Beliefs of the Mind, that are focused on 3rd Dimensional thought, not the 5th Dimensional thought of Ascension.

Higher Consciousness is increased Spiritual Awareness, a new grasp into the meaning of existence, awareness that transcends your Minds usual preoccupation with the Past and the Future.  A futile conditioning that no longer applies as you develop Higher Consciousness.

Spiritual Awareness

Increased Awareness, understanding that all Life is Sacred, as you grow and expand from this inner knowing. For as your Spiritual Awareness evolves, so too does Humanity and Mother Earth.   As you awaken to the Oneness with All Living Conscious. For all that sustains and supports Humanity, too supports Mother Earth. All are a part of Earth’s Energy, and all Energy requires balance to survive, so as you Give, so shall you Receive.

As you extend gratitude for all the Gifts you receive from all Conscious life, seeing the Divine extension of Your Souls, connection with All!  As you continue to Evolve, your appreciation for all creation opens your Heart to the Truth that All Kingdoms are an intricate part of Your existence. None more, nor less important than the another.

Precious Gift of Spiritual Awareness

Shifting Your Focus

Do not think about your Dreams for a moment, sounds strange, but trust this experiment.

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change.”  Wayne Dyer

When you focus your thoughts on those that feel good, what’s important is, you altered your focus, you shifted your energy to the Positive. Remember, what you continually focus on will inevitably develop, whether good or bad. As Creators, we must think carefully about what we wish to bring forth into our Life. A Manual, if you will, to Guide the Universe to your wishes, to not confuse the universe.  For the Universe only wishes to bring into our Life what we reflect on. Therefore, what we focus on grows.

“Our dominate vibration is what we attract, one must be mindful of our focus, for this becomes the vibration we are sending as our DESIRE.”

High Vibration Energy

A State Of Gratitude

Find what you appreciate about your Life, what you Love, what excites you, what brings you Peace and lifts your Spirit. These are the High Vibration energies the Universe responds to.

A better use of our time, attention, is to focus on thoughts that embrace feelings of Joy and Happiness. That bring a smile when you think of them, these are the energies the Universe responds to.  As you shift your Vibration to one of Joy, you become a vibrantly charged energy, that Attracts.

It is from this State, you Shift your Vibration to a feeling of Gratitude, of Abundance, of Bliss.  As you learn to remain within this Positive State, you begin to attract Joyful experiences into your Life.

Believe in the Magic of your Divine Power, as Creators!

Peace and Blessings,