Responsibility: To Illuminate

Channeled Message From - Archangel Uriel

Responsibility: To Illuminate

Warriors Of Light

Illuminate Defined – To Enlighten Intellectually or Spiritually, to bring Light and Knowledge.  Many reading this article may soon recognize themselves, as they continue reading. 

Lightworker – Lightworker – Show me your Light…

Lightworkers carry and hold Light energy, they came at this time, to assist Earth in shifting into Higher Consciousness.  An agreement, a promise, agreed upon prior to entering into physical form.

Those with the Light in their Soul, Illuminate and Enlighten.

“Don’t be afraid of shining your Light…of being Powerful…of being more Special.”  Dolores Cannon

Planetary Energy Balancing

Lightworkers have been powerfully Guided for this purpose.  Earth has been for sometime, shifting its Vibration into its New Dimension Frequency, the main purpose for the various Beings who have come. To Upgrade others Vibrations, through the Ascension frequency, a New Frequency that holds the Energy of Light and Unconditional Love within it.  

“If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of Energy, Frequency and Vibration.”  Nikola Tesla

Global Healing

Higher Vibrations hold the Energy of Love, Hope and Compassion, Lower Vibrations hold the Energy of Fear, Hate and Anger.  Higher Frequencies during this New Dimension are upon us and felt by many.  Chaos from not understanding these frequencies, is very visible, as we are all connected.

Understand you are not only connected to other Humans, you are connected to All.  This means all Living things, including your Planet – Earth!  You may have noticed, collectively many groups feeling this shift have formed Peace and Love Meditations.  Spreading the Light on a Global Scale, beneficial to your Planet and all Living things.

The Responsibility to carry your Light like a Beacon, is a Service to All Living things.

Energy Techniques

Reiki is a Healing technique, this Energy “Ki” is the Energy that flows through all Living things – Plants, Animals, as well as Humans.  A Reiki practitioner, is actually channeling Universal Energy into the clients Energy Center.  This Light is infused, as it Heals and Opens Energy Centers to increase the flow.  Reiki works to elevate your Vibration to more easily accept the increased frequencies during Ascension.

As Reiki assists in releasing what no longer serves you, it heals the Chakras, and Opens the flow for optimal Healing to take place. 

Lightworkers, must be fastidious in keeping their physical form in balance during Earth’s transitional time period.  The many Global and Personal challenges during these times, calls for Physical health to be a priority.  As Lightbeings in Physical form, you need the Human vehicle to fulfill your Calling, your Role, here on this Planet.

To Heal Earth, to assist others to Release and Heal, so they can hold more Light, and Illuminate.

Living The Light

Be Radiant – Teach others – As you Collectively increase Earths Light.

Know you chose to incarnate during this time of Ascension, to assist this beautiful planet – Earth – to take part in her re-birth.  As you increase your Light, you assist in Earths Healing Transformation, to Raise her Frequency, to Illuminate.

During this ‘Time of Healing’ you feel a deep yearning, an awakening within your Soul, as you Joyously begin.

Be reassured my children, it has already begun.

Earth will be greater than you ever imagined, as many join together for her Healing, as she Ascends.

Your increased Light Illuminates for All to follow.

Channeled Message From – Archangel Uriel

Peace and Blessings, Carol