Positive: Growth

Channeled Message From - Archangel Gabriel

Positive: Growth

Your Soul’s Positive Growth Tools

Thoughts and Emotions of – Joy – Hope – Love – Promote Healing and Positive Growth.

The Reaction

“Negative Emotions are like unwelcome guests, just because they show up on our doorstep doesn’t mean they have the right to stay.”  Deepak Chopra

Reactions to Negative situations that stimulate feelings of Anger and Hurt require you to Step back and assess the situation before responding or reacting.  Asking – What can I learn from this? 

A necessary Positive Growth tool to gain further insight.

Oh, Those Darn Core Lessons

Does something said Ring True?   Often there is a grain of truth in what was said, creating the reason for your triggered reaction.

Was your initial reaction intense, over the top?   It seems clear that there is a need to examine more in-depth parts of your life that correlate to this encounter.  That may need attention.

Notice situations as they appear.  They can be gifts, Pennies from Heaven, to assist you in looking closer at your lesson plan.

Create A Positive – Effective Life

Remain conscious of Your thoughts and actions, often created through these very experiences.  You may suddenly become overwhelmed with anxiety and negativity.  Time to redirect from the negative to the positive, to keep the negative from taking up a permanent residency!

Be wise with the choices you make as Co-Creators, they can have negative affects in Your Life.  Look honestly, replace the negative within from these situations to neutralize and create positive ones.

Is it true that we do not have choices? 

All choices are the will of the Creator and Karma?  

Both are incorrect – this is the life, you incarnated into that you are responsible for, as the Co-Creator along with your Guides, your Soul Group.  Pre-planned Lessons, are gently Guided to keep you on the path selected for your Growth.

When we ride the fence when faced with decisions for our lives, be aware that this ‘Passive’ behavior is a Choice.  This choice of avoidance now leaves the outcome of Your Life – purely to chance or on the shoulders of another.

The Power Of – Emotions – Words

When we become aware that Thoughts hold energy, knowing when combined with Emotions they become even more Powerful.

A concept realized by All Marketing and Advertising firms World-Wide.

They realized long ago that the written word once spoken, creates a powerful stimulating vibration through you.  Sound, the Energy of the voice infuses the spoken words.

Learn to Guide your focus to the positive gains in your life – Mentally pause and redirect your thoughts to the positive when negativity creeps in.  With practice you see how quickly you can facilitate Positive Growth outcomes.

Yes, from your Positive Thoughts course adjustment.

As you walk this Spiritual Path, with gained insight, there may come a time that you become more selective with your choices.  Various People and TV stimuli may no longer please your senses, extended exposure to verbal negativity is violence to the mind.

Power Of Meditation

To clear one’s mind through meditation needs time to develop, time dedicated to this Positive Growth Ritual is one you grow into and with, as you gain a deep connection to Peace in this Spiritual Exercise.

The Soul knows that meditation affords many benefits, as it allows you, with practice to unburden and cleanse outdated insights.  To replace the Old Beliefs that used to Control your Emotions, your Life.

This Daily Self-Care through meditation brings Peace to Your Mind – Your Emotions – efficiently keeping your life on track.

Channel Message From – Archangel Gabriel

Peace and Blessings, Carol