The Souls: Journey

Channeled Message From - Goddess Bast

The Souls: Journey

Journey Of Soul Growth

A Souls level is not a condition of its Journey of Healing and Advancement.  All advancement takes place, according to each Soul’s position and pace.

As you Journey through each lesson, the pace will increase accordingly.

Your Soul accumulates memories and experiences from each lifetime, as issues from various lifetimes come forward, Healing takes place in this lifetime – a Journey of Soul Growth.

Other Lessons

All lessons are outlined in the Soul’s Lesson plan, decided prior to incarnation.  When lessons are postponed, they will continue to come forward until they are learned.

Uniquely, those stricken with unresponsive states, like Alzheimer patients may have chosen this state to work on lessons before they pass, to prepare here for their continued Journey.  As the location that one prepares is irrelevant, this may have been their pre-passing decision.

Please understand, All is Pre-planned, your Soul and your Soul Group know the lessons agreed upon prior to incarnating, and the reasons for these various choices.


Not all personalities in this lifetime have embraced, the unseen Spiritual world.  This leaves a gap in their lessons, development, not accepting they are more than their Physical Body.

As Beings of Light, you are not confined to the Physical, you only reside in it for the purpose of learning lessons from – Earth’s classroom.

All have the ability to intuitively connect to Angels, Guides and Deceased Loved Ones.  The need to Hear, Feel, Sense or Know when you receive their Guidance, is a valuable tool for your continued advancement.

There is great power in developing this ability to communicate with the non-physical realm.

All Beings Are Intuitive

Your Deceased Loved Ones send love and encouragement through these very Intuitive senses.  Here to assist you on your journey in the physical, but through the connection of your Intuitive senses.

The physical is but one aspect of who you are and what you are here to experience.  As you further awaken to this reality, you more easily align to their Wisdom.

Yes, they have a Significant Role in your Soul’s Journey.

To Heal

Opening to this Divine energy your Life flows, knowing not only that you are not alone, but you have a powerful connection on the other side.

Lessons often are under the heading of Healing past wounds, many times these wounds began from other Lifetimes.  They appear once again, but from a different level.  Healing past wounds, opens you to Attract more positive situations and answers in your Life.

The Act of Allowing

Welcome those in Spirit and Light into your life, receive their Healing vibration.  Their Energy of Love creates a shift as they align you to the energy of your Higher Self, your Creator.  Creating a greater sense of who you are.

Healing Light Energy, is powerful, Fear falls crippled within its power.  This is the Energy that Angels, Guides, Archangels and other Spiritual Beings reside in.

All are capable of Tapping into their Intuitive power.  Your Belief in this fact, allows Messages and Guidance from Spirit to become part of your nature, as you Evolve.

Every experience is an essential part of Creation, do not be bound by Physical limitations.

Bridging the Physical with the Spiritual.

Channeled Message From – Goddess Bast

Peace and Blessings, Carol