A Teacher: Within

Channeled Message From - Archangel Uriel

A Teacher: Within

Identity Issue

Many Humans see themselves as a Perishable Mortals, a negative thought that creates boundaries, suggesting you are limited, in need of others for your answers.  You possess an Inner Teacher, tap into it to find your way, your answers!

Many Earth Angels, Teachers, assist on your Journey, search for those that teach by leading you to find Your answers.  A gratifying Discovery.  You are Beings of Light, who experience from an open Heart the teachings of the Heart, as Spiritual Beings having a Human experience.

Here to Discover All the many wonderful Aspects of Who You Are.


We, in our messages, wish to lead you to the Spiritual Lake, to Inspire you to awaken to the Truths of this Wisdom, of who You are.  To enable you to find Your way, on your road to Enlightenment, as an Awakened Soul.

Becoming aware of your Higher Self, can break through the barriers, that in the past kept you from realizing your Highest Potential.

“The Teacher who is indeed Wise does not bid you to enter the house of His Wisdom, but rather leads you to the threshold of your Mind.” Kahlil Gabran

On your path, the Door is Opened by you.  We but assist when uncertainty sets in, to enable you to trust, that your Teacher resides within you.

Honor Your Choices

Your Courage to move forward can create uncertainty, as you embark on this New frontier.  Embrace these feelings, as a sign of your Bravery to find your way to the Truths that honor.

The ultimate goal for Human advancement is realizing that living a Light-filled Life, honors Your Truths.

Each step forward becomes more comfortable, more rewarding, as you realize you were Never alone, we are always watching, like Proud Parents.

Our Greatest reward has been watching you Grow into your true Magnificence.

What Are Your Beliefs?

Do you believe that the Physical body houses your Soul, which never dies? 

Your Soul is immortal, returning to learn lessons for Continued Growth, Understanding and Wisdom.

Were you created in the likeness of the Creator, Source? 

You must understand, you could never wither and die, the Soul is Eternal.

Do you believe all things are possible?

It is your belief that creates the possibility.

Is it possible that many Stories have become part of a Belief System? 

Stories passed down have over time, become Belief Systems.  They are not.  Beliefs will never bind, they allow the ‘Freedom for Growth,’ encouraging you Spiritually to find Your Truths.  Not by Doctrines that bind.

Many are awakening at this precious time, here to create an increase in – Earth’s Energy – Earth’s Light.  You signed up for this Dance as well.  The need is great for you to realize your Truth!

Earth’s disarray, is directly correlated to the Chaos we currently witness.

The blinders of Blame keep all in the dark.

Channeled Message From – Archangel Uriel

Peace and Blessings, Carol