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Spiritual Guidance

Advancements in technology with immediate connections, creates the illusion that your World has decreased, yet your acceptance of Life Beyond this World, has expanded.  Allowing our Guidance to be fully accepted by most.

Your reasonable Beliefs of acceptance has expanded your awareness.  With an elevated understanding of Who you are and your part in the Golden Age.  As the evolving Energy of Heart expansion brings us to the Age of Aquarius, the new Age of Peace, Love and Harmony.

You Grow and Develop on the Physical plane, as a result, your Deceased Loved Ones also gain from your Growth.  Lessons transcend the Physical, as they learn vicariously through your experiences on the non-physical plane.

Spiritual Growth takes place for both.

Physical To Spirit

When a Deceased Love One moves into Spirit, they, with the assistance of their Angels go through what is a called, a Life review.  As they witness their positive gains, and lessons that are still in need of further understanding for the Soul to evolve.

Overcoming Fear

Do You possess the Courage to look carefully and face your Fear, and release its hold?

As you move beyond Fear, you also release the Anger attached to it, paving the way towards Forgiveness.  Seeing the negative energy once tethered to your Soul, is a noteworthy blessing for transformation.

Through acts of Forgiveness, you release the connection and its hold, freeing your Soul.

Lastly, but often overlooked is the Forgiveness of Self.  Time to release the energy of blame you carry, that was never yours to claim.

Other Forms Of Healing

Love transcends from the Spirit world to the Physical and Vise Versa.  A relationship that was negative in the Physical world can be repaired while they are on the other side.

Through their Life review, they witness the Negative part they played in an others life.  This gained knowledge assists them in acknowledging and healing the part they participated in.  As they begin to understand how their acts affected others, it can bring feelings of Joy.  Other times they bring great Sadness, Guilt, and Regret.

“Our Souls, Our Hearts are our connection with our Divine Grace within.  As one with the Collective, this will be where all healing begins.” Carol

As they too long for Forgiveness to move beyond. Forgiveness creates a compelling, healing opportunity for all parties, in both Physical and non-Physical alike.


Listen for our Guidance, as we plant Seeds of Wisdom to assist you in reaching your goals.  The Lessons you planned with your Soul Group, often require that they send you signals to keep you aligned, on course.

Do you feel Different than others?

The difference you feel, is the result of increased conscious awareness to their Guidance.  With the Trust and Acceptance that you now claim.

Step out of the Box, others find comfortable placing you.  As you have shed layers of outdated attitudes and beliefs, once tethered to your Soul.  You radiate in this Energy of pure Love.

As you embrace your True identity, your Authentic-Self, your Light radiates for All.

Channeled Message with – Goddess Bast

Peace and Blessings, Carol