Vibration: To Attract

Channeled Message From - Goddess Bast

Vibration: To Attract

What Energy Vibration Are You Signaling?

You are pure Energy vibrating to the Universe, your energy Vibration attracts similar energy to you.  This also means, Whatever is at a similar Vibration will also appear, as you attract what matches your Vibration.  Like attracts Like.

As Beings of pure Energy, you use your Vibration like a calling card to attract and create.

Manifesting is creating, the same applies.  Your thoughts and emotions are frequencies, they must align to the frequencies your Desire.

“Thought is the cause, experience is the effect.  If you don’t like the effects in your life, you have to change the nature of your thinking.”  Marianne Williamson

Aligned frequencies are in Harmony with your Thoughts and Emotions, a Vibration that Creates. This may be the reason why you have difficulty manifesting your desires.

One Station – One Frequency

Each Radio Stations frequency is unique to that Station, it’s impossible to reach that specific station using another frequency.  The same holds true to manifesting your desires. 

If you wish a more abundant life, but you project one of lacking, you must shift what you are projecting, to shift your vibration. 

Example –

  • Two opposing Vibrations –  The First Vibration represents your Desires, embraced in feelings of Joy and Harmony.  The Second Vibration represents your Doubts and Fears.  Two opposing Vibrations create blocks, confusing the Universe.

Two misaligned signals do not Attract – they create Resistance.

Aligned Vibrations – attract your Desires.

Monitor the frequency that matches your desires, continually tuning into what you are projecting through your thoughts.

Thought – Believe – Attract

The Universe is capable of responding to All aligned desires.

Negative thoughts and emotions that creep into focus can easily confuse the Energetic flow – creating ResistanceAs Co-Creators, your Emotional Indicators are the GPS system needed to Guide you through your Life experiences.

Emotions That Align

  • Harmony, Love and Joy – Aligned Vibrations
  • Sadness and Depression – Misaligned Vibrations
  • Fear and Lacking – Misaligned Vibrations

When your Vibrations Align – is when you Attract.

Example –

“I want this job, it’s perfect for me!”   “Otherwise, I will be stuck in this dead-end job forever.”

The perfect example of two opposing Vibrations, thoughts played out in your mind, confusing the Universe, halting your Desires.

Your Life is created through Frequencies, create with Clarity the Life you wish.

Channeled Message From – Goddess Bast

Peace and Blessings, Carol