Vibration: To Attract

Channeled Message From - Goddess Bast

Vibration: To Attract

What Vibration Are You Signaling?

As Pure Light Energy, you are here to Create.  As an Energy transmitter, as well as an Energy receiver, you receive the Energy Vibration you transmit!  Attracting the vibrations that match your Own.

Like attracts Like.

As Beings of pure Energy, your Vibration is your calling card, which Attracts and Creates your Desires.  Signals that you continuously transmit, telling the Universe what you Desire.

Vibration is the Language you speak to the Universe.  You have a Divine ability as Co-Creators – Beings of Light, to Create.

As Vibrations attract your experiences, people, and opportunities, whether they are good or bad.  A signal you send, either Attracts or Repels a Desire that is not aligned in Harmony with the Vibration you wish to attract.

 Example –  When your Energy radiates from the Vibration of Abundance, you attract that energy into the Physical.  When your Energy radiates from the Vibration of Anger and Resentment, you attract the same into the Physical.

“Thought is the cause; experience is the effect.  If you don’t like the effects in your life, you have to change the nature of your thinking.”  Marianne Williamson

Aligned frequencies are those in Harmony with your Thoughts and Emotions, aligned frequencies – Create your Desires.

Change The Signal

For instance, all Radio Stations broadcast from one specific signal, manifesting incorporates that same principle. Your station selector can only attract your favorite station, when you select the correct signal.

When your Desire is for success, ask if your beliefs about success support this desire?  Misaligned beliefs will cancel Desires when they do not align with your sincere beliefs about yourself being worthy.  Feelings of lacking, or of being undeserving, do not vibrate with success, and can negate your wishes.

An adjustment of your Energetic Feelings, is the necessary component required for you to Vibrationally shift.  To align with your Desires.

Example – Two opposing Vibrations – The First Vibration represents your Desires, embraced in feelings of Joy and Harmony.  The Second Vibration serves your Doubts and Fears.  Two opposing Vibrations create blocks, that can halt the process.

Two opposing signals, with misaligned frequencies do not Attract.  They create Resistance.

Aligned Vibrations – attract your Desires.

Monitor the frequency you may be projecting, that does not match with your Desires.

Thought – Belief – Attract

The Universe wishes to respond to All aligned Desires.

The Negative thoughts and Emotions that creep into focus, can easily confuse the Energetic flow, creating Resistance.  You are Co-Creators, your Emotional Indicators are your internal GPS system.  Needed to Guide you through Life’s Challenges and Experiences.

Manifesting Approach

  • Visualize – Your Goals for 20 minutes per day
  • Clearly – Clarify your Intention
  • Embrace – An Attitude of Gratitude to attract
  • Trust – The Process
  • Allowing – Is a Receptive State

Emotions That Align

  • Love and Joy are – Aligned Vibrations
  • Sadness and Depression are – Misaligned Vibrations
  • Fear and Lacking are – Misaligned Vibrations

Moods are often indicators of your emotional State, they will mirror your current Vibration.  Be mindful, your Vibration is the Match Maker of your Desires.

Example – “I want this job, it’s perfect for me.”  “Otherwise, I will be stuck in this dead-end job forever!”

Two opposing Vibrations – Even thoughts played out in your mind can confuse the Universe, halting the flow to your Desires.  Clarify your Desires, as second guessing will decrease the flow to your Desires.  Believe all is coming to you.

Relax and Believe!

“Clarity is a Beacon of Light and one of the most powerful tools a Human can have at his/her disposal.”  Maureen Moss

You create your Desires through your Energetic Vibrations.  Create with Clarity the Life you wish.

Channeled Message From – Goddess Bast

Peace and Blessings, Carol