Relationships: Setting Healthy Boundaries

Channeled Message From - Star Being Atar

Relationships: Setting Healthy Boundaries

Natures Boundaries

A Symbiotic relationship –  Is a interaction between people or animals that exist together, in a way that benefits them all.  Natures Healthy Boundaries, a beneficial relationship formed from need, through a shared mutual respect.

Time On Kaua’i – A Magical Place

Vacationing at a Resort off the Point at Poipu, we witnessed just that, the magic of Nature.  An arrangement was formed from need, between Turtles and Reef Fish.

There were no signed contracts, no endless meetings, driven purely their need to solve an issue, that would benefit them both. 

As they formed a bond, with Infinite Possibilities.

Whenever a Sea turtle swims for food, with its chief staple being seaweed, it attaches to their shell while they feed.  When the seaweed remains, it impedes the turtle’s movement.  We watched these magnificent creatures interact without fear, from morning til dusk.  Met by their cooperative partners – the Reef fish.


Please watch the attached.

Humans can learn so much from witnessing how these Creatures interact.

Our Beautiful World

Watching how with mutual respect, they formed a beautiful arrangement of understanding without words.  The result, a union through necessity between two very different species of Sea Creatures, was now a masterfully solved issue.

Why Do I Need Boundaries?

Boundaries are our Personal Guidelines, limits that a person creates to identify reasonable limits.  To show the safe and permissible way for others to interact.

Listen carefully to Your Body, be mindful of Your Mood.  Do you become Angry and feel a pit in Your Stomach at specific behaviors? Internal Clues that someone has crossed a boundary.

All Relationships, require reasonable Guidelines and expectations of acceptable behaviors.  Otherwise you place yourself in vulnerable situations.  Risking hurt feelings that can reach tipping points, with damage often beyond repair.

As you become more attuned with your Internal compass, other traits may become apparent.  For instance, you may notice that others use manipulation as a tool, an unhealthy situation for both parties.  Manipulation is a damaging and controlling learned behavior.

The difference between a Healthy Boundary and Manipulation – Healthy Boundaries are not focused on the Outcome. Those who Manipulate Are!

Boundary Checklist

Boundary Conflict

You –

  • Do more for others and receive less
  • Live hopeful waiting for a change in behavior
  • Find yourself making exceptions for a person
  • Continue to allow for minimal improvement

Boundary Intact

  You –

  • See Positive results
  • Feelings of Optimism
  • Feel Supported
  • Appreciate Healthy feedback

Life and Relationships in Balance!

Channeled Message From – Atar – a Pleiadian Star Being from the Pleiades

Peace and Blessings, Carol