Meditation: A Conversation With Your Soul

A Message From Carol

Meditation: A Conversation With Your Soul

“Meditation Is A Meeting Through Our Breathe To Reach Our Soul.” 

A Calming Practice

Deep Breathing is a Powerful tool – it’s how Energy moves through our body. 

Using this Daily practice encourages Spiritual Growth with endless possibilities, a Myriad of proven “Reasons to Meditate,” to enhance all aspects of Your Life!

…I sit in a chair with my spine aligned, feet flat on the floor and my palms facing up on my lap – Open to Receive position, as I continue to focus on my breath…

In the beginning, if the mind wanders, try and keep it simple, as you allow the thoughts to pass without judgment and bring your focus back to your breath, to prevent the thoughts from taking hold.

“We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

Meditation For Personal Growth

  • To hear Divine Guidance
  • Health and Well-being
  • Improved Sleep
  • Clear the Mind
  • Clarity
  • Improve Listening Skills

“Stillness makes our Soul smile.” Doe Zantamata

Meditation teaches the power of focus and concentration to quiet Your busy minds, freeing you from the constant thoughts of worry and fret over the unknown.

Example – While holding a glass of water, a teacher asked the weight, answers came, and she replied. The weight doesn’t matter.  It depends on how long you hold it, the longer, the heavier it becomes.

Stresses and worries in life are the same. The weight increases the longer you hold onto them, often you feel paralyzed incapable of doing anything else.

Since 99% of all worries, never come to fruition, Meditation is life’s Key to survival.

Power Of Healing

Set your Meditation Habit – all new habits require motivation.

  • Designate a Time and Commit to it
  • Length of Session – begin with 5 minutes and increase to 10
  • Select a Comfortable and Quiet setting
  • Meditate – the same time & place – soon becomes a daily – Self Care Routine

Meditation is your ‘Internal Calming Agent’ a necessity for Inner Peace and Balance.  A powerful tool for Mental, Emotional and Physical Well-being from our stressful lives, assisting to increase – your Spiritual Awareness – your Intuition.  How Great Is That!

A Powerful Tool

Meditation brings sunshine to the answers you seek, the seeds of your thoughts and questions now Blossom with answers.

  • Understand Reality on a Deeper Level
  • Control Emotions
  • Freedom from the Bondage of the Mind
  • Develop Your Intuition

Often called a Meditation Practice, like a muscle, it must be used to remain strong.

An Inside Job

This intimate look into your Soul, through this practice of personal Self-Reflection.  A place of Peace found through this Natural form of discovery, allows you to observe your thoughts and feelings vividly, with compassion.

Our Path to Self-awareness encourages and increases our Spiritual-awareness, a journey to ‘Regaining’ our true-self through the transparent look achieved through Meditation.  How Powerful is that?

As we condition our minds through this practice, we gain a source for improved Well-Being, to unlock – Joy – Peace – and – Inspiration.

“We must first learn to have Patience, in our quest to gain it.”

Peace and Blessings, Carol