Concern: Spiritual Consciousness

Channeled Message From - Archangel Gabriel

Concern: Spiritual Consciousness

Spirituality Powers Your Awakening

There are many Enlightened Beings concerned with the Spiritual Consciousness currently on planet Earth.  They have been actively working through our Spiritual Gifts to increase Human consciousness.

At some point on each individual Path, you become aware of these Enlightened Beings, such as Angels and Archangels, here to guide.  They are here to assist in cultivating your Inner Knowing, knowledge heard through your Higher Self, that has always been within.

Your Souls Journey On Earth

Do not judge that one path is greater than another, without knowledge of that Soul’s journey through it’s many prior Lifetimes.

Incarnations that through your Lessons, can deeply affect the Soul.

Each Souls Path represents its level of consciousness, and the lessons they are here to accomplish.  As all Souls receive at their current level of comprehension.  Some Souls may choose not to accept the Light of Advancement.  Earth is a Freewill planet, a Classroom for Soul Development, that never interferes – nor Judges.

With love and hope, remain by their side, their Heart will know when they are Open to advancing through their pre-planned commitments.  Spiritual growth occurs when the Soul is available to absorb this Spiritual Consciousness.  To Experience, Learn and Live by this gained Knowledge.

“Great souls have passed through this plane of existence.  We may love and revere them as the way-showers, for our own potential can be seen shining in the love and wisdom that they came to embody…”  Ann Mortifee

Expand Spiritual Awareness

  • Meditation – A Quieting of the Mind, the Chatter, as you seek Guidance
  • Chakra Clearing Meditation – To Clear and Balance your seven Internal Chakras

All Souls crave Spirituality to sustain their Growth toward increased Divine Light – to feel Connected.

Earth is at a curious time in its development, as it also evolves like your Soul, the Soul of All living things, recognizes the need for this connection to All.  The increased Light of Awareness assists the Soul to Release what is ready to be released, to Open to this new level of consciousness, to Awaken.

“A Spiritual Path is not home.  Home is within us, and every moment we are choosing to rest there, or to fight the experience.”  Marianne Williamson

You are responsible for your Progress on your Path, as one with all that is.  Know we are here to assist, call upon us, we are always near.


Channeled Message From – Archangel Gabriel

Peace and Blessings, Carol