Your: Spiritual Connection

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Your: Spiritual Connection

Spirituality & The Holiday Season

A Magical time… A time when the possibilities for a deeper Spiritual connection to something greater than ourselves is possible.

The season begins with the Kick off of Thanksgiving – a time for gathering, rejoicing in your Blessings of – Family – Friends – Health – as you give thanks and celebrate together.

For many, it’s followed by the Ringing of Bells, songs of Carolers, the hustle to get cards finished and mailed, the gifts bought wrapped and under the tree.  Whew!

When you form a stable Spiritual connection, the stress of the Season feels more manageable.

The purpose of the season is not to connect to others through the material matters in Life.  But to connect to those you cherish with Love.

Spirituality – Is not connected to one Belief System, it develops from your connection with a Higher Power and a loving relationship with others. 

A Sense of Meaning and Purpose to one’s life, a feeling of belonging. 

It is through your Spiritual connection you Sense and Focus less, on the unimportant, seeing the larger picture of Life’s meaning.

As you embrace a Spiritual dimension to Your life, you fill your Life with Meaning, a Sense of Purpose, whether your connection is through – Meditation – Religion – Or – Nature.

Benefits – It Brings –
  • Meaning and Purpose – To your Life, your Friends and Family
  • A Sense of connection – The Warmth of belonging
  • A Time For Reflection – As you take time to connect with your Creator

Spirituality Is Individual

As you grow and explore your Spirituality Life has more meaning,  an enhanced connection between – You and those you value.  An improved connection to your Essential Self – to your Values – become stronger as you realize how essential living a Spiritual Life is.

Perhaps you find your Spiritual connection in a – Church – Synagogue – Mosque – or Nature Walks – know the Divine is within always.  Volunteering to assist the needy is a beautiful way to connect, no matter what your Spiritual Beliefs may be. 

“We are one with the Force that fashioned Creation.  That which created All That Is flows through us as our essential Self.  We have but to align with this essence for our life to be transformed.”  Ann Mortifee

Divine Grace is our Birth rite there for us All – Always.

Do You Hear Feel Your Soul Longing?

During the season, take time in Self-Reflection, to look deeper and discover what You wish to define you.

    • What are your Values, your Desires in this precious Life?
    • What Inspires and Moves you?
    • Are you Willing to Make the necessary changes to create that Life?

Keep a Journal of your discoveries as you Reflect Inward.  Whenever you take time to reflect, you gain powerful insight, a beautiful opportunity for Soul Growth.

Strengthen Connections

  • Nurture –  Friendships that Support you
  • Seek –  Those with similar Values
  • See –  The Good in All
  • Accept –  Without Judgment those in your Life

When you gain a clear concept of Your Spirituality, feel the loving sense of Well Being that blankets you with Love and Peace.

May your Christmas and Holiday Season remind you of the Wonders of our Planet.  Peace to all its Inhabitants with Blessings as we all walk – Our Personal Spiritual Journey.

Let Peace fill All with the Magic of the Season.

Peace and Blessings, Carol