Abundance: Vibration Of Love

Channeled Message From - Goddess Bast

Abundance: Vibration Of Love

A Life Of Abundance

Fear Is – Conditional 

Fear – A Learned response formed by your Beliefs and Experiences.  It creates Blocks both, Mentally and Physically that can drain Your Energy, halting the flow of Abundance.  Perceived difficulties, and feelings of lacking can create just that.

Time to Shift Your Focus,Your Vibration, from Fear to Love.

Love Is – Unconditional

As Humans you are born with Love permeating your Being.  When you accept Love into your Heart, you Radiate this Love, your Soul Sings.  Allow your Heart to Dream, to Believe all is possible!  When you are Willing to believe that Abundance is possible, that willingness empowers your Reality.

Let Go Of –

  •  Old Negative Habits
  •  Non-Positive Feelings and Excuses
  •  Allow your dreams to grow before sharing them

“Let us keep in mind that the most difficult hour can be the threshold of new achievement.”  Master Morya

As you relinquish control, your Life is able to flow, knowing that lessons are Your Soul’s Progress.  Your Purpose is to Grow.  Know that when you continue to burden yourself with the details, you remain in a State of Control that will block your flow.

Once realized, Potential is Energy in Motion.

Fear and Love are Both Powerful Vibrations, that cannot Co-exist within the mind.  The outcomes from your Dreams are based and influenced by your Perceptions and Old Belief Systems that no longer pertain to your life you wish to Live.

Fear is a low Vibration.

What Vibration Are You Projecting?

As Creation begins with you, the capacity to project from the Vibration of Abundance is a choice, a mindset.  Believe you can, do not allow Negative thinking to discourage you from your Goal.

As your fear, your excuses become the pins stuck into the balloon of your Dreams.  Deflating the excitement, the energy, the flow to Abundance.

Open Mind

Believe that your Goals are possible, release the limitations from your conscious mind.  Visualize your Dreams achieved with Gratitude, knowing they are on the way.  Your Heart is filled with the Positive Energy from an Abundant mindset.

Soon more Positive situations will appear, as you move more effortlessly forward, with your Pathway cleared of the unwanted baggage that held your Dreams in captivity.

Allow the Abundance that awaits.

Challenges will still arise, see them too with Gratitude, as these situations arise when you are ready, a ‘Sign of Progress.’  Lessons to Expand your Soul to move Forward.  Accepting that Life Lessons are for Your continued Growth.  Lessons are Gifts, they bring with them the Potential to Evolve.

Mantra – My World is full of Abundance, with Endless Possibilities.

Channeled Message From – Goddess Bast

Peace and Blessings, Carol