A New Age: Of Spiritual Enlightenment

Channeled Message From - Star Being Atar

A New Age: Of Spiritual Enlightenment

A Spiritual Awakening

Advanced Humans, that through many lifetimes reached the level as Teachers are here ready to serve, guide and lead.  To assist Humanity reclaim their Spiritual Enlightenment to move forward.

You may through the course of your Life seek these very people to assist you on your Journey to Advancement.  Unexplained intense emotions of a calling created long ago before you returned into flesh, are Guiding you.

As we All learn through the Enlightenment of others.

A Time For Advancement

During the Soul’s advancement, Guides will nudge by placing obstacles – lessons on your path for the Purpose of Your Evolution.  Assisting you in Breaking free of Old Patterns and Beliefs from other Lifetimes, to allow space for Growth, increased Light.

You Discard old Beliefs and Patterns, replacing them with more Enlightened ones for this Lifetime.  No longer burdened by Beliefs that control through Fear, but those that lift through Encouragement.

Seek with an Open Mind the Set of Beliefs you wish to live by, not solely relying on the truths of others.

Trust your Judgement, as you Live your Spiritual Life.

Your Truths

As a snake sheds it’s old skin to allow a Radiant one to emerge, the unresolved lessons carried for lifetimes will also shed as you Grow from them.

Natures Process for All.

Remain focused on your Souls accomplishments, not the achievements of others.  It is complicated and unnecessary to judge the Path of another, without knowing where their journey began.

All Lifetimes Are Beneficial

As you Grow, you continue to shed outdated beliefs, creating a shift within.  You lead from a Higher Awareness, your Spirituality grows, soaring to new heights.

The road to self discovery is not always an easy one, know your Soul is prepared for this challenge.

When feelings of Fear arise, realize this confirms your profound leap forward.  Fear is a Powerful Clue, that this is indeed your path.  A path of uncharted territory!

The Road To Spiritual Enlightenment

  • Your Heart hears the Truth
  • Gained Awareness
  • Shift from the Fear of Change
  • Opening of your Spiritual side
  • Your place during this time of Great Significance

Many Enlightened Souls have chose to be here at this time, with concerns of Earth’s Physical condition, as well as its Spiritual one.

Ask your Guides and Angels to bring those needed into your Life.

Channeled Message From – Atar – a Pleiadian Star Being from the Pleiades

Peace and Blessings, Carol