A Calling: For Light

Channeled Message From - Archangel Michael

A Calling: For Light

Calls For Light

Many, so immersed in material possessions have lost sight of their Spiritual connection, as the Soul Calls For Light.

In this Golden Age of Spiritual awareness, teachers bring new forms of teachings more suitable to these times, as the Soul Calls for Light to advance.  The non-physical Beings within free-will guidelines have assisted this Energy to penetrate your conscious, your Heart.

Teachers here to assist the Soul to become more open to the Spiritual connection they crave.


The Mind and the Heart are one, working in unison to increase your Spiritual Awareness.  As you become more Advanced – accessing this ancient knowledge, not of words, but through the trusts you filter through your Heart.  Your Light grows, felt by others, as you draw together, a domino effect is created, as you join with like-minded Souls.

As you become more comfortable to allow your Soul to Open, many Truths are revealed, Inner Wisdom your Soul re-remembers from present and past lives – never lost – come forward.  The Soul in re-awakened to these Truths.

As you gain clarity on your Path, you realize there is a service connection, as you carry with you this Light.  It ignites and burns brightly, shared with those you assist.

Walk with renewed Spirituality along your path – Illuminate brightly, as you Light the way for others, as they too pass on this knowledge.  The flame continues and burns brighter with each passing of the torch.

Sense the Intricate Dance, Your Soul’s presence, whispering the Eternal Truth – You are Wise, You are Strong, You are Beautiful, You are Divine Light  – Together…We are One!

Living The Light

  • Bring Daily Meditation into your Life
  • Ask for Guidance from your Angels and Ancestors, as they walk with you
  • Use the Violet Flame Meditation below to renew your Spiritual Vibration to its Purest form


  • No path is the same – nor easier than that of another
  • Your Light, like a beacon calls – as you Serve through this Awakening
  • Be the Messenger, share your Light to others, to Illuminate their Soul

To read in more detail – Recommended: http://lightbeingmessages.com/violet-flame-meditation/

Channeled Message From – Archangel Michael

Peace and Blessings, Carol

Violet Flame Meditation

In each breath flows healing Spiritual Energy to every cell of my Being, as I clear Old Patterns and Karma…

I AM the Violet Flame

Rays of Violet Light fill – my Body – my Aura
Energizing – my Mind – my Heart
Awakened to all Truths

I AM the Violet Flame

I AM washed in Divine Light
Seeing Earth healed
My Soul connected with Spirit

I AM the Violet Flame

Consciousness raised to Cosmic Heights
The Emotions of Fear transmuted to Love
Karma transformed from Negative to Positive

I AM the Violet Flame

Channeled Meditation From – Ascended Master Saint Germain, Author of the Violet Flame